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1 Prologue

 Here I sit and think: "What kind of **** is he?" I'm not particularly fond of swearing, or rather, almost not at all. But, for the last 4 hours, how did I not swear at him?. And the whole point is that my second "I" really fooled me just like that.

For half a year now, believing that I have a "gamer" system, I worked as hard, as I can. Every day, the execution of these stupid quests, training for six hours a day, seven times a week, just for the sake of a few endurance points, and all that I have achieved in past six months, is three levels and about nineteen points of characteristics. While the average teenager has an average level five, i.е. I now have level eight, not so bad considering that dungeons open only at level ten.

But the whole point is, it's all a hoax ... In a sense, that's all is just a joke, from my second personality, which just wanted to mock me.

- Calm down. I need to calm down.

But it is not the worst thing, it turns out, that the control over this ability is with my second self, since it should be easier for me. Basically, if I just wish, then chakra, reatsu, mana, anything really, should be in my personal use.

But this bastard ... oh, how many times did I swear, when I first got to know about it ... You see, my strength ... I myself do not fully understand what I could do with it, but I know one thing. It is some kind of cheats. For example, If I wanted to increase the strength a thousand times, you have it. You want chakra - you got it. I wanted to learn some spell - here you go, boss!!! ... But this [email protected] personality!

"You can not be angry. Anger will not change anything." I repeated to myself numerous times. But this does not help much.

"Well, to hell with you, and I'll manage the system." And all this world will begin to crawl before me, and these pompous magicians, who punished me with a split personality, in the first place.

- Well, calmed down? - I heard such a voice that annoyed me very much.

- [email protected] you.

- Of course, I understand that you are offended, but can you forgive me?" After all, I'm you, and to be offended by myself sounds stupid. Is it not?

"Then make my ability the way it should be, not this fucking system!" - I said this, knowing full well that nothing will turn out.

- No, it will be boring. - said this ... this ... THIS [email protected] !!!

- Then, [email protected] you again.

- Are you sure? I came out to make you an offer that you won't be able to refuse. - Having said this, he understood that I want to refuse purely from the principle, even without listening to him, so he continued. "You can not refuse." - he smiled wickedly that I really wanted to give him a brick in the face, thirty times at least ... and then add as much.

His words strained me. Knowing what kind of ability he has ... that is, I have ... anyway, knowing that if I refuse, then I am f*ck*d up, I asked.

- "And what is your offer?"

- You know, I got bored, and I decided to play a little traveller of the worlds. However, If I leave you unattended, you will go to the hospital, to be treated for schizophrenia, but I do not want that. - he snorted.

Yes, and you do not have your body, and you live only in my subconscious. But I did not say this aloud,

- So you can make me a Transmigrator ?!

- Yes. In the meantime, you get ready. And I'll come up with a system for creating a character, and decide which buns can be taken. Take everything that you think may be useful. You know how to use the inventory.