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10 !

 Our relationship with Hinata had reached the "couple" stage, although we hid it. But then there was a bummer, and the whole point is that I and Eina ... are engaged.

Why do I have the feeling that I am in harem novel? No, of course, I am forced to assemble a harem, but not all have to be built with such ease.

(At that time, with a satisfied smile, noticed by no one Shirou felt that his works were being justified (and the author, in turn, sat with the same smile and kept writing, also unnoticed by anyone)).

How did it happen? Without a clue, it seemed to have been decided before my birth, as soon as they found out that I was a boy. That's why Eina went to the academy one year later, so that she would be with me in the same team. Yes, Konoha's strongest clans have the right to choose teams for their younger generation, for example - InoShikaChou.

So, because of our engagement, our relationship with Hinata has stalled, and the relationship with Eina has become more romantic. Yes, I have already completed that quest with recognition, and I have received several skills that I have not yet learned - there is no need. I would have to figure out what's available.

Our relationship with Hinata stopped at the "couple" mark, but now she's in love with me. And while we are walking along with her on Konoha, we spend a lot of time together, but officially I'm her friend.

Also, I told Hinata about everything, except my past. She knows about the system, and that I am a transmigrator, and that I'm not blind.

She reacted to this quite calmly, and even was happy for me when she found out that I can see.

But most of all, she was grateful for the trust I had shown.

The decision to tell her everything was taken after a long deliberation. I knew that she would be grateful and that it would strengthen our relationship. I still would have to tell everything, because if she does not know anything, but wakes up on an uninhabited planet, it will not be good.

Strangely enough, Eina and Hinata know that I love them both "(I also" fell in love "with Eina), but they are quite friendly. No, I'm certainly only happy about it, they were friendly before that, but I thought that their relationship would be getting worse, and I would have to do something about it. But It seems that they have talked in private. And it is like this. It seems Eina told Hinata that I want to assemble a harem for myself. If I understood correctly, Hinata was at first dissatisfied with this, but then Eina said something to her, and she somehow agreed (I wonder what? I would also like to be able to say a couple of words and make a girl agree to be a part of my harem).

Well, now, I need at least three more girls, one of which must be Hanabi.

By the way, at the expense of Hanabi, our relationship with her also is moving forward. How so? It turns out that Hinata immediately, as her sister returned, shared with her what had happened back then. Hanabi was grateful, and it was she who persuaded Hinata to talk to me.

Two years ago, she approached me, and we talked for about 3 hours, after I did not see her for a couple of weeks, and I began to worry that this will end our relationship. My worries were noticed by Eina and Hinata.

So that's it. When, I told them everything, about the quests, and about the punishment, Eina laughed very long and hard, and Hinata was offended, thinking that I started to meet with her only because of the quest. I had to prove to her that even without this quest, I would still love her.

When Hina calmed down, I hinted Eina that she, too, falls into the category of girls who will consider me impotent, and we, will never "have nothing."

Eina immediately understood the hint and turned pale, and Hinata did not understand anything (a naive child, you would know what will happen if I do not fall in love with your sister). As it turned out, Hina was not against her sister entering my harem, of course knowing that I would have a harem. (I'm more and more interested in what Eina told her that she was even ready for her sister to be in the harem too?)

And so, they together began to prepare the ground for me and Hanabi. Girls have their own ways in these matters. After that, she began to meet with me more often.

Now I have written in the window of relationship with Hanabi.

Strong interest: not recognized love.

Although she is only 9 years old, I think in the future, three years is not such a long time.

(I will have Hanabi only 3 years younger than Hinata, because 5-6 years as in canon, Hanabi turns out to be too small. - author)

So, what else happened? I was sealed as the side branch of the clan.

In fact, I had to put this seal back when I was 6 years old. When I was awakening byakagan. But it so happened that I "did not get byakugan". And so there were proceedings. My grandfather tried his best to shield me from the fate of the "bird in the cage." And these proceedings ended when I was 7, and I was given the seal of the secondary branch.

However, this seal does not affect me at all, it just flaunts on my head, and I can at any time remove it, because the "player's mind" will not allow any garbage to affect my brains.

And I had a brother! In fact, in the past world, I had three brothers, but they were all older than me, and here, I had a younger one! He became a genius of the clan, he is now 5, and he has already awakened Byakugan a year ago, and he did it himself, without drugs. Therefore, my father became an elder, and my mom is all busy with the youngest.

Now about the growth of my strength, I became much stronger. Every day, I trained in barriers for 8 hours of real time, maybe it's not so much at first, but when the ratio is already 30: 1, it's very impressive.

Now about my status.


The name is Kuro.

Clan - Hyuuga.

The level is 99. (99%).

The age is -12 (32).

HP - 890.

MP - 2930.

CP -870850

RP - 173280

Class - Archer.

Subclass 1 - Hunter.

Subclass 2 - Robber.

Class - (available at 100 lv).

Subclass 1 - (available at 200 lv).

Subclass 2 - (available at 400 lv).

Power - 87.

Dexterity - 96.

Endurance - 89.

Intelligence - 293.

Wisdom - 61.

Will (spirit) - 17 328

Characteristics points - 405.

MCP - 760.

AP - 0.


Player - you have a system (or it has you) that gives you skills:

The player's body; The mind of the player; Inventory; Status.

Fruit eater - you ate a devil's fruit - Ope Ope no mi, and got the ability of "surgeon of death." (side effects are removed by a special object).

The user of chakra - you have acquired the opportunity to use the chakra. This energy is obtained by the interaction of spiritual and bodily energies (your chakra is increased by a factor of 5. The control of your chakra is increased by 5 times).

Miracle eyes - you have an inferior type of one of the strongest eyes of this world.

Temporary Shinigami - you have zanpakto, you already seized Shikai, killed the empty. You do the work of Shinigami, but you are human.

Affinity with the elements:

Fire - 20%.

Wind - 25%.

Lightning - 60%.



Inventory; Status; Strike at full strength - 42 lv; Attack on vulnerable points - 44lv; Space - 97lv; Juuken - 71lv; Byakugan - 99lv; Theft - 41lv; Kaiten-35lv; Shadow cloning - 96lv; Chidori Nagashi - 74lv; Windy blade - 71lv; inconspicuous - 93lv; Syunpo - 41lv; The technique of recruitment is 47lv; the elemental chakra weapon - 89lv; Sage Mode (wolf) - 78 lv; Shikai-45 lv; Accelerated consciousness x20.


The player's body; The mind of the player; Taijutsu - 31lv; Berserker-33lv; Mastery of cold steel - 64lv (x2); Mastery of the Shooting Weapon - 81 (x2); Intuition - 49lv; Lake of chakra - 69lv; The beast - 19lv; Absolute memory.

That's how my status looks like.

I will not lie, I could become much stronger if I spent all my time training, but I do not need to.

I can already overcome the average in the strength of adyukas (checked), good, techniques using the chakra work on them as well.

I can defeat a zombie Kage (checked), though I almost died to do so, but I did it, and more than once.

So I have nowhere to hurry to get even stronger, so I do not use characteristic points.

MCP, I collected, performing all sorts of tasks like - kill zombie rank - kage, kill adyukas, etc.

Intellect is increased by forcing my clones to read books in the barrier. And in general, clones are the power!

Against the masses, I, as usual, used "Room" and "byakugan." In general, I always try to keep the Byakugan active, only in the presence of someone from the clan makes me deactivate it.

Also, at 20; thirty; 40; etc. levels, I received messages with suggestions to choose one of the scrolls with skills, so far I have not chosen anything, yet. For every class and subclass, 10 scrolls come.

At the expense of level development, I was not allowed to reach level 100 until I graduate from the academy, but like last time, the experience was crystallized and I will get all the experience after reaching level 100.

Also, the canon is proceeding, and the clan of red eyes was cut out. I honestly do not care about them, so I did not hurry to help them, and I couldn't help them at the time anyway.

Shisui had to die, no matter how good he is, his eyes are too dangerous. And I need the eyes for something as well.

Although I saved one girl from the massacre, so to speak, did a good deed.

No, I did not save her for myself, but for Itachi. Yes, I saved Itachi's first love, and told who did it, and most importantly, why did this happen to their clan.

Of course, I did not reveal myself to her. I did it, so to speak, incognito, and said where Itachi is.

She, as far as I know, also went to Akatsuki, and became the partner of Itachi, of course before that, she made sure that no one would recognize her, including Itachi. Now she tries again to fall in love with him, while not revealing herself, but it's bad for her. (She wrote to me about this, she did not want to serve either Konoha or Akatsuki, so I offered her myself as an employer and she agreed. ||| You know, sometimes I feel like her female friend, she always starts complaining, talking about her unsuccessful attempts to seduce him, etc. In short, even for the most usual weekly report, there are pages 50 at the least, with all the details).

That's how these 6 years have passed. Now guess what? Wrong, not final exams, but the distribution of teams.

Examinations went like in the canon, Naruto did not surrender, then stole the scroll, then beat Mizuki, and so on.

Teams, all but two, were like in the canon.

Why all but two? Because I and Eina, along with Hinata were in the team of Anko Mitarashi.

Why did Anko take command? Ooh, it was difficult to arrange, but still possible. It was even more difficult to arrange for us to be in her team. But even with that I quite coped.

I'm kidding, Shirou did it, he said that in almost 7 years, I seduced only four girls (why four !? ), and only three of them know about their feelings (who is the third !?), and only two belong to the quest, and he did so that Anko still asked for a team (do not to ask how), and then increased the likelihood that it was me, Hinata and Eina, who will be in her team to 100%. (fucking manipulations with reality ... I also want to !!!)

To the question who is the third? He said "find out yourself" and gave me a quest for this.

Yes, Shirou is already awake. It turns out that when he slept he heard woman's laughter, wandering around the inner world, he found three girls, more precisely a woman, a girl and a kid. I do not need to explain who are these (zanpakto souls). And so, when he found them, he ate them all, did not eat them in literal meaning of course, but simply absorbed these parts of the soul, and erased their personality, their gender, to say it shorter he completely erased them.

To my cry "Why !?", he answered simply, "I do not need any more neighbours, you are more than enough. Moreover, I do not want women to be a part of me, fragments of our soul, should be of our gender. "

In turn, Shino and Kiba, along with some "Kurama Yakumo" were in the team of Kurenai.


Hello, my dear readers.

I thought it would be too much if I Include the description of the skills into the chapter, and the chapter would be too long. so Here are the descriptions. Take your time to read through.

Attack on the vulnerable points-44 lv - this skill was formed from several skills, allowing a probability of 44% to make a crit. hit.

Steal-41lv - this skill allows you to steal the desired object of the enemy with a probability of 41%. In case of failure, you take away from the opponent a random item. (If the target is a girl, the probability of stealing underwear is 59%). (Warning: this skill works on mana! - 500MP)

Kaiten-35lv - you release the chakra in the correct points and rotate quickly, this allows you to create a vortex around yourself that reflects the enemy's attacks. (can be combined with a spontaneous chakra).

shadow cloning-96lv - you are capable of creating 960 clones, and the experience and knowledge of these clones is transferred to you by 96%.

Chidori Nagashi-74lv - you are able to envelop yourself, and run to the enemy with lightning, just as you can move the lightning into the weapon, and add weapon damage and the effect of "paralysis".

Windy blade-71lv - you are able to release from the hands, feet and arms - blades from the wind, in the form of a crescent.

Inconspicuous-93lv - you have learned to hide, and are able to hide from anyone who is below the "9th grade".

The technique of recruitment -47lv - you made a contract with wolves, you can call simultaneously 4 strong / 8 medium / 47 weak recruiting animals.

The elemental chakra weapon-89lv - you are able to impose your weapons (swords, arrows, blades, etc.) with an elemental chakra. By this action, you are able to give the weapon various effects. (fire - blast weapons, wind - increase the cutting ability by 500%, lightning - paralyzing the target and additional damage).

Sage mode (wolf) -78lv - you have Sage mode of wolves, this increases the amount of your chakra from 2 to 8 times (depending on the time of entry), increase all physical indicators 7.8 times; increases all feelings by 7.8 times; gives you wolf rage and stamina.

Shikai-45lv - you are able to use Shikai. It increases the level of Shinigami power by 4.5 times. (when you reach the skill 100ur, you get the "Bankai" skill)


Taijutsu-31lv - your strikes in hand-to-hand combat deal 31% more damage. You also get theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals of all types of MA in your current world. (this skill is obtained by combining several skills)

Shunpo-41lv - you are able to move at enormous speeds up to a distance of 41 meters. (this skill is formed by combining several other skills)

Berserker-33lv - thanks to this skill, the power of your attack increases by 33% from the damage, and reduces the effect of fatigue by 33%. (this skill is formed by combining several other skills)

Mastery of cold steel-64lv (x2) - you have excellent knowledge of all kinds of cold weapons at the same level. Damage from attacks with cold weapons in your hands, increases by 128%, so you get theoretical knowledge of the basics of all types of cold steel. (this skill is formed by combining several other skills)

Mastery of the Shooting weapon-81lv(x2) - you shoot perfectly from any small arms. Attack damage is increased by 10% every 100 yards. The probability of reaching a distance of 5 to 10 km. 81%. (this skill is formed by combining several other skills)

Intuition-49lv - you are very sensitive to danger, the probability that you do not just seem, but you are in real danger 49%. (treat the apprehension of danger in the future, ie, danger in a day or more).

Lake of chakra-69lv - you created a huge crater in your inner world, and began to fill it with your chakra, so that this chakra does not disappear from the inner world, you fixed it with a seal. The amount of the saved chakra when it is transferred to the inner world, 69%.

Beast-19lv - the beast sleeps inside you, it's better for other people not to wake it up. The probability of a strong anger to enter the "regime of the beast" 19%.

The mode of the beast increases all performance indicators by 19%, you completely trust your instincts and stop controlling your anger.