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22 !

 "You [email protected]@r ..." I said softly, barely audible.

What happened that I am so annoyed? It's just that I understood something.

It started with the fact that I went to discuss one issue with Eina. This question was: "Should we, as in the canon, make the children fight?" This question was really relevant because it was there that Sasuke awoke the sharingan, and Naruto used the Kurama's chakra. However, now it is slightly not the canon situation, I can say not entirely the canon situation at all. It is not known how the story will develop this time. And, now there is no Gato, Zabuza and Haku, as they are not the enemies for these small ones.

Of course, I can do something about it, because without this option the question would not have arisen.

And so, when I discussed this question with Eina, she jokingly said: "I think it will be unprofitable for you if they become as strong as in the canon, because you, like a true transmigrator, must fall in love with Kaguya, and therefore should prevent them from sealing her. " She does not know how right she was.

In general, she said this to lighten the mood I was in, and it was a joke. She often teases me using the topic, not trying to blame, but because she likes my reaction. Similarly, I react to Shiro the same way: no anger or resentment, because he took control of my ability, at least it is so since I took over this body, I just purely like to irritate him.

And now, Eina once again tried to play this trick on me. She knows my "bzik" about virginity, and creatures that consider themselves Gods. And since Kaguya has children, it means she can not be a virgin. And she even considers herself a Goddess.

But what she does not know is that I have one "second personality" (Shiro wanted to remain incognito, and I did not really argue about it), which can change the reality, and at least for all those who are below the 60th step, and it does in the way it likes. And it already, as if accidentally, gave me a hint that he wants to see her in my harem, after all, it was not without reason that he highlighted Kaguya when he was giving me a quest for the harem. Although he did not make her a priority, I'm pretty sure that he will make me fall in love with Kaguya. I feel it in my rear part, and it means a lot because I have the skill to do so.

{+ 1 to Intelligence.}

- What the [email protected], Shiro?? In my system, intelligence is not added due to correct logic, is it such a trolling? Do you mean something like: you guessed it, and soon you will have BIG problems?! Am I right?"

{+ 1 to Intelligence.}

Well, let's see how you'll dance when I take my revenge on you. Of course, my attack will be appropriate to your jokes, and I will not do anything that goes beyond the framework of "to [email protected] up friend - is a holy deed." After all, we are one, and we like the same things, and I bet that if I were in his place, I would behave the same way, that's why I'm not angry with him. And if you make me to Love Hinata, Hanabi, Kurenai, Anko and Kaguya, whom I liked even before getting into this world, although at the expense of the last it is controversial, you will be paired with: Ino, Sakura, Tayuya, Yuguto, Karui, and others, whom I did not particularly like, and some especially did not like.

Oh, yes, we also came up with a special "channel" through which we can mentally communicate with each other.

- Uh, what happened? You so suddenly went into yourself that I began to worry. Or are you worried about my words? Do not worry, I was joking. The Spiel will not give you such a quest. After all, he did not give me the quest "to assemble a harem consisting of guys", you, too, will not get this quests.- Said Eina, trying to bring me back from my thoughts.

- Yeah, but then I played my part. He would not have given you the "system," If I did not ask him to do so. - Shirou said, more likely for me than for her, as she does not hear him.

It's hard not to agree because Spiel very rarely gives the system to the girls. And even if he does so, he does it only when he needs something from her. And the fact that Eina got the system is fully merited to Shiro. I am grateful to him for that.

- We will hope so. - I said continuing the phrase, - As hope dies the last.

{- 1 to Intelligence.}

- [email protected] you, damn [email protected]! Go, find yourself a Loli-Misaki, and annoy her instead of me!!! you ugly bastard

- What kind of assaults ?! It's you who came up with this look for me when you created me! - Said Shiro, understanding that he is making me lose my temper

- Oh, you ... let's continue it later. Eina is looking at me strangely."

- Sorry, I was thinking again. You're right. I have nothing to worry about. The main thing, keep in mind that it is a possibility, and do not blame me if I get such a Quest.

-Oh, how many times do I have to explain to you: I will not blame you, and I will not even be offended if you seduce all the women from Naruto. Just do not forget about me.

- Thank you.

- So, what are you going to do? - and seeing my questioning look, she continued. - At the expense of the "children fight, "as you put it.

- Indeed, from this question, it's all began. I think, in the Chuunin exam, they will be able to awaken what is needed, so we carry out the mission, not getting involved in the conflict.

In the next three days, nothing much happened. We simply defended Tazuna and his family while he was building his bridge.

Right, I had my own mission to fulfil, which I tried my best. And I thought that I had already coped with my task. All the time I basically spend coming up with different methods to get closer to Kurenai and Anko. Kurenai already accepted the fact that she loves me. And I think Anko is the same too. I mean who can refuse my perfect Aizen's looks.

And so, as soon as we passed through the gate to Konoha, I saw a message.

{Hmm, before you finish reading it, know, I'm very ashamed: I thought you could do it, we even bet with Spiel whether you could do it or not. But no matter how I would like to cancel the punishment, you still failed the quest. So forgive me for this, I just overestimated your charm. I promise I will make something up for my guilt. But there is good news too. You almost did it. Both girls love you, but Anko does not recognise it. So please forgive me for this and forget the next seven days of your life, which will begin in half an hour.}

And now, you might think that he really feels ashamed. However, there is one thing but. Half an hour before the message, I received another letter from Spiel.

{Hello, it's me - Spiel. This letter I am sending you in secret from Shiro; I had to use a one-time usage artefact, which is difficult to obtain even at the 100th step. All I wanted to say is that Shiro won. Where and what, you will soon find out for yourself.}

- Anko, Eina, Hinata-hime, I can not go on a mission next week.

- Did something happen? Why can not you? - Anko asked. Hinata and Eina, who understood the reason, just remained silent.

- It does not matter. I just wanted to tell you, Anko-chan, do not deceive yourself, it's the greatest folly. To whom can you trust, if not yourself? That's why you must listen to yourself and make a decision.

- Why do you say that?- Anko asked a little worried.

- I'm just giving you good advice.

After these words, I went home alone. The girls do not know what will happen to me in the next seven days, I was too ashamed to say what will await me, so I said that I would turn into a wolf and kill everyone around. To avoid this, I am going to the barrier for the next seven days.

Half an hour after our farewell to Anko, I received a message that Anko realises that she loves me, during the quest she was prevented from doing so.

The next seven days I was in 12 languages, 8 of which I invented myself, swearing at one bastard, without ever repeating myself.