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13 !

 It's been a month since I had upgraded my eyes. All this time we spent completing missions of rank D. Yes, I too was with them. Grinding all the time in the barriers is very dull, and here I can flirt with my girls and try to move my relationship with Anko to a new level.

I had no problem with the first one, but the second one... the problem is that she sees me as a child. The fact that I am 13 years old is really preventing me from improving my relationship with her. Even though she mocks the children, but in terms of romance, she does not perceive such jokes, it just amuses her.

So I decided on a desperate step. I decided to conquer adult girls (and they are just girls, for they have not passed the stage that makes girls into women), myself taking a more adult version of myself, with little-edited features so that between KURO and "Ichimaru Gin" there were no similarities. I had to agree to a few proposals from Shiro so that he allows me to do it (because he got the control over the results of all quests). And now I not allowed to whine for the next three years (in fact he suggested not to whine at all, but at the cost of much debate, which lasted 4 hours(!) we came to the figure of three years. After all, how am I going to "[email protected]" his brain, if I am not using the main sentence, which I usually say), on the theme of "give back the ability".

Yes, I decided to call myself by the name of my favourite "fictional character", although the appearance I gave myself is not like his. Unfortunately, he did not have a suitable appearance for my character. I just repainted the colour of my hair to silver, and the rest made looking like Aizen, as far as I was allowed by "the minimum change in appearance." I can't say I look exactly like Aizen, but you can say there are some similarities. Why is Aizen? Because I like his style of behaviour, his is calm and his infuriating half-smile I'm going to use very often.

I would choose Gin, but his character is too complex, and if I do not have the same goal and commitment, I will look very unnatural. I don't want to disgrace the name of this truly great character.

All right, now I need to think about how I can get to her? At the moment I have absolutely no experience in attracting a more or less adult girl.

With Hinata, I was just lucky enough to help her in a right moment. With Eina also it somehow happened itself, and the experience I have gained is zero.

After a couple of hours, I came up with a plan. To implement it, I need a man, or rather a merchant who takes a mission to escort his caravan, and at the head of this caravan will be his "cousin", as he still has business in Konoha. And our team will accidentally be at the right time in the right place. Okay, I will do it like this, but in a couple of weeks. Now there is a new problem.

This problem is the information from the clone. Tazuna is coming to the village. Yeah, the Bridge Builder.

And so, I want to participate in this mission. I'm certainly not going to interfere with Canon, definitely not visible changes, and the fact that no one in this story, except that Gato will not die, it doesn't matter if everyone considers them dead. I need them for something.

There is one ability which I bought for as much as 150 MCP. Yeah, in the beginning, for these 150 MCP I could buy a lot of things. Now, all abilities cost twice the MCP, and this will continue until I move to the next world, before I start I would be offered to use the MCP again.

But it is the skill I really need in this world. It'll make a real MC out of me. No, of course, I can shut a Kage even now, but in the long run, this skill in 5-6 years will be a mega imbalanced.

But I took it, not for its gain, but to punish a very arrogant "second personality", and six months later, when he is likely to say something like, or even word by word - "nothing will happen the next two and a half years, so I'll go to sleep, and leave for myself a clone so that he would watch you around", I will punish him for those quests that he gave me in this world.

Well, Tazuna comes to Konoha. I need to get this mission somehow, and how to do it better? Put an illusion on him before he enters the village, and force him to take the mission of the B rank. If he doesn't have enough money, give it to him. Which I did. And now follow Naruto, and wait until he asks "for a cooler mission.»

Now all that remains is to wait for the start of the mission and at the right time be in the office of Hokage.

In fact, this plan is [email protected]@t, but I just need to come up with a plan, even with a small probability, and the system itself will adjust the rest so that everything happens according to the script, I just need not to mess everything up. Of course, there are exceptions, when the system does not help me, but there are only a few of these.

In the meantime, I need to use my new skill. Did I say what kind of skill it is? Now, this skill allows me to copy one eye ability from the eyes I use this ability on. And I get it without any side effects, for example, blindness in the MS, and yet, I can use the copied ability no worse than the one to whom it belonged originally. However, I need to keep the eyes, or a vessel with eyes in my hands. I can't steal the ability of the eye if they are from another person. Also, this skill uses about 80% of all my energy, no matter how much I have. And few restrictions like - you cannot use simultaneously two powers that I stole, etc.

Well, I want to find Danzo now and steal Shisui's eye from him. It is for these eyes, and perhaps for Obito's eyes (from this world), I bought this ability.

To "find Danzo" is not an easy task, because he is usually not particularly social, and does not get out of his base. Only, I already know the location of all the bases of "ANBU" and "Roots", because I thought it can be useful. Who knows what might happen?

So I sent my clones to check all the bases of the "Root". They will be under "Inconspicuous", and so even Danzo himself will not notice them. And I just went for a walk, getting comfortable with my new appearance. Sending on the mission clones.

POV Eina.

Well, again, he sent a clone instead. I myself can understand whether it is a clone or not, because unlike Anko - who does not know him well, and Hinata-who simply does not pay attention to the details of his behaviour, I can notice random errors that he makes. If he hadn't changed the character of his clones, I wouldn't have been able to recognise his clones.

When asked why he changes their character, he answers- " Because I don't like to read the theory, and my clones also refused to spend weeks in the library."

Now, if this is a clone, I don't see the point in flirting with it. No, I tried to do it at first, but all the time it feels like you're talking to a photo and you're taking a video of it, and then you're sending that video to a person in the photo. That's why I don't want to flirt with the clone.

When I started to worry if he could handle all the girls in his harem alone, paying them enough attention. He reminded me of the second tsuchikage's "duplicate technique". Remembering all the known features of this ability, I stopped worrying. After all, I am sure that he will cope with the study of this ability and will be able to improve it so that it will be possible to split up several times. And I stopped worrying about not getting the attention of my loved one.

Love, huh? In fact, I understand that this love is not real, but an imposed one on me. That I should hate him, and if not hate, then at least dislike him.

But the question is, what is the difference if it is true love or not? Well, judge for yourself:

Do I have feelings for him? - Yeah.

I am happy when I am with him? - Yeah.

Am I glad when he smiles at me? - Yeah.

Do I want to be with him? - Yeah.

Could I have fallen in love with him before I failed the quest? - Yeah.

He is kind to me, he listens to me and my opinion is important to him.

And the fact that it's not real, it's not his fault. After all, how do you know if your feelings are real? I don't know which ones are real. And he was kinder to me than all the people from my first world (except brother).

And besides, his view of "love", I like it, and because of it, I fell in love with him for real. When I realised that he (almost) completely meets my standards for a husband (excluding harem), then my attitude changed, I was willing to be with him. And considering his words about his love for me, I will be happy.

About the harem, I'll deal with it somehow. Anyway, he must have one, and besides, he wants to create it, even if he does not accept it. And he only chooses the girls that we approve of, so there's no conflict between us. And I'm grateful for that. I even help him to win over Hanabi (she must be won over, because the penalties will affect me, and our living together, will turn into a horror), and Anko. I'm also helping my sister, bringing them closer together.

I wonder how Veyla fell for him. I understand that he's handsome (or will be), but my sister is not the kind of girl that falls for the exterior view. For me too it is not just his looks and many reasons to love him. But these reasons do not apply for Veyla. In short, I do not know.

I wonder how he managed to win her over without even knowing about it, and that he does not know about the feelings of my sister, I have no doubt, he is too simplistic in these matters.

It's a bit strange, but I even like these aspects of his character.

So we finished the mission, and on the way home, he told me about his plan. Asking me what I think about it and letting me know. And also mentioned about his new ability, that he soon is going to steal the eyes from Danzo and Kakashi, of course temporarily.

And told about the emergence of Tazuna and our future actions.

I approved his plan, or rather all the plans, and that's how our day ended.

End POV.