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 - Oh, how annoying it is to carry out missions of rank D, can we go on some mission of higher rank? - I began, and there was a reason for that. Just now, my clone disappeared and informed me that "the very moment" came, and that Naruto is asking for a more difficult mission.

I've been waiting for this a week. I wonder what this drunkard did there a whole week? Maybe I should have ordered him to take the mission early. Although no, who knows, if we would get the mission.

I made a deal with Shiro, and he supported my idea of ​creating an organisation of my own. Well, it cannot be called a clan, since there will be a lot of clans in it, such as Uchiha, Hyuuga, Uzumaki, Senju, Yuki and Kaguya, and further down the list. And each clan will have its own head - responsible for everything that happens in his clan, and his wife (example: Itachi and Izumi). And I will be at the head of this organisation. True, the name of the clans will have to be changed, and I'll persuade Itachi, Nagato, Obito, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and others. And a lot of problems will have to be settled after, but let's deal with the storms as they come along.

Well, Shiro and I agreed that he would help me (it seems to me that something is not right, he's been too much of nice guy, lately), to the question "what should I do in return?", He said that this is a "gesture of goodwill", which made me think - Do I really need to get involved in all of this? After all, this [email protected] definitively has thought of something very nasty.

But still, I agreed. I would like to take part in the world affairs, and on the part of Shirou, he will not do something that would go beyond the edge and spoil our relationship. And if it is a gesture of goodwill, then I will think about the possibility of mitigating my revenge.

Well, okay, let's return to Anko's persuasion, to get us a mission of a more difficult rank.

- Indeed, we are already tired of doing all this manual work, as if we are not shinobi, but labourers. - Eina supported me.

Hinata preferred to nod silently.

- So you want to take on a higher rank mission? Are you not overestimating yourself too much, considering yourselves the real shinobi? After all, you still are suck ... too small to fulfil real missions. - She first hesitated, remembering about my comment, and then corrected and continued. She also understands us, because unlike Kakashi, she does not run from complexity, speaking about the need for D rank missions.

- Anko-chan, you're wrong. The whole essence of the missions that we carry out is to allow us to get used to each other and to enable us to understand each other's character and thoughts, to make it shorter so that during the missions it is more difficult for us to interfere with each other. But here's the catch, we have been together since childhood, and we do not need this. That's why we are ready to go on a more difficult mission. - I told the truth

- Well, if you consider yourself ready, then ask the Hokage to give us a mission of higher rank. - said Anko, after thinking it over

- That's a deal.- we all said almost at the same time.

At the entrance to the residence we met team number 7, and exchanging nods with them, went on together. It seems that the relationship between Kakashi and Anko is as cold as the attitude of their teams to each other.

Entering the office to Hokage, we began to listen to Naruto's speech. And he persuaded this snake (the thought of checking the Root archive seems to me was a good idea, as I found there a lot of exciting things about the higher echelons of Konoha).

- Well, I will give you a mission, but two more teams will go with you. - Two? I wonder, which team is the third? I can not help but feel that something very "nasty" is hidden here.

- But ... - Naruto wanted to protest but was interrupted.

- No "but", two more teams, and you will go immediately to the mission of rank B. As for who will be the remaining teams, let me think ...

-Can we go with them, too?- I got into his thoughts, this time. - We also really want to go on a mission of a rank above D, and go through the mission of rank B while being genins is great luck, let us participate too.

- Well, if it happened that way, then teams 6, 7 and 8 will go on this mission.

- Team 8, this is the team of Kurenai. Is this [email protected] ... "

{ Quest received - Help a friend.

Your friend is anxious about your future. He believes that you will be deprived of the love of women. Therefore, he modestly suggests that you try (only dare to fail) to fall in love with free (she is still free, Asuma has not yet approached her, so be brave) Kurenai Yuhi. And also, bring your relationship with Anko Mitarashi to the logical end.


Goal 1: During the passage of the mission, fall in love with Kurenai Yuki.

Goal 2: Until the end of the mission, fall in love with Anko, and make her understand the feelings for you.

Extras. Goal 1: Do it so that both friends know about the harem, and about the second teacher being in love with you.


60 MCP.

The chance that all your girls will get along well + 10% (for an extra goal).

Depending on the situation.

The penalty for failure/refuse

10 days of continuous diarrhoea!}

Well, who would doubt? I seem to talk about mitigating the revenge? So, forget it, I'll make him know what "horror" is. I just need to wait, and when the time comes ..., Ah, I did not do anything to deserve this.

And yet, I seriously begin to worry, what will happen to this world when I leave? Not only "Boruto" will not be born, but there might also be no women left in the world of shinobi. Ah, do not care, they will sort it out themselves. I have other things to worry about.

- Thank you old man! - Said Naruto

- Thank you so much. - the same I said.

- Well, that's decided, you need to report this to team number 8, Anko, you're friends with Kurenai, right?

- Yes.

- Decide among yourselves how to proceed with the mission, and give her all the information. Well, now it's time for you to meet your employer.

After ten seconds an old man entered the office, from which per kilometre there was a smell of alcohol, and who has, to put it mildly, not a handsome appearance.

- What? Are these children my defenders? How will the small fry protect me?

- Please, keep your tongue behind your teeth. Now you just called the "small fry" the heiress of the strongest clan of Konoha, the son of the elder of the same clan and his daughter-in-law. - it was of course me. No, I did not do it to put this old man in place, I just had to say it. After all, not only that, having learned about this, Hyuugas would have cut off his head, because this is not the same as insulting some of the last representatives of the great clans. But she also (unofficially) my bride. But even without this, as a member of the secondary branch, I must defend the honour of the representative of the main branch.

- Ah ... this ... well ... - he could not form a sentence, although after my words, he almost entirely sobered up.

- Do not worry, you are forgiven for the first time, but be careful from now on.

- Yes ... thanks ... - he was still lost.

After that, we got to know each other, and he did not even start insulting the team 7.

The arrangement was to meet the next morning at 7 o'clock, so, we went home. And there, all night were preparing for the dispatch and battle with the Jounin. We also warned Hinata about the meeting with him and told her to be more careful. No, of course, I will protect her, but just in case, caution will not hurt.

The next morning, we all gathered on time and started our journey into the land of waves. We could not go fast, of course.

Fortunately, for me, the path was not dull, as it was not for my team. In general, the Kurenai's team was not also: two girlfriends (jounins) chatted among themselves; Yakumo started talking with Hina and Eina; Shino, Kiba and I were chatting with each other. In turn, Team 7 was on a wave of its own, Sakura was pestering Sasuke, and he basically, ignored her. Naruto annoyed Sakura, and received punch onto the head, Kakashi was reading. It seems they are not bored, either.

Along the way, everything was like in the canon, all the same conversations in the team of 7. Until we found in front - puddle, we were not particularly worried.

Seeing it, I immediately gave the command to the girls, because unlike them, I always keep the byakugan turned on (except before the other Hyuuga), and they prepared for battle. But we did not have to do anything, Kurenai quickly tied both of them. And judging by Kakashi's displeased look at her, she should have let us sort it out ourselves. But Kurenai is not a person who will allow a child to get into a dangerous situation.

The interrogation of these two was conducted by Kakashi, who, apparently, expected to throw the task on Anko, but she refused. It seems that Eina's works on her character. I wonder how it affects her, or any other people? It is not a mental or any different violent impact, and the question "how?", she answers "a woman can only understand it", and she doesn't say anything else.

After the interrogation, there was a meeting on "what we will do", the answer was unanimous (we asked only the genins), and we decided to continue our journey.

Then I decided not to lose time, and slowly began to fit into the conversation of the two female Jounins, and even achieved some success, and chatting with them quite a lot this time, I got to know both better. And it continued until we reached that very lake.

Going to the other side, I began to notice the fog that surrounds us slowly.

And after a couple of minutes, Eina cried.

- Be careful, a man with a huge sword approaches us at high speed!

- Lie down! - I said when noticed the "decapitator" flying for our heads.