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18 !

 We reached Tazuna's house, without any incidents. We met there his daughter and grandson. Grandson was very annoying, but I did not tell him anything, it's none of my business. It is strange, how a pretty woman like Tsunami, could have given birth to such a pain in the @ss.

Well, it is not like I feel something for her. When the girl is busy with someone else, but for some reason, they are not together, I will not approach her. And as a person who believes in the afterlife, and that after death, lovers can be together, I will not think of making that girl mine. And Shiro agrees with me on that completely.

And so, in a quite calm atmosphere, we spent 2 days. More precisely, I spent two days, and the rest continued to rest. I have negotiations, in which I must convince very freedom-loving shinobi of the Jounin level, to become my minions.

I started to prepare quite seriously, in case the negotiations fail. Of course, I'm overpowered, but I do not know what to expect from two of the three, pretty strong opponents. So it is necessary to prepare. In addition, they already know that I'm using an off-standard combat style, so there will not be any surprise effect to my favour, or it will be minimal.

Having made all the necessary preparations for our meeting, I went to Gato. I need to prove that he will abandon them. And for the same reason, I appointed the meeting at his house. It also will be another proof of my strength in their eyes.

Applying the image of "Gin" on myself, and having made the cover of the chakra (black), I just broke into their ... fortress ( I just can't call this a house), I took everyone who was in this "house" into an illusion, which is stronger than almost all kinds of "genjutsu" (this illusion does not allow anyone to notice me, as well as those whom I want to hide), and waited, after grabbing Gato, and rewriting all of his wealth for myself. What? I can't allow such wealth to disappear, after all, it is all the same, he is not a liver after today's meeting.

After half an hour, Zabuza and Haku arrived at the appointed time. Haku was left to hide in the street, but thanks to the byakugan I can see him. Zabuza just went inside, intending to tear apart anyone who comes for him. It looks like the swordsman is in a bad mood. On the way to Gato's room, no one disturbed him, he was quite surprised, but it made him wary because it means that most likely the one who put the note in his pocket is here.

Opening the door to the room in which I and Gato were, he stopped and began to examine me.

- Hi, do not stand there, come in. Soon the rest must join us, and when they are here, we will begin. If you do not mind, of course.

- Okay. - Yeah, I overestimated the regeneration of Zabuza, because now, even an average Chuunin can finish him. Although for such a chuunin, even the half-dead Zabuza is enough, he really is frail right now. So he does not dare to go against me, at least until I start doing it.

- Oh, yes, you can call your subordinate here, I certainly noticed him for a long time. And besides, if I attack you, will it not be better if he takes the brunt on himself.

- Haku, you come out - he said quite calmly and evenly.

Haku left his hiding place, bowed to me, and stood behind his "father." Zabuza sat down on an armchair. And the room was full of these chairs.

A few minutes later, Nick and Angelica came. They went inside, and without saying anything, they sat down on armchairs as well. It looks like everyone is waiting for me to start.

- So, First of all, I would like to thank you for coming. Honestly, I'm delighted that all three jounins came here.

- Stop going around, and tell us, why did you call us here !? - It was Angelica.

- Forgive my sister, she is too unrestrained, but I agree with her, why did you gather us here?" - Erm, what? I thought he was just a big fool, but now he's too serious for such a role.

- Well, well, to put it briefly, I offer you a job, and as a payment, you will get crucial information for Terumi Mei, which will also cause other villages to join the conflict on Terumi's side. At least Konoha will be on her side. Or, she can throw charges in the direction of Konoha, which can weaken the Village. Choose whether your dedication is worth this information.

- What? - Cried the three of them. Although in the canon this is not particularly noticeable, Zabuza was just a good guy who tried to stop the persecution and killing of people with a kekkei-genkai. No, he indeed is not "pure and fluffy," and he also killed a lot. But he was on Mei's side.

In their voices, there were many emotions, from indignation to doubts and hopes. And as it is not strange, Angelica spoke first.

- Can you tell us more about it? Naturally concealing the most important details.

- No, it will not be fair to you, let's do it this way, I give you all the information, if you think that this information is not worthy, then I just put a seal on you that will erase your memory, and no mentalist can make you remember the information.

-Do you think we'll let you delve into our heads? - This is Nick.

- Of course, you will let me, because you cannot stop me, that's what happens when I want to get into someone's head.- I said directly in their consciousness. More precisely, they think so, but in fact, I used an illusion, because I do not know any mental techniques. - So, if you agree to become my subordinates after I tell you everything, then I'll just make you my minions. Of course, after you tell everything to Terumi.

If not, I just erase your memories. So let's start and do not interrupt me, all the questions after the story.

And so, I told them that their Kage is controlled, an exiled person from the Uchiha clan is doing it. In short, I gave them a lot of valuable information, of course concealing the identity and strength of the "masked man," and saying that he calls himself "Uchiha Madara".

I do not want to go against Obito, not only he is my favourite character from Naruto, I still need his eye as well.

They doubted for a long time, even devised some plans how to preserve information and freedom, sometimes not with all members of their group being alive, seniors trying to sacrifice for the younger. And the younger, on the contrary, tried to dissuade her brothers from such a bad idea.

Only I, too, did not sit idly by and I destroyed all attempts to choose anything other than these two options.

Soon, they agreed and decided to become my slaves. This information is just too important for them to risk it, trying to escape from me. It seems that I have finally started to gather my force!