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4 !!!

 POV Hyuuga Reiko.

Today my son turns six years old. Oh, how fast they grow. You will not have time to blink, but they are already adults and independent. I'm certainly happy for him, but when they grow up, you can't really squeeze their cheeks anymore, and you can't make fun of them.

Well, okay, it's time to begin the rite. If only nothing happened because of my blood. After all, I'm not from the Hyuuga clan.

In the main branch of the clan, it is customary to connect their children with other clan members. But no one cares about the secondary. There you can marry anyone, but you cannot give away girls to marry.

Well, it does not matter, now my pride will pass the ritual, and soon will wake up his eyes, and everything will be fine with him.

Here he has already finished the "dance", and special drops are dripping into his eyes, which only the Hyuga clan has. I do not know for sure, but my husband said that these drops collect most of the chakra in the body, at the point of their contact with the body.

That's all already over, and I was worried. He is already taking a step towards me, and ... and falls. I run up to him, and I tell my husband.

- Urgently call here Hiashi-sama, he knows better than me that this could happen to him!

Shouting this, I am trying to see what is wrong with him. After all, I, though not elite, but still, a rang B ninja-medic.

"Okay, I'll be back soon, try to help him somehow."

- I'll try everything I can.

My husband ran out of the hall at his full speed, and this speed is not small as he is a Jonin.


POV Hyuuga Hiashi.

I was sitting in my room, and I thought what to do with my daughter. Hinata. She is too soft. It might end badly for her someday. But that's not all, I have one more daughter. I have to choose, even though there is a lot of time, but still I will have to give one of them to the secondary branch sooner or later. And most likely it will be Hinata. I need to do something about her character, the future head of the Hyuuga clan should not have this soft side. But even if I manage to do it, I will have to give Hanabi to the side branch. If I can not manage to do it, I'll have to give away Hinata. Ah, if only there was a way to leave them both in the main branch.

At that moment, an idea came to Hiashi's head. Make, the head of the clan, Hyuga from the secondary family, and then give his two daughters marry him. But he dismissed it immediately, considering it stupid.

I was interrupted from these thoughts. It was done by the son of one of the elders of my clan, Quito.

"Hiashi-sama, can I come in?"

- Yes.

-Hiashi-sama, I ask you, could you come with me to the ritual hall?

"Okay, but what happened?" As far as I know, your son is going through the ceremony now.

"That's right, but after the ceremony, he just fell, I came here because I thought you better know what happened to my son."

"Very well, Let's go."

Lost consciousness? It is very bad. Usually, such incidents do not end in a good way. It's either death, or the loss of the ability to awaken byakugan. If it is the first, then nothing will be wrong, if the second, then their family will be deprived of all privileges, and the place of the elder will be occupied by the younger brother of Quito - Toshi, and the boy himself becomes an outcast.

Having reached the hall, I proceeded to the wife of Quito, who held her 6-year-old son in her arms.

Seeing me she stood up without words, and walked away, leaving the two of us.

Well, let's see.

I activate byakugan and look at his CCS (Chakra Circulation System). What I saw there. I hardly managed to keep my face unperturbed, I do not know how it happened, but the amount of his chakra increased 5-6 times, from what it was several months ago. That's just ...

"He should be put to the hospital as soon as possible." If I'm right, then ... No, forget it. Just send him to the hospital. They'll tell you what's wrong with him.

What a pity, it seems that another genius would have appeared in our clan, but this will not come true. His eyes, he will no longer see with them.

It happens rarely, but still, it happens sometimes.

If a person is not able to awaken his eyes, he usually does not awaken them for the rest of his life. But very rarely appear those on whom the drops of "hidze" act negatively. When used, their eyes become the same as those of ordinary people, only red, but these eyes no longer see. These people have an abnormal jump in the chakra (two to three times) and sensory abilities. Some of them become ninjas, but they are not able to achieve much.

Although this boy differs from the majority, still his maxim is chunin.

In the hospital, they confirmed my assumptions.

End POV.

POV Kuro.

I woke up already in the hospital, thanks to the smell and white walls it was not difficult to understand, and I saw a logical continuation and an explanation of what happened.

You have a new message from the Admin.

"Hi, I thought I wanted you to be an outcast. Everyone will consider you blind. And it's also a great way to hide everything. Thanks to my efforts, there will be no questions as your chakra rose five times at once, and why your eyes are not like Hyuga's.

And now regarding my wish, well, think about it yourself. You are so blind all of yourself. Everyone thinks you are a weakling, because of it, your father is not allowed to become an elder in the clan, and here begins a festival where all of the younger generation show their strength.

And now you are such an outcast yourself come out, and throw around all the badasses of your clan, then the final fight with Neiji, where you roll him into a pancake. In short, do you understand what should be done? "

Hmm. I should have read less garbage in the past world, especially about-cultivators. It's good that I did not give the quest.

Quest received - I am not any worse.

In your homeworld, you read the stories about-cultivators, who are at first considered outcasts, and only one girl treats him well, as a consequence, he first bends his clan, takes this one girl, and then bends the whole world. And are you worse?

A task:

Play out the role of a worthless outlaw. Then bend your entire clan. - a priority!

Extras. Goal: Let the one who treat you well be Hinata Hyuuga.

Extras. Goal: Let the one who treat you well be Hanabi Hyuuga.


100 MCP.

50 MCP for each performed extra. target.

The opportunity to become the Head of the Hyuuga clan.

+ 10,000 reputation with all cultivators.

+ 1000 reputation with the inhabitants of Konohagakure no Sato.

+ 5% chance that Hyuuga Hiashi will agree to give both his daughters for you.

You will have a new skill - Probability (gives the percentage of the probability of a positive response from other people, on all of your proposals, but there is an exception).

Penalty for failure / refuse:

Admin will not be happy with you.

- This is another conversation, already. - I said quietly, after seeing what classy buns I would be given, for such a trivial task. The truth will have to pretend to be blind, but it will not be difficult. I'll walk in black glasses. And I'll write down my orientating skills to sensorics.

A few minutes later a nurse came to my room and saw that I had woken up and called the doctor.

- Are you awake? - He asked me, while going into the tent.

- Yes. Can you doctor answer me? - I asked him, so that he does not walk around.

- Of course, ask.

-Why I don't see anything - I can feel him straining.

- Well, you understand this because - at first for half an hour he came to say me that I was blind, then he began to rub about the fact that everything happens, so do not despair, and that everything will be fine and so on.

- Can not I change my eyes? - I really wonder if I need to come up with a reason - To why I do not want to transplant in other eyes.

He tensed noticeably, which made me very happy.

"You know, all your channels that lead to your eyes have been completely destroyed, even if they transplant them, you will not see. But do not lose hope. Our medicine is getting better every day, and there are such legendary doctors as Tsuna ...

-Don't worry, I'm not afraid of the truth, because I'm the future shinobi.

I did not have time to finish the sentence, as my mother burst into the room, it seems that she heard my last phrase, and cousins, the same ones that were with me during the attack of the nine-tailed. The youngest of them ran up to me, and began to hug me and cry, The mom and the eldest one were controlling themselves, even though with much difficulty. How could she join, the older one was already born in the clan, the mom has joined in the clan. And the discipline that is learned by us is as strong as iron.

The doctor left the ward, and my mother, and my sister (albeit a cousin) rushed to me, and, like the little one began to cry.

"You're so brave, forgive me, forgive me for this - my mother began to chatter more and more with tears, and I was stupefied why she is asking me for forgiveness." So stop. Was she ...

-Why are you asking for forgiveness, mother? - Yet when they really care about you so much (and they care about me, because this body was created especially for me, and the fact that I have confirmed this from the very birth of this body with him), it does not matter who you are, you cannot be indifferent. Perhaps I might not count her mother, but she will definitely take the place of her beloved aunt.

- It's all my fault, forgive me. If I were not from another clan, then everything would go well. You would not have lost your sight. - she confirmed my worst suspicions.

- Do not say this nonsense mom. These two things are not connected. Ask anyone who knows what Byakugan is. And you will also be answered the same. If I had not awakened Byakugan at all, then it would have been possible to consider that the matter connected to blood. I still would not consider you guilty, because it does not depend on you.

Mainly, I'm even glad that it happened, because thanks to this my chakra increased five-fold - in fact, I should not know this, but what you will not do to comfort such a person. In this case, I'll take it all to the doctor. I will say that he mentioned it. He certainly does not remember all that garbage he told me.

How can I feel so badly at times when a person thinks that he is guilty before you, and you can not convince him otherwise - it's unpleasant. And when he is not guilty, and you are the one who is guilty, it is even worse.

- So you're not mad at me? - She asked with hope. But even if I'm not angry, she is angry with herself, although she has nothing to blame herself for. Yes, motherly feelings, they are like that.

-Of course, I'm not angry. I love you, how can I be angry with you. Moreover, in this world for me, there is no one, and there will be no one more beloved than you. - here I did not lie, my real parents are in another world, and girls, no matter how much I will love the girls from my future harem (and I will have it, no doubt, because fines are just too much ), they will never be higher for me, than my parents, neither in this world, nor in other worlds.

Hearing my words, she pressed me even harder, and cried with renewed strength.

And my cousins, meanwhile, stood on the sidelines and listened to our conversation.

My mother calmed down only after half an hour, and then after talking to me for another hour, she went home. I was left for this night in the hospital.

There was nothing to do, and I decided to sleep.

Before I fall asleep, for the first time since my departure from the past world, I decided to look at the status.



The name is Kuro.

Clan - Hyuuga.

The level is 8. (74%).

The age is 6 (26).

HP - 280.


CP (Chakra point) -173260 (868300).

Class - (available for 10 lvl).

Subclass 1 - (available for 20 lvl).

Subclass 2 - (available for 40 lvl).

Strength - 24

Dexterity - 32.

Endurance - 28.

Intelligence - 27.

Wisdom - 18.

Will (spirit) - 17 328

Points of characteristics - 15.

MCP - 10.

AP - 0.


Player - have a system (or it has you) that gives you skills:

The player's body; The mind of the player; Inventory; Status.

Fruit eater - you ate a devil's fruit - Ope Ope no mi, and got the ability "surgeon of death." (a special object removes side effects).

The user of chakra - you have acquired the opportunity to use the chakra. This energy is obtained by the interaction of spiritual and bodily energies (your chakra is increased by a factor of 5. The control of your chakra is increased by 5 times).

Miracle eyes - you have an inferior type of one of the strongest eyes of this world.

half-shinigami - you had asauchi, but part of your soul is already placed there. That allowed you to have zanpakto. (Awakening zanpakto is possible only if there is energy "reiatsu").

Affinity with the elements:

Fire - 20%.

Wind - 25%.

Lightning - 60%.



Inventory; Status; The blow in full force - 4 lv; Straight to the jaw no jutsu - 3 lv;


The player's body; The mind of the player; Handwriting - 9 lv. Sprint - 29 lv. The masochist is 17 lv; Possession of the sword - 13 lv; Owning a knife - 17 lv.

- It looks like my previous stats have remained. It's good. It would be insulting to lose the result of that one time when I used the ability. And yet, Shirou did not show the true number of my chakra, just - increased what already the boy had 5 times.

It is doubly pleasing that the chakra is a mixture of spiritual and physical energy, because I have more than enough of this spiritual energy. And the problems with overweighting one branch, do not concern me. After all, I have a system.

Thinking this, I fell asleep.