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23 !

 At last, it's over! - I shouted with all my might, and I had a reason to rejoice so much. After all, today, precisely 604800 seconds passed after the start of the penalty for the failure of the quest, and it has ended.

Oh, yes, to my deepest regret, the fines acted on both "bodies". So I had experienced the double effect.

"Well, It is nothing, I'll take revenge on you, Shiro, just you wait."

- Come on, it's your fault, if you did in time, it would not have happened.

"Yeah, just let's never think about it again. These were the worst days of my life. "

- Do not overreact, man, after all, then ... - he did not have time to finish, I interrupted him.

"Just shut up and forget it. Just remember that at the first opportunity I'll pay you back. "

- Okay, and you remember too, I'm engaged in " issuing of the debuffs," and because "in a distant galaxy, the stars are unsettled for you," the debuff that makes you do something which you won't like might always get to you.

So, arguing with each other, we left the barrier. More precisely, I went out, and since he is always with me, he, of course, went out from the barrier too.

Going out on the street, I, first of all, informed my relatives that I am all right and that I returned from training, having achieved some good results.

Having done the most urgent things: when I met all those who meant something to me, I sent the news to Nick, saying that I was ready to meet with Terumi May.

When I found out that I had failed the quest, I immediately informed them that the meeting would have to be postponed for a short period. Knowing that they need this information urgently, I promised not to delay with the date when I'm ready.

My second body, which is in the barrier, will go to the meeting. There are two reasons for this:

First and most important. I need strength, in case something goes wrong. And even though this body has impressive strength, it is a maximum at the "kage" level, and if there are Jounins with May and there will be, then my current body won't be able to cope with them.

And the second body was at the level of my strength, even before going into the barrier. Primarily because of the characteristics that I raised, spending half of what was available.

Second, yesterday Anko informed us about the "Chuunin Exam", and today we must give an answer. Of course, we will participate, and I do not want to leave this work for clones. I do not know why, but I do not trust them.

Although no, I know. Clones have the same character as I have, and I would certainly do some crap for my "original", when I am given a lot of freedom. That's why I do not give them any special freedom when I leave them in my place. After all, the simplest example of a "free" clone is Shirou, who wants to mock me all the time.

"Okay, It's decided that as soon as I return to my world, I'll go to the Hospital, and I will be treated for a split personality. "- I could not resist from joking over Shiro.

- I will give you a "treatment", and of such quality that these seven days will seem to you like the best days of your life. - Shiro rebuked immediately.

The next day, my girls and I went to the place where our team usually gathers. We, of course, have already decided on the exam and educated Hinata on all the details of all stages of the exam. We told her what our goal in this exam was, and warned whom to fear.

Also, I changed my clothing style, tired of these "traditional" clothes, and I decided to dress in the style of one character from a game in my world. The game is called "NieR: Automata", and the character is "9S". True, I, instead of shorts, put on pants, which also looked not bad. In this image, I especially liked the eye patch, which indicates my "blindness" well and does not disturb me in any way. *

- Hello everyone, how are you? - I said, after seeing that Anko was not alone, but with Kurenai and her team.

Ehm, it's a regret that I can not flirt with Anko a little, while we are alone, but that's not bad either.

As I understand, now our teams will quite often interact. I'm entirely "for" it, because I'm pretty impressed with the team, and they will not attempt on someone else's (my girls). Shino will not do it for sure, and Kiba will not be allowed by his couple. What was my surprise when I learned that Kiba has a girlfriend. I saw her a couple of times, she's from our class, but she was not in the canon.

In short, I do not mind our teams being on friendly terms.

Good morning, Kuro-Kun, how do you feel? I heard that you were sick. - Said Shino, the others just nodded, in greeting.

- My state of health is excellent, thank you for worrying. - I answered in the same tone.

After greeting everyone and explaining to everyone that everything is fine with me, I quietly left the conversation between Kiba and Shino and began to flirt with Anko and Kurenai, both at the same time. So what? I have the right to rest a little. And also it will be my revenge for these seven days of torment. Although, for some reason, it does not seem to me that they are so much against the "double flirting".

By the way, today is also a "day off" for teams 6 and 8, that's why we are spending time together, but usually, we can't do so

- Well, we're not here today just to talk. We gathered to determine whether you will take part in the upcoming Chuunin exam. - Kurenai said, as a more mature and responsible Jounin here of those who are present, although Anko would not agree with this.

- This issue is not even discussed in our team. We are participating. - I immediately answered, putting an end to this issue. At least in our team for sure.

Nobody disputed my words, because if I can fight at the level with the jounins, then such an exam for me was just a formality.

- Well, of course, we will not stay behind them. Right, Akamaru? - It is clear who said this. The dog in response barked a couple of times.

So they decided, and we all go to the exam. After chatting for another half an hour, everyone present went away to prepare, because tomorrow begins the first stage. Before dispersing, when everyone was still present. I threw in a phrase saying: "You say it so confidently that you will not stay behind us, but will not you refuse your words if the title of Chuunin is at stake?". I said this phrase so that their team did not refuse to participate on the 10th question of the first exam.

And I hurried to Naruto. In fact, I have long ago marked all the relevant characters for the canon - and not only them - with whom I met, on the map. This map does not show the distance more than the location in which you are, but thanks to one of the skills that I got when entering this world, the range can be increased to 10 thousand km around.

Well, I found Naruto with Sakura, and they started arguing with Kankuro, and who else could it be. Well, what a template situation? Although I can't complain, it's better this way.

- Hoy, everyone shut up, or this daddy would be belting you. - I went out with these words.

And only then I remembered one very small detail. There is Temari, and Temari is a girl. What does it mean? That's right, I can get - I most likely will get - the quest for her seduction. And now I've regretted ten times that I decided to intervene, when Shiro told me.

"Do not worry, you've had enough." - I did not have time to rejoice, as he continued. - Do not rejoice ahead of time, it is just "for now", until the end of this month." And he seems to have said nothing wrong, but considering that today is 26-th day of the month ... it does not really console you. Well, you need to look at things optimistically, and now I should be glad that there will not be a quest to "catch in my nets" Temari. For which I am already grateful to Shiro. But still, I did not forgive him for those seven days. And the hour of my cruel revenge will come! MUA-HA-HA-HA !!!

Of course, my actions did not go unnoticed, and everyone here noticed me.

- What did you say? And who are you anyway? - said Kankuro.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night!" - I heard the familiar words that a resident of this world could not know.

At first, I thought that it was Eina, but then I realised that she: First, she had not watched the cartoon. Secondly, the voice was not hers; And thirdly, the sound was not coming from where she was.

Then I looked at Eina, who asked me.

- What happened?