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17 !

 Since there are so many genins here, I was not really involved in the battle with the clones send by Zabuza, because other teams dealt with them. Eina, Hinata and I just sat down next to each other. Eina sometimes used some techniques, to dispel the attacking clones.

And I just watched the show surrounded by beautiful girls, enjoyed the battle and ate popcorn, which I put in advance into the inventory.

For some reason, everyone looked at me with a strange look, or rather there was something weird about them. Nick looked at me with genuine respect, Kiba looked with a little envy and approval, Shino's emotions, no way you'll understand it. Anko and Kurenai looked as if they were convinced of their conjectures. Sasuke looked at me as if he realised what he needs the most. Naruto ... well, he was almost crying. Kakashi cannot be read, because of his mask. Yakumo and Sakura hid behind the others, and they defended Tazuna.

And the battle, in turn, was on its way, the fight between Zabuza and Kakashi resembled the canon, although there were many differences. But anyway, copying techniques, water clones, water element techniques, and so on.

But the battle between the remaining people was quite enjoyable. The primary element of Angelica was the land, but she also used fire as well. Anko had a hard time with her snakes, but she still was at an advantage. What cannot be said about Kurenai, I do not know what's the matter, but her opponent was immune to illusions.

Kakashi and Zabuza.

- Copying ninja Kakashi, I heard about you, I am lucky today to fight with you - said the nukenin of the fog.

- I'm no better known than you are, one of the seven swordsmen of the fog, Momochi Zabuza."

- Well, here we are, we'll start now. Have fun with me!

Zabuza at full speed moved into a frontal attack. Focusing on attacks with his sword, he began to attack him in all available ways. Kakashi dodged very fastly, if he had no sharingan, he would have already lost 6 times, but fortunately, his friend's gift could read the enemy's movements, so he dodged without any problems.

And now, Zabuza started using techniques. He began with the "water dragon", fortunately for Kakashi, he sent a large number of his clones to the genins, what distracted him and he spent most of his chakra. Children, in turn, coped well with opponents. More precisely, some of them, some were just afraid to do something and hid behind others. But there were those who simply sat down, with girls around and watched the battle. Although he is kind of should be blind, he can not "see". Strange.

Their battle lasted for several minutes, but soon the chakra of Kakashi began to show the bottom. So he decided on a desperate step. He spent almost all that was left on the summoning and ordered his recruiting animals to seize the enemy, what they actually managed to do. But he no longer had any chakra for a proper technique, and when "Shinobi of the Mist" appeared in front of him, who effectively appeared punching through the senbone points on the body of Zabuza, allowing to stop the pulse, even for a living person. Kakashi did not try to stop him from taking Zabuza. Although he understood that this is definitely not the one for whom he gives himself out, but his strength was at the level of a very strong Chuunin, and Kakashi did not have the power even to stand, not talking about resisting such an opponent.

And after they left, he just fell to the ground and passed out.

Kurenai vs Nick

Right from the beginning of the fight, Kurenai tried to use one of her genjutsu techniques "binding by trees". Nick did not move at all. And the trees started to go around him, binding any moveable part of the body. Kurenai as an elite jounin did not get close to him immediately, instead, she sent a few kunais towards the opponent. When the kunais almost reached him, Nick as if there was no binding at all blocked them all. The moment he blocked the last one he moved at an incredible speed towards Kurenai, and kicked aiming for her head. Although Kurenai was an ace in genjutsu techniques, as an elite among jounins she was agile as well. So while being surprised by enemies speed she still dodged the attack. However, Nick did not plan to stop at it as well and he continued to strike after the kick. Kurenai evaded again. And the fight continued with Nicks advantage.

Anko vs Anjelica

Anjelica as being an energized person started the fight by executing a ground technique sending a massive stone for Anko. Anko evaded the strike and send snakes for Anjelica returning the greeting. Anjelica tried to dodge the attack for a few times jumping around but understanding that the snakes follow after her because Anko is controlling the snakes, she executed a ground technique called an "earthquake" creating a small pit in the ground and the snakes were buried. Anjelica didn't stop there, she throws another stone for Anko, at the same time sending a few shurikens after. Anko having no way to dodge away except to the right because of the shuriken and the stone, dodged to the right. But there she noticed that to both left and right sides, there is a stone. And she heard a phrase from Anjelica "Gottcha [email protected]", a hole of a fist size opened in the stones and streams of fire reached Anko in a moment, so she did n't have the time to dodge away.

Anjelica was feeling quite pleased with herself, because of the plan she executed right now.

But when the smoke faded away she saw nobody there, and feeling the danger, she immediately jumped away from where she stood, and a snake came out from the exact place. Anjelica was not fast enough and her shoes got scratched.

- Kuro was right, you really are stupid, do you think that it was not suspicious to throw around such massive stones without a particular purpose, spending tons of chakra? - Said Anko, with her annoying tone

POV Kuro.

Oh, it seems it's time to intervene, Kakashi is out, and no one will report about me, because by the end of this mission, Anko and Kurenai will be my women. At least, I hope so. And to achieve this, I must prove that I can be relied upon.

And now, at the moment when the enemy Kurenai is already beginning to press her, they hear my voice.

- Hey, Nick, I do not think it's worth doing something when someone mighty does not approve of it - I said, leaving the fog as cooly as I can. At first, there was only a dark silhouette and red pupils.

- What do you me... - he did not have time to finish the sentence, I immediately moved to him, and struck directly at the centre of the chest. To my surprise, he was able to defend himself with the chakra, although it did not take away all the damage, the blow was not dangerous anymore. I think Kakashi would have broken several ribs from this blow, under the same conditions, and this one is quite healthy, and even relatively intact.

He immediately got to his feet and used a "fireball", which I just dispelled with a simple movement of the hand. Of course, it consumed much more chakra than using "kaiten", but now I'm trying to impress my future wife, so I should not think about trivial matters, and make everything as showy and beautiful as possible. After all, am I an MC or what.

- As I thought, you are indeed the strongest of our enemies. What a pity that our meeting was like this, and I'll have to kill you.

He began to put up some seals, but could not finish it. I just used the power of the fruit, and replaced him with water, not far from myself. And while he was disoriented, I kicked his head, from which he flew a few meters.

Hmm, a "surprise" is a always a dangerous weapon. I could kill him without any problems in a couple of seconds, but I do not need to.

I took the note I had prepared for Zabuza, but just in case, I made a copy, and since it happened, why not give it to him, and moved it to his pocket.

This note said when and where we would meet. And since I was able to put a note in their pocket so that they did not even notice it, then it's better to listen to me. And anyway, it's not a trap.

I do not know if they will believe me, but if not, they will simply die, I will kill them myself.

- Go away, I do not see the point in your murder or you all will die. -

- Angelica, we're leaving!

- What? Why are we leaving? After all, the strongest of them is no longer a fighter, and only two weaklings remained. Let's just kill ...

- I said we're leaving! You are my younger sister, and you must obey the elders in the family, follow the rules! - I wonder what's the rule? A clan's custom? And in that they are from a clan, I have no doubt. The ability with which Nick resisted Kurenai was an accurately improved genome.

- Okay, why scream that. - This Angelica muttered.

And they left, of course, Anko tried to follow them, but we (oddly enough, Kurenai supported me) said to her that it's too dangerous to go alone against two such enemies, and to her anger, Kurenai simply took her out using genjutsu.

It seems that later I will have a "serious conversation" with her, at least, her look promises that to me.

On the way, I stole from Kakashi a sharingan, and copied his technique, previously replacing myself with a clone.

And then I returned it with the help of fruit.

And after a couple of hours, we reached Tazuna's house. That's how the first part of my plan for finding myself subordinates in the country of waves ended.