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21 !

 - What? - they said simultaneously, not believing that they heard it correctly.

- Did you not hear it? Alright, I'll repeat it. I like you, both of you. From the very beginning, from the moment I saw you for the first time. I tried to choose just one but no matter what I do can't forget the other. So I wanted to get on the team with one of the two of you, and you will not believe how much power I ditched for it. - and roughly understanding their next question, I decided to finish what I should say on this topic

- Of course, I have two beautiful brides, but they are too young - I hope that those two will never know about this phrase

- After all, as I said, psychologically I can give myself 20 years. And we are the perfect match.

- What makes you think that we will believe you, because now - this is Kurenai, which tries to ask the right questions, and not to be distracted by "embarrassment."

- If I were a spy, I would not risk my "incognito", saving you, Kurenai. If I were to save you on an assignment, I would not join Anko's team, but would join your team. Also, on the day when a "seal of the side branch" was imposed on me, I was checked for all kinds of other seals, and after printing the side branch seal, it is impossible to have any other seals. And the fact that I'm not a fake is also straightforward to prove, because all analyses of the one-year-old child are stored, both in the hospital and in the personal archive of our clan. And it is impossible to penetrate unnoticed and get out of the archive of our clan because people with byakugan are on duty guarding 24 hours a day.

- Oh yeah, do you want more proof that I'm a genius? So look. It is an improved and modified version of the technique of Tsunade Senge, which acts with the opposite effect, and makes me twenty years old, and even allows me to change my appearance a little. And yes, it's not just a "henge" like Tsunade's, but a real body in which even byakugan will not be able to notice the difference from other people. So do not worry that I will look like a child compared to you - and saying this I turn into the previously prepared body of my adult version.

Now lets' try to catch up if I did everything correctly. Step 1: make them understand, that I am much stronger than they are. Step 2: Show them my interest in a romantic way. Step 3: Show them my handsome adult version. And looking at their expressions when they saw my new appearance, it can be described as a shock. It seems everything is going according to the plan.

-Are there any other questions?

- You're not such a genius since you were so foolishly found out as a spy. After all, with the help of this technique, you could well take the place of the real Kuro - it's Kurenai. And Anko looks at me thoughtfully.

ARE YOU FOR REAL? Am I a spy or not is the only thing that matters to you? I am here opening my heart to you girls and you... Well, forget it anyway it is the fourth step of the plan to prove that I do not have any hostile motives but only the motives of pure LOVE.

- I am a genius, because, firstly, an actual spy would not have slept on this. Secondly, this does not explain why I can use byakugan. Thirdly, this technique creates a particular image and turns you into it. If this ability is in some way inferior to Tsunade's skill, then it is because one person can use only one template, in which he can turn into. This pattern will grow old, everything that happens in an average body will occur in it. But when you change back to your real shape, the template becomes as it was in the beginning. And so when you again want to use this technique, then you will turn into the original version of your template. That is, if I was an impostor, the real face which you see now, then switching back, I would be the same age as when I captured this body.

We can discuss this for a long time, but I am getting bored, let's just ask me some more questions on this topic, because even if I was a spy, I still know how to answer all the questions. And yet, Ankos' serpent, which is checking whether I'm lying or not, can confirm that I was only telling the truth.

-Did he lie to us? - Asked Anko, not even surprised that I noticed her snake. The snake, in turn, hissed something.

Kurenai, already realised that I will answer all the questions (I have been ready for any question for several years now, the main thing is not to attack me when there is no more evidence or questions) and yet wanted to continue this senseless conversation about me being a spy. She did not want to admit defeat. But Anko did not allow her to continue, moving in front of Kurenai she said.

- Okay, we sorted it out, now let's talk about your interest for us two. You already have two brides, you even said it yourself, then why do you even think about us? Will not it be too much: four girls for a boy ?. - erm, what? Did she return to this question? I, of course, hoped for this, but ... let's say, the chance of this, I thought, starts from zero point something, and then goes by a comma.

By the way, as promised, Eina helped me, and somehow told them both that she was not against the harem, most important is that I do not forget about them with Hinata. And Hina confirmed that she thinks the same way. Therefore, Anko does not speak about their feelings and opinions.

- Four? No, I will have at least five wives. You, of course, can refuse, but I do not think that five is a lot, for someone like me. Of course, I am joking when I call myself a "genius" because I'm not so arrogant to believe that I'm above others. But the fact remains, that after a decade, women will run after me every day, and it will not matter to them how many wives there will be. A direct example is the Fourth Hokage, whose residence almost every day gathered an entire army of women who wanted him to pay attention to them. He even had his fan club.

We talked with them for another couple of hours, and everyone went their separate ways, thinking of something their own.

I thought if it is worth to spend points of characteristics on the "body", located in the barrier. After all, I can level up several times faster if I do so. And also the body that is in the barrier is already somewhere ten per cent stronger than the second, and that the levels are not distributed on their own. And if I unite with the second body in three years, the body outside the barrier will become several times stronger, and the body within the barrier only by a few per cent.

While thinking like this, I got a notification from the system about a newly acquired skill.