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5 !

 Six months later.

It's been six months since I possessed this body.

How much has happened in these six months? It is difficult to answer, but there are events about which it is necessary to say.

Let's start in order.

Firstly - I became an outcast in my clan. Yes, with this task I dealt brilliantly.

They certainly did not immediately get to me, but after two months I was already openly mocked. Fortunately, I managed to keep it a secret from the parents. If they found out, my mother would again become discouraged, and for this, I would kill all that little fry there.

Secondly - my mother, even if she did not stop blaming herself, but when she saw that I was not particularly worried about this, she began to move forward, and already practically does not think about it.

Thirdly, my status changed.

That's how it looks now.


The name is Kuro.

Clan - Hyuuga.

The level is 9. (99%).

The age is 6 (26).

HP - 370.


CP -173660 (868300)

Class - (available at 10 lvl).

Subclass 1 - (available for 20 lvl).

Subclass 2 - (available for 40 lvl).

Strength - 32

Dexterity - 45.

Endurance - 37.

Intelligence - 30.

Wisdom is 21.

Will (spirit) - 17 328

Points of characteristics - 20.

MCP - 10.

AP - 0.


Player - have a system (or it has you (The best joke ever)) that gives you skills:

The player's body; The mind of the player; Inventory; Status.

Fruit eater - you ate a devil's fruit - Ope Ope no mi, and got the ability to "surgeon of death." (side effects are removed by a special object).

The user of chakra - you have acquired the opportunity to use the chakra. This energy is obtained by the interaction of spiritual and bodily energies (your chakra is increased by a factor of 5. The control of your chakra is increased by five times).

Miracle eyes - you have an inferior version of one of the strongest eyes of this world.

half-shinigami - you had asauchi, but part of your soul is already placed there. That allowed you to find zanpakto. (Awakening zanpakto is possible only if there is energy "reiatsu").

Affinity with the elements:

Fire - 20%.

Wind - 25%.

Lightning - 60%.



Inventory; Status; The blow in full force - 4 lv; Straight to the jaw no jutsu - 3 lv; Sphere - 20 lv; Juuken - 4 lv.


The player's body; The mind of the player; Handling - 29 lv. Sprint - 39 lv. The masochist is 17 lv; Possession of the sword - 14 lv; Owning a knife - 21 lv; Strengthening the body by chakra - 3 lv.

Strike at full strength 4 lv - deals 300% damage.

Straight into the jaw no jutsu 3ur - increases the crit chance by 100%.

Sphere 20 lv - you create around yourself space (20 x 20 m.), In which you can: swap objects (including your body with another object of equal sizes); change the places of people's consciousness; Cut and merge objects according to your desire, without causing damage. (to open the rest of the abilities you must have a deep knowledge of medicine).

Juuken 4 lv - you release from the palm a wave of the chakra, and deal 400 damage. (can be combined with the elements).

Handling 29 lv - from your punches, the damage is increased by 290%.

Sprint 39 lv - Running speed increased by 390%.

Masochism 17 lv - you feel 17% less fatigue from training.

Possession of the sword 14 lv - sword in your hands is 140% sharper.

Owning a knife 21 lv - a knife in your hands is 210% sharper.

Strengthening the chakra body 3 lv - increases the Strength Dexterity and Endurance by 30%.

I was not taught the style of Hyuga. After all, I do not have, as they say, the miracle of the eyes. And I learned the Juuken myself, by trial and error.

And I also checked the byakugan. Yes, Byakugan is POWER. The truth is, my veins do not swell, and there are no external manifestations occurring at all, after the activation of byakugan. I just see almost everything around me.

In order to reach the tenth level, I need to do something weighty, that's why all the experience that I get before reaching the 10th level turns into crystals and is put in inventory, and upon reaching, I can use them and get my experience.

Such a considerable chakra reserve is very easy to explain.

Chakra is a mixture of spiritual (spirit) and physical (strength / 3 + dexterity / 3 + endurance / 3), and all this multiplied by 10 (as with HP and MP). And for me, it is increased in 5 times.

For these six months I have been very heavily pumping up my power, day and night I spent training. Unfortunately, because of my "blindness", I could not read books, which means I could not do anything to the intellect.

Fourthly, I checked to see if that scene happened with the rescue of Hinata. To my deepest joy - this has not happened yet.

How did I check this? It's straightforward, I just organised a brief meeting between Naruto and Hinata. Hinata did not react in any way, as if she did not know him.

Soon came winter, and I began to follow Hinata.

And today I saw Naruto in that same scarf. The first thing I did when I saw him, I crept behind and took him out. For he might get there, and help me deal with those hooligans. And Hinata would have been grateful to both of us. But since I'm a member of the Hyuga clan, and in theory, I had to help in any case, it's clear to whom she will give preference.

And now I'm running to the same park in search of Hinata.

And seeing how three guys offend a little girl.

I wanted to beat the shit out all of them, but then I realised that in front of me is a tough choice.

To repeat the situation from the canon, which is a 100% option, or act as an MC, and just cooly and elegantly stuff them with muzzles.

Each of the options has a number of drawbacks.

If I choose the first option, will it not be a violation of the condition of my MC? If not, then my further changes from the image of a guy who does not doubt himself, and overcoming himself goes to his dream, will these affect her sympathy for me?

In the second variant, it is not easier, whether to like it the image of the guy who without any special problems forges the enemies? Or worse, will not she think that I helped her because of the clan?

Also ... it's too dangerous to check the first option, if I fail that quest, then I just can not move to other worlds. And maybe it will throw me out of here.

So the second option.

-Hey, you assholes, are not you ashamed of the three of you attacking one girl?

-What did you say? (Leader)

- Are you tired of living? (Follower)

"Well, since you're so stupid, I'll show you that you do not offend little girls!"

Having said this, I did not attack them. Why did not I just do it? It's easy, if I immediately struck them, it would look as if I attacked from the back. And this is quite another impression, from the one that I want.

To describe our "epic battle" I do not see the point. Although I am in the body of a boy, I can quietly scatter a couple of dozen adults.

When they fled with screams for revenge (I did not hurt them too much), I turned to Hinata.

- Are you okay?

- I ... Yes, I'm fine. - "My God, she's so sweet!" - Well ... This ... Thank you more - she cried out her gratitude while blushing and bowing to me. It's so cute. Even without a quest, I want her in my harem, when she grows up!

- What is your name? - I asked.

"My name is Hinata." - It's good that she did not name her clan. Although for that option, I already had a plan.

- And my name is Kuro. Kuro Hyuuga. - it sucks, how it sounds.

- "Hyuuga?" But your eyes, they are not like Hyugha's. - I deliberately, even before rushing to save her, took off my glasses so she could see my eyes.

- Yes, I do not have their eyes. Even more, my eyes just as an ornament, I do not see with them. - I had to tell her this, even though it was a lie. She should not think that I recognised her, and helped only because of that. - Unfortunately, when I was six years old, on my birthday, something happened, and I lost the eyesight forever. Because of my eyes, they do not like me in my clan. But its okay, even without Eyes I will become strong, and I will become Hokage one day - she should understand how in our clan they relate to weakness, in any form of manifestation.

She wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by a guard who appeared. Scum, he came late so that these children could bully her. The main branch of our clan is not particularly liked.

After the appearance, he immediately hit me with his foot. If I wanted, I could evade. I'm certainly not an opponent to him, because he is Chuunin, except that I could crush the chakra stupidly, but I could avoid this blow.

Oh, he seemed to recognize me. - Trash like as do not have the right to approach Hinata. Apologize to her.

-Hinata-hime? So you ... -They did not give me a word, they hit me in the stomach.

-I said apologize!

-No, do not, he helped me!

- I'm telling you! - Another blow.

- Sorry. - I said quietly. Now the main thing is to endure. I think now the main thing is the quest with the "outcast", so the MC quest, I should not break, these actions.

- Louder! - Another blow.

-Sorry. Hinata-hime! - I shouted. All this in order that Hinata began to sympathize with me, as in the canon with Naruto, and then became attached

"That's better - another blow hit me."

Bitch, if you hit me again, I'll make a barbecue out of you. And fuck the task, I will still have chances to win Hinata over.

- Okay, let's go Hinata-hime. Your father is waiting for you. - Having said this, he dragged her along.

Well, I lay for a couple of minutes for it to be believable, and then got up and went to Naruto, because he's lying there, tied up.

When I almost got to Naruto, I was given a message.

Congratulations. You were given access to level 10. Reason: You have chosen the right path to fulfill one of the priority goals that you must fulfill in this world.

Your relationship with Hinata Hyuuga rose: Sympathy, Strong interest.

When I reached the place where I left Naruto, I did not find him.

I walked for about an hour around Konoha. And I already went home when a message appeared in front of me.

The second person with the "Player" system in this world, is close to - performing the quest - "rival". You are the main suspect.

What? Heck! I forgot about it! This is my mistake, I forgot that it is very dangerous to change the canon. Did someone saw me? No, if he had, he would have definitely recognized me, and there would not have been an hour's delay. And he is not sure if I am the one.

Well, in any case, he will soon start following me. I'll have to be more careful, and check who's around. I definitely have to complete this quest first.

POV Sarutobi Hiruzen.

And at that time, Hiruzen was sitting at his desk, before a recent report from Anbu, and he was smiling rather.

His plan is successful, and the weapon of the village is hated by everyone.

Today, even a blind boy from the Hyuuga clan came to him from behind, knocked him out. And then he tied him up and left there.

If it were not for Anbu, who unleashed him and put him home, he would have been there.

Yes, it's good that everything goes according to plan.