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20 !

 It's been two days since I returned, having completed the negotiations. Nick came, bringing me some great news. The future Mizukage agreed to a meeting and appointed it for the next week. It seems that she needs this information as quickly as possible, but since elementary precautions must be observed, she did not rush to me to get it.

And my future subordinates are somehow sad. Probably, because they believe that I will soon "crack" their brains and turn them into obedient dolls. Naive, I do not even have the tricks with which I could subdue them. And even more so, I do not need "dolls". I will certainly spend a couple of "procedures" with their brains, but only when I have a skill that allows me to do it.

Why should I dig into their brains? The answer is simple: I hate traitors, and I will not let them betray me. And I will do everything necessary for it.

Perhaps someone will think that this is wrong, but I could give such an example.

Let's say that I will have two daughters, and I'll attach to them a guard for each, who must take away all the dangers from her.

And now, each of these guards will bring me an idea that would greatly help them, but for some reason, I can choose only one. Perhaps these ideas are mutually exclusive, maybe something else, but I picked just one.

And of course, this will offend the other guard very much. If it was something important, then he can harbour anger at me, with the hope of revenge.

And if my daughter is attacked, when this guard is angry with me, he might not save her. And then they abuse and kill her.

Of course, such a probability is small, I would even say, tiny. But that's the problem, I'm going to become very strong, and my enemies will also be powerful, and as Shiro has already proved, manipulating probabilities is not so difficult. Naturally, I will take many security measures, and the loyalty protection is one of them.

Of course, I will not keep my subordinates against their will, because even with the "protection" that do not allow them to betray me, they will find a way to mess with me. And so I will let them go as soon as they ask. Preliminarily removing all essential or dangerous information from their heads, and retaining everything that concerns their friendship with members of my organisation.

In my "organisation" there will be both its laws and duties, and much more. And those who do not want to follow these laws, I will punish, as in any civilised country.

In general, this organisation will more resemble a country in which there will be its state management-selected personally by me, and certainly not those who will worry for their wallet, but those who instead will work the common good.

Well, it's been two days since I returned. And during this time there were only a couple of notable moments.

To begin with, the canon takes its path, and Kakashi began to teach us to walk on vertical surfaces. Yes, you understood correctly, he offered this training to all of us. He did everything, almost like in the canon, and also asked us to try to climb to the top of the tree.

I know who already knows how to walk on vertical planes from our teams.

Kiba's mother is really tough, and she's been tormenting him with training since childhood. Shino learned this independently, taking out various bugs from beetles. Here at the expense of Yakumo, I'm not sure, but in theory, she should be able to do it, or at least to do it in the first try, because she is a very strong illusionist, perhaps even stronger than me. Our team, of course, already knows how to do it. And from the team of Kakashi only Sakura could cope with it, for the same reason as Yakumo.

After rising to the top, I just pretended that it was a little too easy, although it is so, and asked: "Will there be more of such light workout" and saw a predatory grin on Anko's face, and regretted that I tried to show off.

And for some reason, it seems to me that Sasuke began to look at me in some strange way, as if he sees in me his rival, who, moreover, is better than him.

The girls got up to the top right after me. Hinata and Eina did so easily, Yakumo and Sakura also did a good job.

Then Anko started to train me - in fact, to scoff, but it seems like training to her, and Kurenai just bored me with a look.

And the vital thing happened a couple of hours ago. Kurenai asked me to explain what it was then and who I was.

In fact, I waited for these questions much earlier and imagined that they would be asked of me with a kunai at my throat. But no, she just asked it and did it in a straight way. To this, I requested to meet in two hours, and bring Anko with her. I let her choose the place so that she did not think it was a trap. I also said that in two hours I would find them myself if they do not leave this village.

And now precisely two hours have passed, and they hid their presence as much as possible; one imposed the illusion, other hidden with the help of snakes. Apparently, they want to check if I can find them.

And what am I? And I just go up behind them, unnoticed, and quietly, barely audible, I pronounce directly into Anko's ear because Kurenai already knows that I'm powerful, so the effect will not be so strong.

- "From whom are we hiding?"

Her reaction was immediate: she immediately kicked me into the jaw with a turn. Of course, I evaded, but it was not easy for me. I already forgot that there are jounins in front of me, and they will respond to each such trick with a blow to the jaw, so, I was caught by the moment of surprise.

- "What are you doing, you idiot?" - said Anko, a little surprised and frightened.

- I just decided to play a trick on you, and you immediately punched me.

-Never mind. And now, tell me please, what is Kurenai saying about you? - "so she told her" - And why does she think that you're a spy from the other village?

- How do I know? Maybe she's just a gossiper who wants to shame the honest and kind me?

- Okay, stop playing. Although with a probability of 95% you are going to lie, I'll give you a chance to justify yourself. Answer the questions: Who are you? What do you want? What do we have to do with it?

- Okay, since you want it, then I will answer you, please do not interrupt me, after all, it takes some time. - And a smile in the style of Aizen.

- "My name is Kuro, I was born and raised in the Hyuuga clan, and I'm a genius. Almost everything you know about me is true. I'm not a spy from another village. I do not pretend to be this child. I am the child. Just like I said, I'm a "genius".

Not like Hyuuga Neji, he is undoubtedly talented, but my genius is above this level. If I compare my potential, then only with such personalities as "Minato Namikadze", "Hashirama Senju" or "Itachi Uchiha". - After this phrase, they looked at me like an idiot. - Do not look at me like that, I got to you so that none of you even noticed me.

And this phrase made them realise that I am not praising myself.

- So, I'm a genius and even my self-awareness, somewhere at the level of a 20 years old person. And by the way, I also know a lot, using my age and "blindness", I collected information for a very long time, in both quantitative and qualitative ways. And yes, of course, I'm not blind, it's just that my byakugan visually looks a little different, so I used it, because if you are underestimated, then you can defeat the enemy, even when they are stronger than you.

And where you guys fit into this story? I just like you, of course, in a romantic way. That's all. - The last sentence caused them to be in a little shock.

- What? - they said simultaneously, not believing that they heard it correctly.