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14 !

 Well, the test for the infusion into the image of the old version of myself is done. But almost everything ends, and my walk along Konoha too.

I got an info from my clone that he found Danzo's Location. He was in one of the basements of the root. (well, yes, where else should he be.)

Without thinking twice, I went there, walked around all the guards and entered his office. And now, you just have to say the word "stealing" twice, and I can get this eye. But why do I need this? Why should I be afraid of everyone along the way? Why do I need power if I can not do what I want (within reason of course)? And besides, it's boring. And I came here not only to gain strength, but also to have fun.

Moreover, I want to create an organization that, if I want, can destroy this whole world, and I need for future revenge for these monsters.

And when, if not now, everyone is told: "I am, and even the great villages should be anxious about me." Besides, MC must be pretentious.

So I decided to do everything in a cool way. First I used the cover (black), it looks cool and does not allow anyone to see my face (let me be in the adult form now, but I would not want to shine it ahead of time. And when I had already fulfilled my plan with "getting to know" with Anko , I will not hide it anymore).

- Good afternoon, Danzo. - I said, slightly changing my voice.

Impressive, he does not even show surprise. It is immediately evident that a person has been in sets of dangers. Someone may just be frightened. Someone would attack immediately. There are those who simply would have flinched. And he just suppressed all his impulses and did not attack, realising that if I wanted to attack, I would have already attacked.

- View. May I ask why you entered my abode? - He said, turning to me.

- Immediately to the point? And why there is no such question as "who are you"?

- I'm a busy person, and if this does not require a situation, I do not like to waste time. If you wanted your personality not to be hidden, you would come without this masquerade.

"Well, I'll say it straight, I came to borrow your" right "eye." - Saying this, I expected him to act, he even assumed that he would immediately attack, but he merely began to pass through the body of the chakra, preparing for battle .

- And what do you hope for, telling me this in" my house "- as I thought, a very intelligent and calculating person. If he attacked, I would have to change the canon very quickly.

- Correct actions, do not attack without understanding all the details. And at the expense of what I hope for, I hope that you will lend me your eye of out of your own free will. Otherwise, I'll just take your eye and leave. And no your "housewives" will help you. - I intentionally push him to violent action, because in this case there will be a lot of noise, and he will have to report it to Hiruzen. And the name of the unknown who quietly made his way to the root and got out of there, doing the planned (and I'll make sure that everyone will be saying so), everyone will hear it.

- Good. I'll lend you my right eye.

"What? did he just say yes? why? he should have attac ..." I did not have time to think as he immediately burst into the attack, well, I already started to panic, not knowing how to behave.

I dodge away from a few kunai, which he threw at me. These kunai moved almost at the speed of sound, besides they were saturated with the chakra of the wind. And immediately go into the "Inconspicuous" mode, while using the skill of "stealing" twice at once, so accurately. And making sure that I stole the eye, I used a couple of times "wind blades" in a random direction, cutting a little the "base" and wounding a couple of root members, I left. And no one could detect me.

After going out, I moved to the barrier of "comfort", and used the skill.

Please choose one of the abilities.

- Susano.

- Kotoamatsukami.

Of course, I chose the latter. I don't need the first and I do not like the big sizes, so, for me, the cover is better.

Congratulations, the ability of "kotoamatsukami" is copied to the right eye. You can use this illusion every 7 days.

With the DNA of the Senju Clan, the rollback time decreases.

In the presence of the DNA of the Ootsutsuki clan, the rollback time decreases

All the limitations and enhancements of the ability of the "collector" came into force.

All types of energy in the next 6 hours is reduced by 80%.

It's all right, now I can return the eye.

After 15 minutes I crept into another base, left there a vessel with an eye and a note:

Hello, Danzo. As I said, I took this eye for a while. Do not worry, I did nothing with it and did not add any stamps or any other muck, you can check it if you want. If you just lent me this eye, you would not have to disgrace yourself before Hiruzen. And the next time, think carefully about whether to attack someone who can safely enter your archive, and show the clan leaders what happened to their "deceased" clan members who did not return from the war.

You cannot really improve the protection of your archives, even you and all your sharingans failed to notice me, what are the chances of an ordinary ANBU?

Anyway, be careful next time. And you can tell Hiruzen about me, because I stole "your" eye only to go out into the light. Or I'm just messing with your head, so that you don't tell him about me.

P.S. you really surprised me, so I bestow you the title of "Old farter", wear it with pride, in my country, this title is extremely famous.

With respect-Aizen.

For my "dark deeds," I use the name Aizen. What to do if, among serial anime, my favourite is "Bleach".

Here is the note I left Danzo, after letting a couple of ANBU to spot me and I disappeared from there.

Now, I've done what I wanted and I need to prepare for the two remaining cases: Find a merchant and hypnotise him, and make preparations to go to the land of Waves.

POV Danzo.

Oh, I'm so tired of all this. But what to do? If not me, no one can do the job. If not me, then Hiruzen will not be able to continue to support the mask of the good old man. I understand the need for my role in this village, and that is why I have to keep playing my role. I have long been tired of all this. I'm not like Hiruzen, he not even batting an eye has given his wife, his successor and the successor's wife to the hands of a Shinigami. I couldn't do that, and that's why I'm still alone. If he has that kind of leverage over me, he'll try to take control of me completely. And while I'm alone,I have freedom, even if it is a little.

And besides, such incidents as today destroy dreams of a quiet life. About what I've been longing for lately, and what I can't see until I die.

Take the Uchiha incident, I'm sure the old fool has forgotten that I was against it, and he just ordered me to act. And for a long time, he himself started to believe that I was the villain in the story as well as reads version, which is known to all heads of clans, by the grace of Hiruzen.

Although funny things have happened over the last 6 years. For example the emergence of "Ghost". Well, I had fun when I found out that he stole Tsunade's pan..., such a facial expression from I haven't seen.

The Ghost, this strange kid, and the fact that he is a maximum of 25 years, I have no doubt (this can be understood from habits and behaviour), he seemed to want me to attack him. I don't know why he acted like this, but he is very strong. A member of the "Akatsuki"? No, it may be possible, but my gut tells me he's not one of them, and I'm used to trust my gut.

Who are you a Ghost, and why did you need Shisui's eye? And what kind of skills do you use to steal?

He may be known as a Perv thief, but as far as I know, he not only steals from women's underwear, but also from men. Only from men, he takes something else. Does he train skill? It is possible, because if I understood correctly, he used his ability twice. I first lost the eye, and then had lost kunai. And as the kunai was the most common, he just used the ability twice, so he knew how many attempts at the maximum he should do to steal this eye.

Because of this young man, I had to spend a few hours with this old snake. And why is he called a monkey? He's no less of a snake than his apprentice, by nature. I had to tell him everything a few times. I'm in an awful situation now, I don't have Shisui's eye right now, and if he wants to get rid of me, I can't fight back. Although it is unlikely that he will try to do it right away. But even so, without this eye I've acquired to confront this snake, I feel like an unarmed child in front of a hungry lion.

Yes, I acquired all these eyes to confront him in open combat.

My thoughts were interrupted by one of my guards.

- Danzo-sama, information was received that in one of our databases was spotted the same unknown that you clashed with.

- Which base was it?

Having found out more, I went there. And what was my surprise when I found that same eye, and the letter.

After reading this letter, I winced a little, if I saw someone who knew me well, he would have realised that I was extremely annoyed. He can safely browse my archives, and no one will find him. This lair was the most guarded of all, and he went in and out of here unnoticed. And that he was found out, I do not believe, as he said, even if I don't feel him, the Hyuugas do not stand a chance as well, except maybe for Hiashi, but he is not my subordinate. He probably showed himself to let me know that he left that eye here.

- Check the eye for foreign things. - I'm sure there's nothing there, or at least they won't find anything, but caution is a good thing.

I hope this "Aizen" will not bring us unnecessary problems. Oh, and I was hoping that at least now I could get some rest.

POV End.