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12 !

 It's been a week since we became genins. And we got, NOTHING! Although I can't complain, because I only send my clones on a D grade assignment, but Hinata and Eina suffer there. No, Eina could also send clones, like Hinata. But Hinata might be figured out, and yet she did not want to leave Anko alone. And Eina said, "I do not want to leave our angel with this devil, what if she teaches her some bad things. Plus, we need to start re-educating this crazy woman someday." (Said the one who made of this "angel" into a yandere - author's note.)

So they go on a D-rank mission, and I'm already the 6th day of real time in the dungeon. And what is most remarkable, I LEVELLED THE EYES !!! Yes, at last, they evolved. I've been waiting for this six years already, and finally, it happened.

The evolution process for Byakugan is not the same as for sharingan, you stop seeing for 15 hours, and they reconstruct. So I've been sitting almost 15 hours, and I'm waiting for the end of the evolution.

Congratulations, your eyes evolved into "keyrugan", you can change your eyes between byakugan and keyrugan.

(I honestly searched for a suitable name for a long time, but no matter how much I looked for it, I did not find a proper name anywhere, in Japanese eyes is "me", and I did not find the eye designation as "gan" among Japanese translators, and white as "byaku", that's why I took the name that at least sounds okay., - author's note).

Visually, the keyrugan was adjusted to the colour of your eyes, and the dominant colour in them is red.

You have acquired the ability "cover of chakra." Appearance - standard / edit.

You have acquired the ability to "control gravity" (you can only use it when using "keyrugan").

You have acquired the ability to create "balls of truth" (the maximum number of balls at your level is 3)

I looked in the mirror, which was in my inventory. Well ~ what can I say? It [email protected] up, let's go home. Although I like the ability to edit the appearance of the cover. Both of the variations shown in the anime are just [email protected] up as well.

I could change the appearance of the cover as I like, colour, shape, etc. The only condition was, it had to cover my whole body. Also, I can take myself two external views on the cover, and change them at will.

I stopped for the cover on this.текстуры-соловьиной-брони-1.jpg

and on this.

- Well, seriously, Shirou, could not you make me a pattern for the eyes that does not resemble an EMS? And what is this name - keyrugan? Although for the ability to edit the appearance of the cover thank you. (the evolved eyes pattern)

- And still, your cover looks so-so. And at the expense of the name, the name has a profound meaning. You just do not understand it.

- [email protected] you? Do you have any idea how much I had to soar my brain that it would not look so shabby?

I guess you chose it, simply because it sounds cool. Otherwise, you would have already voiced the reason.

- Alright, you said it, so now you go to that adjuchas which has half-evolved to Vasto Lorde, and check your new eyes, without the use of fruit, shikai, sage's regime and the lake of the chakra."

"As you order, my lady" - and I run as fast as I can from the spot, not having listened his the answer.

Moving to adjuchas, I note that he is very similar to a man in armour.

At full speed, I ran towards my current opponent, of course, I already included the cover (white) and called zanpakto, and I take wakizashi, the katana for me is still too long.

So, before I start to attack him, I squeeze him with gravity using all my might, the power was not enough because the skill was not at the level to hold the adyukas, and so he quickly broke free from my pressure.

I run up to him and make a horizontal cut, the hollow moves to me behind my back using sonido, and tries to pierce my heart with his left hand,

I turn, moving the body parallel to his hand clockwise, and this movement I transfer into the attack.

He jumps up two meters, and I continue this same movement, I make a full circle, correcting the direction and moving the blade slightly upwards so that I can hit the falling target. He jumps off from the air, and my sword scratches his carcass.

I use the shunpo and move to it, and I try to stub him in, he goes a little aside and at the same time, he kicks aiming at my head. I turn the point in his direction and continue my strike already horizontally. I noticed his attack in advance, and therefore I use gravity to delay the blow of my opponent. My attack should reach him first.

Gravity I direct downside.

In fact, I could use it upwards and then his kick would have gone over me. But I could not determine the level of protection of the cover.

My blow cuts his side, and his kick hits me on the shoulder. Well ~ what can I say about the protection of the cover? A good thing, even if there were cracks in the bones, still this blow could calmly cut me in half, this fast and strong it was.

Realizing that he can lose in close combat with me or at least lose a pair of limbs, he retreats to ten meters, and shoots "Cero". To check the strength of the balls of truth, I make a shield out of the ball, and I hide from the cero with this shield.

No scratches. I did not even feel any load. Well, that it is also checked.

I go up to him, and I conduct a series of strikes. Straight, horizontal in the centre, he tries to evade, and even respond. But I slow his blows using gravity and easily dodge away. And the more I strengthen the pressure, the more he goes into the defence mode and the more difficult it is to avoid my blows.

After a couple of minutes, he was almost exhausted, and I just finished it off. He was a strong adyukas, was halfway to the evolution of Vasto Lorde. I even first confused him with a Vasto Lorde, he looks like a human. But even so, I'm still a few times stronger than a wasterlord, of course, if I fight at full strength, using illusions, sage mode, etc. by the list.

Since I evolved eyes, I decided to go home. I was tired anyway, in this dungeon I spent more than a half-year, it's good that I do not get old in dungeons.


Back home, I first went ... no, not to sleep, and not to even bathe (knowing that I'll spend a lot of time there, Shirou did so that I do not sweat there, and after every fight, I just can wish and I become clean.) So the first thing I did was go to my family and have a dinner with them, it was about the dinner time, or rather I went out especially during supper, when we had already completed the missions, and we are going home.

And the next morning, together with my girls, I took a day off. And along with my two (Hinata and Eina), one future (Hanabi), and one not mine (you think so, Shirou would say to these thoughts), we went to have fun.

Already two hours after the beginning of the "fun", we met a bored Anko. She had nothing to do. Usually, if she has such a mood, she takes on missions. But now she can not, from tomorrow we will again carry out the tasks, and for the day she will not be able to fulfil any mission of C and above the ranks.

So I invited her to our company, to which she said

- With you, suckers, I will be even more bored.

- You just try, if you do not join then you will definitely be bored, and if you join, it might be fun. And you often mention the "suckers", is this a hint for your fetish?

And ran away from her without hearing the answer, but there was something abusive.

After a little thought, she ran after me and joined our group, and she did not regret the decision. Of course, she was not as comfortable as us, because everyone else was Hyuuga, but she was also having fun. We returned home only at 7 o'clock in the evening.

And the next day, we continued the routine of D rank missions.