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19 !

 - Yes, I finally did it! - if someone saw me now, he would be surprised, because you do not often see a man, especially a boy of 13 years old, who is covered in the blood of dead dragons which lie next to him, and this boy almost jumps from joy.

And the thing is that I finally upped the shadow cloning! Yes, it was not easy. Every day I did several hundred or even thousands of clones and forced them to perform different tasks. Thanks to this, my technique evolved quite quickly.

Now I was in a barrier with "mythical creatures," and killed these very creatures. So far, I can not beat the boss of this location, but without any problems, I kill dragons, phoenixes, nine-tailed foxes, etc. However, so far I have met only weak versions of these creatures. Suppose a full-fledged dragon, the size of a castle, will roll me into a pancake.

Well, I finally levelled the clones, and what do you think I got from this? I got the skill of "separation of the body," which I will soon begin to use.

{Separation of the body: this skill allows you to divide your body into two parts (using the manipulation of reality, both "bodies" will be whole and quite real), which will live independently of each other. There will not be among your "bodies" the main one, and your "bodies" will not have any differences from each other, except for appearance, at the request of the player. All "bodies" will be completely independent and not dependent on others.

All "bodies" will be controlled by you personally, and there will be no "copying the identity of the creator".

The number of possible divisions at this level of skill development 1.

When dividing, your level, all characteristics, as well as all skill levels are shared equally.}

It is the most basic description of this skill. Searching more about this skill, I found a lot of information that was not written in the definition. For example, when I divide, I will always have one more stream of consciousness than the number of my "bodies", I must somehow consider the information from all my remaining flows. And also, this extra flow without a body will be my main one.

The skill "shadow cloning" has dropped to the first level, but it is twice as strong as the same skill at the first level in the last stage. In other words, after reaching level 50, the skill in the second stage will be like the skill in the first stage of level 100. And I can reach level 50 in half a year.

So, how did I end up in the barrier, if I should be on a mission?

After successful negotiations, I did not hurry to return to Tazuna's house. I decided to grind a little in the dungeons.

Yes, I did not attend the dungeon for a long time, it's been almost a week now. I missed the dungeons.

Since now I have nowhere to hurry, I want to spend there about half a year on time in the barrier, and to pump up at least a couple of skills to level 100.

All the things that I should have done in the next five days, I have already taken measures for them. I sent Nick to negotiate a meeting with Terumi May. Left the clone, which should replace me, spent time with their girls, well, etc.

The only thing that bothered me was that I could not try to fall in love with Anko and Kurenai on my own. Nevertheless, I do not want to trust this clone. But, having reached the 100 level of shadow cloning, I lost the main problem: I do not need to run between the two cases. Now I can leave my double, and myself do the essential things.

Of course, at first, I will be at a terrible disadvantage, because the monsters that I will kill will become half as weak, and therefore the experience will be less. But in three years I will achieve more than I could have performed without using this skill. Well, except If I train, leaving clones in my place. But then another problem arises, I will not do anything but become stronger. And this does not suit me, because what I do is not just for strength, but to have fun as well. And using the division, I can both have fun and become stronger at the same time.

In short, coming out of the barrier, because, almost everyone can notice me there when my skill "inconspicuous" weakens by a factor of two, and in a weakened state I can not do anything to them, I used "division of the body."

The feeling is very strange. Although I split in a few seconds, I managed to feel everything. Hm ... how to explain, this feeling, when you simultaneously look in two different directions, you can move two bodies, and everything of this kind thing... you basically exist in two places at the same time, and it is a bizarre feeling.

In any case, I felt very good and, having trained for a couple of hours, I managed both bodies quite well.

Without saying anything, we ... that is, I ... (Shut up Shirou, stop laughing already!), In short, one body went to the barrier, to smash adjuchas, and the second went to my girls.

I do not want to check whether there will be a penalty for the failure of the quest with Kurenai and Anko.

Well, after a few minutes of walking, I reached the house of an alcoholic, his beautiful daughter and a terrible grandson. Well, it's time to start actively winning over the Kurenai and Anko. Fortunately, Kurenai already saw my strength, and will not treat me as a weak man. After all, it's entirely different, when the one who is in front of you is stronger than you; I think, I am still able to overcome the jounin.

On my return, I dispelled the clone and received his memories. Nothing special happened, because I was missing only 12 hours. I got out of the barrier much earlier than I planned, and nothing really happened, even Kakashi had not yet begun to teach the small fry to walk on the trees.

- Good morning, Kuro-kun. - Hinata greeted me.

- Good morning, Hinata-hime, how did you sleep? - I said with my usual half-smile. And she ran to me and hugged.

Why did she do this? It's simple, we recently agreed that if an ordinary clone talks to her, he will refer to her "Hinata-chan". If it is me, I will say "Hinata-hime", this is part of the answer to the question, and the second part is that she was worried about me because it does not matter how strong I am, there were three jounins, and she was concerned about me.

Although I was against it and did not want to tell her about my plan, she is too vulnerable, and she worries a lot. Of course, it is nice, but very bad at the same time, because she suffers. So I did not want to tell her, but the phrase, "What would you feel if Hinata did not tell you about such actions she will soon try to undertake? ", made me realise that this would be insulting, even if it is done for her own benefit.

- It's good when someone waits so much for you, and they worry about you." - I said quietly to her in the ear, while strongly embracing. - I'm sorry I made you worry.

- Good morning, Kuro. - Aina was coming out of her room and seeing me hugging Hinata. She smiled so sweetly that I just wanted to hug her as well. I do not know why, but I really wanted to hug them both, which I, of course, did.

As I thought, this is my trait, and it will never change. The more they love me, the more they become attached to me, the more they want to protect me, the more I respond to them with the same feelings. Although maybe I'll get burnt on this, now I'm glad that I have this.

- Hey, what are you doing? - not indignantly, but rather affectionately said Eina.

- I just wanted to, that's all. - I said, understanding that for the sake of these two girls I am ready to do a lot, not all, of course, but a lot. And realising that if they betray me, it will be very painful for me. It seems that I begin to understand what love is.

I took both of them to my room, where we arranged "global hugs,". I just lay hugging the third and fourth most important women to me. Who is who, I have not decided yet and, I hope, will never decide, because they are both dear to me. I even in my thoughts I do not want to make any one of them better than the other. The first place belongs to Mom, the second to the "Mom" from this world. The third and the fourth to the girls that lay on me right now. Nothing happened, the girls literally just lay on me, it seems to me they liked it too, and we just talked about the results of my plan, and what we will do in the future.

I also told them about my new quest with Anko and Kurenai. I did not want to upset them. Well, I can not believe that they do not mind, so I try not to talk to them about other girls. But I do not doubt that they are not jealous of each other. Eina looked at me with displeasure, complained that I was too much worried about their opinion, then said that she would try to do something to help me. Hina, in general, didn't even pay any attention, she just enjoyed my embraces, which, as it turned out, to my shame, she missed a lot. I really thought that she did not like when I did so and therefore recently hugged her only to make her embarrassed because she is so sweet when confused.

I also mentioned my new skill. This information very much pleased Ein, although she tried to hide it. I know how worried she is that I will not give enough time to my wives.

And I began to rack my brains over my doubts. What's wrong with kissing an adult girl in a fourteen-year-old body, after all, I look like 13, and there is no Police here. And all of that sort.

But still, the lolicon side lost in me. Well, considering that three years ago there was no such a dispute in me, my dark side might not last long before it shows itself.

And so it was another day in the world of Naruto.