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Falling Back In Love

Author: Mishil

Lastchapter: 3 Going To Mexico

Updated: 2018-10-13 13:04

Nu Mi-So fell stupidly in love with a classmate when she was 16 years old. Once he made it big it seemed like they barely saw each other. She was hanging on a thread until she caught Nam Jung having dinner with Pin Ji Su an old classmate of theirs. Confronting him about it only led to a huge fight that separated the two.Nam Jung made it big when he inherited his families business Ye Enterprise which owns entertainment industries, fashion labels, and restaurants. People all over wouldn't dare to insult him, instead, they hurry to curry favor with him. He wanted to spend more time with Nu Mi-So, but his family kept trying to get him to be with "better prettier girls".

1 Meeting Again
2 How'd This Happen? (1)
3 Going To Mexico