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 - Have you made the preparations? - he asked me and, having received a nod, continued. - Good. Now listen to me and do not interrupt.

- So, we proceed like this. You go to sleep. I take over, and we move to another world. Your body remains here, and by the time of our return to this world, only about six hours will pass. So, no one will miss you.

I will give you a choice of several worlds, which ones and how many of them I decide myself.

After that, there will be a standard "character creation". First name. Then I'll give you 100 points of appearance (AP), I hope you understand what it is, and change your appearance the way you want it to be. Your appearance right now will take the basis for the rest. Change it as much as you want, as long as you have an AP. The more differs your change from your look, the more points you need. Your appearance will be adjusted, as you will begin your journey as a six-year-old child.

And here's what you're waiting for: Buns! On the choice of abilities, you will be given 350 points of the main character (MCP).

Well, now, go to sleep!

After his words, I had dinner with my parents. Although they do not know this, I will soon part with them for a long time. More precisely, it would be a long time for me. I went to my room and went to sleep.

I woke up in a gray space. There was nothing, except for me and some messages.

Greetings "Player", select the world:

- dark souls.

- the soul of the demon.

- blood.

- Naruto.

"Um ... What kind of choice is that?" Isn't he too impudent!?

In case of such a question, I was told to tell you that: "No, I'm fine, thank you for caring."

Well, okay, I still hoped to get into Naruto, Bleach or One Piece. I think it is understandable that the first three worlds simply do not have the chance of me getting there. It just too scary.

- Naruto.

Choose Your Name.

- Kuro. - What? It corresponds to my future image.

Customize your appearance.

I will not describe all possible options. I will only say the result.

Hair coal-black -5 AP; Eyes dim, red -18 AP; The ability to make your eyes glow -7 AP; Change the appearance if desired (minimal) -30 AP; Separate slots for clothes and armor (only clothes on you will be seen, although all armor bonuses will still work) -40 AP.

The choice was not difficult for me, because my appearance mostly suits me.

Choose your skills and features using MCP.

But over this, I thought very hard. I am given 350 points. I did not want to spend them just like that. There were many choices here: the opportunity to become a dragon slayer, and the opportunity to become an Arrancar, and many more. Had I more points, I would have chosen so many skills. But since there are not many of those, I decided to limit the skills from other worlds.

But my choice on the following features and passives stopped:

Increase chakra control 5 times -25 MCP; Increase the reserve of the chakra 5 times -25 MCP; Be the part of the clan "Hyuuga" - 20 MCP; The possibility of developing "Byakugan" into "Tenseigan" (if you can get the eyes of the descendants of Ootsusuki Hamura) - 40 MCP.

Affordable elements: Fire - 5 MCP; Wind - 10 MCP; Lightning - 20 MCP. With each of the following elements, the number of required MCP is doubled.

Affinity with the elements:

Fire - 20% (20 MCP); Wind - 25% (25 MCP); Lightning - 60% (60 MCP).

For the remaining 100 points I acquired two abilities from two different worlds, which I will most probably visit, and something else. These are: The devil's fruit, the type of paramecia, "Ope Ope no Mi" * from One Piece (70 MCP); And "Asauchi" from Bleach (20 MCP); neutralizing the weakness of my fruit (3 MCP); and the ability, under which my blood will show everyone that everything is fine with me, there are no deviations. If the deviations should be, they will be so that, it will not attract the attention to me as an interesting sample for experiments (7 MCP).

Now, let me explain my choice.

The increase in control and the amount of chakra is understandable.

Personally, I like Sharingan more than Byakugan, both for its abilities and appearance. But this is only the first level. In the final stage, the choice is between Rinnengan and Tenseighan. And here, of course, Tenseighan wins, both in terms of abilities and appearance. What can I say, Paine, who had Rinengan since the childhood, was exhaled after the destruction of Konoha, and Toneri, only having got these eyes, was able to cut the moon. Yes, and the veil of the chakra is also cool. Of course to compare these is not entirely correct, because Nagato still did not arouse the eyes, nor was he from Uchiha ... Well, anyway, Tenseigan is cooler!

Choice of elements. Here everything is much simpler: I just really like these elements, and besides, I think, for the style of the Hyuga clan, these elements are very suitable.

Well, Let's Go!

- Start the game.