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16 !

 [POV Kurenai Yuhi.]

Hell, this "guide" betrayed us. Oh well, he also has a family, probably he does not want problems, and that's why he did it. Ah, but everything started so well.

A week ago, Anko came to me and told me that teams of numbers 6, 7 and 8 were sent to a mission of B rank. I was surprised by her words, because usually the teams who did not go to the missions of rank C, do not go to the mission of rank higher. But that's why they send three teams.

After chatting with me for a couple of hours, Anko went home, and I went to warn my team about the mission and the time of the gathering (Kiba will be happy because he so requested a mission above D rank).

After telling them about the details of the mission, I went to pack up. I was ready by the evening because for a mission in which the maximum threat is Chuunin. There is nothing to worry about.

It all started pretty well, we all arrived at the meeting place on time and moved on. On the road, everyone found something to do, and everything went smoothly. Until I felt in front of us two shinobi of rank Chuunin, who hid themselves turning into a puddle.

Theoretically, I had to let the genins deal with them, but I can not expose them to such a danger. Even if we were three jounins, but who knows what might happen, and the children are not used to working with someone who is not from their team. So I decided to intervene, but I did not immediately rush into the fight. First I wanted to see who would notice them. On the way to the enemy, all of Anko's team noticed the enemy, not surprising, because they are all Hyuuga. Kiba and Shino also noticed the enemy, which is also not surprising, their clans are excellent sensors. Of the team 7, noticed only Sasuke.

Having neutralised both opponents, I already wanted to give them to Anko, because there are sadistic inclinations in her. But she somehow looked strangely at one girl from her team, Eina seems, and refused. It surprised me a lot, and later I will ask her about it. Well, in any case, Chuunins were interrogated by Kakashi, and he brought bad news with him. On the side of the enemy, there may be a Nukenin of the Jounin level.

After discussing this a little, we decided to give the right to choose what to do to the children, and all unanimously decided to continue the mission.

On the way further, we all went the same way, relaxed, but all the jounins did not lose their vigilance.

No matter how strange it was, but to our conversation with Anko a boy from her team joined in. He seems to be called Kuro, and that name suits him. He wears black clothes, unusual for shinobi style. He has black hair, and snow-white skin looks like a 13-14-year-old teenager, who in the future promises to become very handsome.

As far as I know, he is an outcast of the clan, because he does not possess byakugan. But he does not feel despair and dreams of becoming a Hokage.

I was told a lot about him by Anko (We often share information about our charges with her). She said that almost all of his behaviour is played and that in fact, he is not what he wants to appear. He aspires to look like a kind, naive and dreamy guy, but in reality, he is a slippery, squeamish type who likes to read people and manipulate them. And most importantly, he does not hide his "real face", but simply behaves like a fool, while not trying to deceive anyone, and if you are deceived, it's not his fault.

As Anko said there - "I do not understand him, but if I say what I've learned, he's probably just having fun."

He is a very interesting person, he seems to be the "outcast" of the clan, but at the same time in very good (and in Anko's opinion in romantic) relations with the daughter of the clan leader, which in itself is inconceivable for Hyugas. And also the only friend of the second daughter of the head of the clan, in whom the friendship between the "hime" of the clan and the boy is unthinkable. He is also engaged to a promising girl. And in general, for Hyuga, who themselves are not very sociable, he is as an outcast became friends with a larger group of people in his clan than the average "non-outcast" of the same clan.

Maybe he really is a very slippery type that you need to be careful with it.

(And at that time, one antipode of "Kuro", was smiling, because of the thoughts he read in the head of one person. "The main thing is interest, and why it is interesting does not matter. Now everything is in your hands. Because I won't help you with this person anymore." He thought.)

Well, okay, back to the current problems, a couple of hours after landing on the other side of the shore, we began to be surrounded by the fog, but it was too natural, and it appeared slowly. So I rejected the possibility that it was an enemy technique.

And so, we walked quietly, talking with each other, until one of the Anko's students shouted.

- Be careful, a man with a huge sword approaches us at high speed!

Before I could fully think about the words of this girl, I heard Kuro's voice.

- Lie down!

All the genins immediately fell to the ground, and just in time. Almost immediately after the scream, a massive sword flew a meter above the ground and crashed into a tree.

Of course, all the jounins managed to evade this attack.

- What people we have here, it seems to me today is my lucky day. - There was a voice from the sword, or rather it was said ... by Momochi Zabuza, sitting on the sword.

[End POV.]

- What people we have here, it seems to me today is my lucky day. - Said Zabuza, sitting on his sword, who will soon become my subordinate. But first, he will help me to steal an eye from one white-haired man.

- Momochi Zabuza, you decided to attack the three Jounins at the same time. Are not you too cocky? - said Kakashi.

- Um, I do not know how to say it, but there are three of them. One is in front of us. The other two are hiding somewhere. - I said, and I am slightly surprised by the departure from the canon, but nothing else. It does not matter how stupid their employer is, but even he must understand that one Zabuza cannot cope with three Jounines at the same time.

- Wow, this guy is a good sensor, he could feel the shinobi of the jounin level, which his teachers could not find. - said the girl, who was coming out from the ground (or rather a woman?) about 24-25 years old, with very good appearance and forms.

At that moment, the only thought in my head was. "If I get a quest now, that I have to seduce her, then my revenge is going to be so much crazier than I wanted initially, that even any comparison pales in front of it and it will have several steps that I will perform in the next ten worlds.

(At this point, one "second personality", who was already anticipating the face of his antipode, when he gave that quest, felt goosebumps all over, and realising that his intuition warns him, decided not to take the risk.)

And to my surprise, even after a few seconds, I did not receive a message about a new quest.

- Do you think your compliment will make me happy? Idiot, I'm not pleased to hear such things in my address! - I said in the style of a tsundere. At first, I wanted to copy one tan ... I wanted to say a reindeer, but then I realised how it would look ... well, at least it's strange. So I turned away from this girl, while little blushing.

- I like him! At least, your level of mental development, Angelica, he determined precisely. - said the second shinobi, jumping out of the bushes.

- Shut up Nick, be kind. - It said, of course, the girl. Where am I? These are English names, what the hell are they doing here. Just forget it, there are these names, and that's it.

- Um, and you, the guy who does not know how to make a good intro, and therefore will never be a little cool, who are you?

- You're right Nick, there really is something in him. - said the one who was called Angelica. - But tell me, boy, are not you afraid to talk like this to jounins, because they can slap you dead, and they will not even notice it.

- No, I'm not afraid. After all, the battle will begin soon, and if you lose, then you cannot do anything to me. And if you win, we will all become corpses in any case. So could you stop fooling around, and already move on to the battle, My popcorn soon will be wasted.

- Definitely, there is something in this guy. - Said the girl. Um, I hope she does get a crush on me, even without the quest ... - Well, all right, he's right, Let's start the party!

And the fights began, Kakashi against Zabuza, who all this time stood apart from the rest of our enemies, showing that even though they are together, they are certainly not comrades. Anko vs Angelica, and Kurenai vs Nick.