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3 !

 In the air, a strange person of 20 years has been hovering over a black-haired boy about six years old. He looked at him with an anticipating grin and a small fraction of insanity in his eyes.

It's been almost six years since he was bluntly tricked, he still remembers it, with anger.

A few minutes later, it would be six years as he pathetically said, "Start the game!". And then he found himself over a woman who had just given birth to a baby and was holding the baby in her arms.

Oh, how he wanted to beat up Shiro's face, but he cannot, he said that he was bored, and fell asleep. And he will be sleeping for a long time.

Who is Shirou? He is an alter ego of Kuro. They decided that since he was now Kuro, then the second must be Shirou. And besides, it fits his description. White hair, red eyes, and his favorite color of clothes is also white. He is the complete opposite of Kuro.

He still remembers their conversation.


POV Kuro.

And here I stand in front of my future body, seeing the system window saying:

Synchronization is in progress. Please wait.

Congratulations, you moved to another world without any complications. The system is disconnected for the next six years, upgrading. After the system returns, the interface will be changed entirely. Any further question should be asked from the administrator.

- What the heck? You said I was going to move into a 6-year-old boy? - there was no limit to my discontent, at that moment I was already scared that I would have to live a infants life again.

"You will take over as soon as he turns six."

He shocked me by saying it. "Although it's better than being an infant, I'll fly around the world, look at different places, cities, villages and so on," I thought. And as if he felt it, he grinned so disgustingly (in fact, no, but then for me this smile was ugly), which I understood, my plans are doomed.

"Did not I tell you?"

"What are you talking about?" Is there anything else besides the fact that I need to stay here in the spirit form for six years?

- Yes, you should be no more than 10 meters away from him all these six years. - He calmly finished, and I fell into a dejection.

After that incident, I ignored him for three months (more precisely three months, 16 days.) I counted every day).

But one day he started a conversation about something that neither he nor I liked to remember.

"Do you remember the day I showed up?" He asked, for no reason at all.

- Of course, I remember, How you forget that. - I had to answer this question, and he knew perfectly well that I would respond.

- Well. On that day, you began to despise yourself for the first time in your life, and so I appeared. An image that you created to replace yourself. You know, if it were not for these bastards called magicians, and their ritual, you wouldn't know how to create a new personality, especially in a single moment. And the funny thing is, you yourself have changed so much, that if it was not for your appearance, no one would recognize you. And the replacement was not required.

- And by the way, it was then that you used your ability, if not for this, I, as well as you, would not know about it.

"And no one would steal it from me." well, this case is full of drawbacks. You appeared, and my ability was stolen, and the magicians [email protected] run away. And about contempt for myself, it was not contempt, but rather was disgust. And this was the first and last time in my life when I felt so.

- Come on. You were lucky that they escaped, back then you really could not oppose anything, because you and I had no idea what this ability was.

"Even if I so, I'd have killed them back there and then ." By the way, I still do not understand, how did you make the usual gamer system out of my ability? - If someone at that moment had read my thoughts, he would have understood that I was just trying to jump off an unpleasant topic. To my happiness, the "second me" did not know how to do it.

"Did you even listen when I told you about it?"

- No, the first two sentences were enough for me to withdraw into myself. I certainly imagine what kind of ability it is, but there is no exact knowledge. - At that moment I lied and told the truth. I was certain that I knew what my ability could do, but I had no direct evidence.

"And you are the one who has been crying to return it to you?"

- Aha, can you imagine, when you hear that for six months you trained for 6 hours every day for nothing, that there is a way where you could get a power that is hundreds of times greater than yours, just by wishing for it, but you will not be given it, because "it is boring. " - well, this is the cry of the soul, already.

- Anyway, let's forget this topic. Do you want me to tell you what exactly your ability is?

- Of course, I want that. - still, it doesn't hurt to check.

"Then do not interrupt me in the middle of the story, like last time." So your ability is full ... - BTUUM. At that moment, a big explosion occurred. For the first few seconds, I was confused,

I did not know at what point of the canon I was, maybe right now Pain is destroying the Konoha, thereby proving that "exhausted after the destruction of the Konoha" is not such a small achievement. My recipient was too young to go out, and their language was not familiar, so I could not overhear the gossip of the maids, and understand who Hokage was right now, I did not know it.

A few minutes later, my future cousin grabbed my recipient and his sister who is a year older than him and ran out of the house.

I followed her to the street, I saw a huge red fox, with nine tails behind.

Okay, then I came to the start of the canon, and in the class, I precisely will be with the orange,

Well, when I saw the fox, I calmed down, continuing to follow my evacuating future cousins.

Already getting to the place, we continued the conversation.

- Listen, I'm already sick of calling you" the second me ", we can think up a name for you already. In the previous world, you refused. You said that you have no fewer rights to that name than I did, so I did not insist. But now even my name is different. - I suggested that which has already been spinning in my head for a couple of months now. But, since I was ignoring him, I did not offer him that. And now came an excellent chance to bring it up.

- Okay, waiting for your suggestions. - he said

- Ksenia. Dasha. Lucy. Angela. Helene, choose whatever you like, they're all beautiful. - I suggested with sincere kindness. But when I saw his face twisting, I changed my position. - No, well, if you do not like these, of course, I can offer other options. Rukia. Elsa. May. Reiko. Luke. Well, how it is?

- Luke? Why is this name among the rest? - he asked with genuine interest.

- "Is it not obvious?" As you yourself said, I created you, so, in some sense, I am your father. Can you guess where I'm going?

- Come on. In short, if you are Kuro, then I, your antipode, am Shirou.

- Ok, but my options were way better.

- Shut up. Do a good deed.

That's what our relationship was like before I found out that he had stolen my ... our ability. It seems everything is getting better.

End of Flashback.

Remembering our seemingly not entirely friendly, or rather, not friendly at all relations. A smile involuntarily appears on my face.

Oh, yes, he later confirmed my conjectures about my ability. Maybe it's better that he just made a system out of it, it's too easy with the full version of this ability. And the system can be considered as a сut apart, I would even say cut apart very much, version.

But now, it is not about it. Only a few seconds remained before I take over!



3 ...

2 ...


Congratulations. You have successfully taken the place of the recipient.

This message was the first thing I saw with my new eyes.

And then it went on.

All the abilities that you have acquired in the game store came into effect.

Your appearance began to change according to the image of your character. The transformation will end on the day of your 11th birthday.

Standard system skills have been opened. (inventory, player's body, player's mind, stats ... (full list))

You have a new energy scale - the chakra.

All items purchased from the store are sent to inventory (devil fruit, asauchi).

You are given several items as a gift for the first relocation into a new body (10 MCP - can be used after five years, adamantium knife, call back scroll, 1000000 Re, scroll with the skill of "stealing")

...... ..

All the remaining logs I just barely looked at, most of them differed little from the previous ones, You are given this, You are given that and so on.

Then I came across the quests that I was given, there were not too many of them, but not a small amount as well.

Especially I was frightened by two quests. They have very significant fines.

Quest received - A true transmigrator with a "system".

Tasks: (the number of goals can increase at the request of the administrator).

1 - Create a harem (Naruto).

Every self-respecting gamer should create a harem in the first world, and then complement its number in other worlds. (before you leave the first world, you must have at least five girls in the harem, and in each of the following, their number should increase by at least 1).

2 - To be the strongest in the world, at the moment of leaving.

3 - ???


Reward: 1000 MCP.

Complete preservation of one's abilities when moving to another world voluntarily.

4 lives (when used, allow even after the death of the Player to be reborn with all the previous characteristics.)

According to circumstances.

The penalty for failure/refuse:

You lose access to all worlds except your own.

According to circumstances.

Quest received - To fulfill the dreams of many.

Tasks: (the list can be supplemented at the request of the administrator).

Marry the following targets:

Hinata Hyuuga - priority!

Comment from the admin: do not dare not to make this cutie fall in love with you, I promise, you'll regret it all your life. I'll take care of that.

Hanabi Hyuuga - priority!

Comment from the admin: I do not care how you do it and how you persuade Hiashi to let them both be with you, but they both must be in your harem.

Therumi May. Tsunade Senju. Anko Mitarashi. Kurenai Yuhi. Shizune. Fuu, Yugito Nii, Conan. Hana Inuzuka. - not a priority!


A faithful harem that will never cheat on you and also, will be able to settle on an uninhabited planet, to which you can move from any world, and take anyone from them to the world where you have currently ended in.

For each girl from the category of "priority" 250 MCP.

For each girl from the category of "no priority" 50 MCP.

Depending on the circumstances.

The penalty for failure/refuse: (the mission is considered failed if you did not achieve the priority goals).

You are automatically considered an impotent among all the girls, and no matter how you refute it, no one will believe.

All people of the non-traditional orientation of the male, find you just incredibly attractive, and they will all be sure that you are one of them. And no matter what you do, it will not change.

You can not wear any clothes, except for dress.

Depending on the circumstances.

Comment from the Admin: I repeat, you must take these sisters. Otherwise, everything that is written there will be only a small part of what I'm going to do with you.

[email protected], what kind of fines are these ?! Although, I did expect something like this.

But the next quest I was pleasantly surprised.

Quest received - A Rival

Problem: Find the second transmigrator.

In this world, you are not the only guy who knows the canon. Find the second before he finds you. (The second one also has a system, and got the same quest).


200 MCP

A friend and rival (under certain circumstances) with whom you can be friends on an equal footing, to compete on which of you has achieved more. You will know in which world he is and be able to move to that world.

The worst enemy (under certain circumstances). If he learns that you are in his world, or where you are, he forgets everything else and goes to seek you out to kill.

Depending on the circumstances.

The penalty for failure/refuse: you fail the quest "A true transmigrator with a" system ".

Depending on the circumstances.

How am I tired of these logs. Well, finally they ended.

Ignoring all of this, for the time being, I'm only six years old for now. I ran out into the street. Of course, I learned the language, and now I freely communicate in this language.

"Where are you going, Kuro?" My "mother" asked me. "Do not run too far, you still have to pass the rite today."

"Okay, Mom, I'll be back soon."

What is this rite? Everything is straightforward. Unlike the main branch, the secondary branch does not have such a strong Byakugan, and therefore, to awaken it, a ritual is performed on the day of the 6th anniversary. And today I must pass the rite.

Honestly, I do not know what to do there, but so far I do not care.


Having played enough with my new body, I returned home.

At home, people already waited for me. I was dressed in the usual clothes for Hyuga and was sent to the rite.

And why was it named the mystical name the "rite"? It is not a rite at all. I was just made to do some exercises to disperse the chakra, although these exercises were similar to a dance, and they dropped into my eyes some garbage liquid.

And now, when the rite is almost over, I think of how will my eyes turn red? After all, I chose the red eye colour.

And as if waiting for this question, I had a window in front of my eyes saying.

You lose consciousness for 4 hours.

And after that, I fainted.