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An Average Guy In A Shinobi World

Author: anotherfan

Lastchapter: 45 Fighting with a half-baked plan 1

Updated: 2018-10-13 13:08

plishments and hobbies. Join him in his adventure where he got mistakenly reincarnated in the Naruto world with memories in tact and swears this time to try harder.Note/disclaimer:The photo used in my cover is not my property it is own by Con Couture, due to my non-existing art skills I can't make my own cover. Also Naruto is owned by Shueisha, Viz Entertainment and Masashi Kishimoto. Please support the Official Release.

1 An Average Start.
2 Miyazato Rei
3 Averagely Talented
4 Improvement, and New found motivation
5 Finally Ninjutsu
6 First Encounter
7 Battle
8 Father's Might!
9 Yashina Village
10 Realization
11 Rotten luck
12 Genius
13 Increase of Repertoire
14 Affinity
15 Training in the wilds
16 Training in the wilds part two
17 Training in the wilds (end)
18 Academy
19 Taijutsu Class
20 Uninteresting hours.
21 A meeting in the library
22 Importance of genjutsu.
23 Plans and dabbling in illusions
24 Guest Teacher
25 Comparison of taijutsu
26 Projects to work on
27 Search for the old man
28 Ramblings of an old man
29 Term end Part 1
30 Term end part 2
31 Term end part 3
32 Term end part 4
33 luck or misfortune.
34 Hope
35 "Shopping" for scrolls.
36 Training slowly.
37 Feeling of urgency.
38 Willful acts
39 Time flies.
40 Officially a genin.
41 D-missions
42 Escort Mission.
43 Road to Yashina village
44 "Money is power"
45 Fighting with a half-baked plan 1