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 - Nothing. So, what's going on here and who is to blame for this incident? - slightly moving away from the "shock", I returned to what I wanted to start.

Who would have thought that Naruto would say something like that? [email protected] it, if there is no quest, then I do not care, what's going on here. I am curious to know more about this. Maybe later I will, but now I do not want to interfere.

- Why on earth should I answer you, and anyway, you did not ...- Gaara appeared not letting him finish.

-Temari, Kankuro, what are you doing? Do not disgrace our village. Try not to let this happen again. - Well, it's clear who this one is.

You know, I was always impressed by Gaara, and if our "orange" does not "save" him, then I will have to do it. Although I do not know how, a person in this state needs "hugs," care and love. If he was a girl, no questions, I would even let my girls take care of her. But he's a guy, and I will not be going around, because he's a guy, and so let's hope that Naruto will do everything like in the canon. If not, I'll [email protected] him up, because he may be a transmigrator, and he can know the canon. And if so, then it could be his own choice.

-Gaara, we just ...- Temari was not allowed to finish speaking.

-Shut up, or I'll kill you.

Do I interfere, or should I keep bullshiting? Well, now Gaara is too unstable, he might attack.

- So, before we start throwing phrases like: "What's your name?", And they will answer like: "were you not taught that before you ask someone else's name, you need to introduce yourself," I'll introduce everyone.

So, that guy, who is hiding on the tree and is waiting for the moment to make a good appearance is Uchiha Sasuke.- At that moment, all eyes turned to the tree I was pointing at. And Sasuke started to look at me indignantly and tried to tell me something. But I did not wait for him to start and continued.

- This guy with red hair, who turned out to be luckier and waited for the same moment, but he was not interrupted. Well, shortly his name is Gaara, the son of "kazekage" and the badass of everything and for everything. - he has the "poker face" after these words, except a little interest in my direction.

-This orange with legs is Uzumaki Naruto. He's just an orange with legs, no more. - Yeah, you would have seen how much he wanted to tell me. But to his misfortune, I was not going to listen to him.

-Here, this is Haruno Sakura. That all, I have nothing more to say about her. And yes, Naruto do not open your mouth, otherwise, you will learn a lot of interesting things about yourself.

- This girl, unlike "this," - and a nod towards Sakura, - Daughter of Kazekage, very talented and beautiful kunoichi. I do not speak about the minuses of girls, because I am a gentleman. - and before the orange begins to resent, I added. - Shut up Naruto, you'll do things only worse.

- How dare you! She's just beautiful, and you're just a blind fool! Do not listen to him Sakura-chan, he just does not know you at all.

-Shut up!- Naruto was struck with all her might, and then she maliciously drilled me with a look and ran away. Of course, she was uncomfortable with what a have said, but it was necessary. However, she just proved my words.

Naruto ran after her. Sasuke is standing and gazing at me.

Why did I do this? Just because I want to turn her into Shiro's wife, as well as a couple of other girls. I have already devised a way through which Shiro can live separately from my body. Although I did not tell him about it, as it could ruin my plan for revenge.

In short, I need to remove from her the "Sasuke-kuuuun" complex, and make her a semblance of a girl, not a "tank ". Perhaps someone like this type of girls, but neither I nor Shiro is in this category. And if I bring him along with "such" Sakura, he will not consider this a friendly joke but will consider this a full-scale war. And of course in such a "war", Shiro's "military potential" is much higher (a couple of billion times higher). Of course, I will not completely change her, because that's the essence of my revenge.

- Well, this [email protected] is called Kankurou, and he is also the son of Kazekage. He's just a"gay impotent paedophile who's attracted to grandmothers." - and this retard is trying to think over what I have just said

Before he answers, Temari manages to ask.

- How's that? - a bit overacting, asked Temari.

Oh yeah, Temari is also one of the main candidates for a wife for Shiro, but she does not need to change her character, it is already very well formed, and to change it would be very difficult, which cannot be said about Sakura. And yet, for Shiro -well, more precisely for my plan of revenge - her character is perfect. She is going to beat him, he is going to be angry and would get involved in the dispute. Shiro wouldn't hit a girl, in response, will not be offended if the blow was not out of malice, will not leave the girl who loves him, but a little bit does not correspond to his ideal. And the best part is, he will try to change her, but it won't happen, and trying to cope with even one Temari would be very difficult, not speaking if there are quite a few of such girls.

- Fuck you! Come here, I'll tear you up! - by the way, here's a simple example of how not to disclose your name, and at the same time make a dirty trick.

- Didn't that dude tell you, that he'd kill you if you got into trouble? - my words have cooled him down a little, but he will hold a grudge against me.

And I was about to turn and leave when Gaara called me.

- Wait, you haven't introduced yourself. - of course, if the enemy team has a psychopath-maniac with a calm mind, then it will not be possible to remain incognito.

- In Chuunin exam you will get all the essential information about me. - after these words, I left.

At first, I wanted to warn him not to touch my girls, but then I changed my mind. Because I don't have anything to pressure me with. But If I tell him that, the chance that he will attack them, will only be higher. Also, I believe in my girls, and Eina and Hinata, along with Hanabi, will be together on the day of the third stage.

Well, the exam starts tomorrow, and I need to prepare because, am I a transmigrator or not? And what every self-respecting transmigrator in the "Naruto" world, while being in the first stage of the examination should do? That's right, make fun of Ibiki.


When I woke up in the morning, I immediately did everything necessary. Just as I finished, Einf and Hina came to me and together we went to the Academy.

Going up to the third floor, we saw a mess on the second floor, I already knew what was going on, and so we just ignored it and went to the third floor. I never understood why always transmigrators try to interfere in this disassembly in almost all fan-fictions. Although it was interesting, it was not very interesting. The girls followed me.

Of course, I could stay and participate. But: first, it's pointless; second, I now have to focus on the negotiations with Terumi Mei, which will begin in half an hour.

Of course, it is not necessary to focus on one body, but it is much more comfortable. The difference is like between solving a "quadratic equation" and "addition". Of course, you can solve both without many problems, but with the first, you spend more effort. Moreover, I'm not going to stay passive in this body, I'll just pay a little more attention to the second body.

Having reached the right office, we just walked in and sat in the right places.