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11 !

 The next morning.

- Hello Eina, Hinata-hime. - I muttered, and sit down next to Eina. She, in turn, was leaning against a tree. I would sit down next to Hinata too, but until I ask for her hand, it is early.

"Hello / Good morning," they said at the same time.

So Anko would come soon, I spent the whole night in the barriers with the undead, and I only fought against the Jonins and Kage. Hmm, today was a long, sleepless night. (More precisely 386 hours of continuous grinding, using all possible and not possible ways and potions of HP recovery). So I am "exhausted" a little.

But now I'm level 118, (although tonight I just finished off from 117 to 118, and the rest is what I accumulated over the period since I was Level 99.

And also, I raised a few skills in the level, but so far no skill has reached 100 level. Right, Byakugan got close to this bar, but I still need a couple of weeks for its evolution.

By the way, I also chose the second class, and I am the "illusionist" now. If we talk briefly about this class, then it can be the same as Aizen, only cooler. Of course, if we simplify things very much. And so, there are many things to consider. Later I can and will explain about this class and its subclasses (which I still have at least a year - two to get there).

- Hello everyone, suckers! - sounded someone's pleasant female voice.

"She is here" - I had time to think before Hinata tried to wake me, and began to pull me. - "This is a good idea!"

- Stop, I want to sleep. And anyway, my teddy bunny should not wake me up. She should sleep in an embrace with me. - at the end of the phrase, I just knocked the girl to the ground, and pressing her to me began to fall asleep with her.

Why did I do this? Just decided to show Anko that I'm with both of them. To make sure, she knows what she subscribes to. And if you say that she doesn't know that I am now, just pretending to be asleep, I do not believe it.

- Enough of snoozing. Wake up.

- Al ~ right. Good morning Anko-sensei. - "With a wary glance at the rushing out of my embrace Hinata, I said.

After a little talk, she began to explain the rules to us. Rules are the same as in canon.

- Well, let's begin!

I did not show off, and single-handedly try to take away her bells. No, I certainly could take them, but why would I? Moreover, I do not know whether Hiruzen is here, or not. Therefore, we all just ran into the forest.

I warned Eina in advance, not to go into a direct confrontation. Perhaps she could have defeated Anko, although this is not a fact, but why should she expose herself in front of people again? And if its purely for "show off," then we will have time for it later.

In short, we all ran into the forest. For about 5 minutes, we considered the plan for the battle.

- "Anko-sensei, are you still flirting with Kuro?" Have you forgotten what I promised to do with you, if you continue? - said Eina, appearing before her, and Eina immediately rushed to attack.

Well, let's begin!

While Eina distracts her, showing the taijutsu level of an average Chuunin, Hina appears behind Anko, and begins to attack her with "air blades" and "water bullets", which Eina and I successfully taught to her, two years ago.

The level of these techniques when Hina uses them, even if not on Chuunin's level, but they are at a strong genin's level, and given that her specialisation is taijutsu, this is an outstanding result.

While they were having fun, especially without me (!), I used the skill "theft", and stole her ... underwear. No, what I stole immediately goes into inventory, and I still have not even checked that I took it from her. But judging by her widened eyes, and the way she began to touch herself as if looking for something. And the bells are still attached to the waist, I can be sure that it was I who stole it.

Well, okay, I use it again, and the bells disappear from her waist, but she does not pay attention to them. She was busy with another question.

Seconds 15 later she tied both of them, or instead, they allowed themselves to be tied up, and now, she turned to me.

- and where are you the "ghost"? - Does she know? This is bad, it's very bad! - "Do not play with me, Kuro!" Come out!

- Why are you shouting like that Anko-sensei? And anyway, I could hide as much as I like, you said so yourself. " - I said in a more or less calm voice.

-"So it's you, the" ghost "?" She said, with a grin on her face, and I felt goosebumps on my back, but no one noticed.

-"What kind of ghost are you talking about?" Although it sounds cool, but I somehow feel that it would be better for me not to be the ghost.

- "Believe me, it's better for you not to be, or you may not live to see tomorrow." And at the expense of who he is. Five years ago, all the women of Konoha lived peacefully, did not touch anyone, and there was nothing to worry about. But 5 years ago, some girls began to lose their underwear, and it would be nice if it disappeared for no reason, but it was lost only when it was on them. And because of the "way" these were stolen, this thief began to be called a "ghost". He has been terrorising the female population of Konoha for five long years. He even stole it from Senju Tsunade when she for the first time in eight years had returned to Konoha, as well as several dozen jonin, and the captains of Anbu. And we still did not have a single clue. Up to this day.

In my defence I will say that I was simply pumping up the skill of "theft", and this laundry I just destroyed without taking it out of the inventory. I would have used the skill on men, but if theft is done on a woman the skill pumped up four times faster. Shiiit, why I didn't just take these bells from her in a fair fight, rather than exposing myself. It is a big mistake.


- "Are you accusing me of this?"

- That's it.

- Then do you mind that I will break all your accusations, into nothingness?

- Come on, try it.

- It started five years ago, that is, when I was seven years old, in other words, then I did not yet have any interest in these things, One.

How could I at seven years of age, steal underwear from Sanin? Two.

Why should I do this? I have a beautiful bride whom I love and who loves me. Hence, I do not suffer from lack of attention from girls, and even without it, I would not care. I was not accused of being a pervert before, and you think I suddenly became one? I think it's stupid, Three.

- Then why, right now my pan ...- she did not continue, apparently embarrassed, although outwardly this did not manifest itself in any way.

- I realised what happened-it seems to me, or she blushed a little? - It could be that it happened the same way as with others. After all, it always disappears when you expect the least, right?

- the logic in your words is, but, oh well.

- Sensei, can I take care of my partners now? You tied them both together.

- Okay, you have another one and a half hours. Take the bells by this time. Or you will return to the academy, "-she said, not even suspecting that I had bells, and I attached the illusion to her, even before she finished talking about the ghost.

- "You say that as if you are sure that we will not succeed."

-"Not" as if ", I'm sure that you will not be able to take my bells away from me.

- If so, then let's argue, if we take them, you fulfil one, any of my wishes, and also, I call you as I want, not "Anko-sensei", or do you doubt your abilities?

- "All right, I'll show you how high the Heavens are, fry."

Why did I set such conditions? It's very simple, if I call her a teacher, she will treat me like a student, which will complicate my task. And a wish to fulfil is always good.

After that, I ran to the girls, and immediately passed the bells to Eina, and everything went according to plan, well, except that she knew about the ghost and began suspecting me.

- Well, suckers, go into the forest, and get ready for the second round.

- "There is no need for Anko-sensei, we already have the bells." And Eina shows the bells that she had in her hand.

Anko looks at them in astonishment, and then at her waist, then again. And I, as if nothing had happened, I fold the seals of the genjutsu, and the bells on the waist of Anko simply disappear.

-How? When?

-When you got distracted in the middle of the fight. - Eina said.

- "It seems we've passed, Anko-san." - And a smile in the style of Eisen. In general, I would prefer to smile like Gin, but he is too unique of a person and does not fit into the image that I created. But the annoying half-smile of Aisen fits perfectly. - You got my wish.

-It's not fair. The bells were already with you!

- No, it's all fair. We just argued with you whether we would win by taking bells or not.

-Okay, and who will get the bells? There are only two bells and three of you here.

-Anko-san, we all know that this is a test for teamwork. We certainly guessed it. After all, there are no genin teams, in which there are no three genins and one jonin.

- Okay, What is your wish?.

- Not now, I'll leave it for later. We did not negotiate the date. Oh yeah, I also invite everyone here to dinner at the best restaurant in Konoha, you can refuse, but you will spend the time as usual, and with us, you can have some fun.

- Well, I agree.

We had fun for the rest of the day. After the restaurant, we went to the amusement park, yes, there are such parks in this world.