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6 !

 Returning home, I, first of all, asked myself the eternal questions, "what to do" and "who is to blame."

Of course, it's bad that I forgot about the second transmigrator, but as such, I had no choice.

If I simply ignored this possibility, then I would have to act in the blind. And I have no idea how to fall in love with a girl, I've never had a girlfriend. No. I am not the to be blamed here. I just did not come across girls who would interest me. Only sluts and bitches around. And those who cannot be attributed to these categories have already been busy with other guys. And who am I to ruin someone else's happiness? So I waited for that one.

If I had missed my chance today, I would have no idea how to win the heart of Hinata. So I did the right thing.

But from now on, you need to remember such details, like the second transmigrator.

So, the question "who is to blame" is not so complicated.

It's definitely not Hinata. Otherwise, she would have realised right away that I'm second. For the same reason, it could not be an observer; he would have understood everything right away.

So it's someone who was not there but found out that it was me and not Naruto, who saved Hinata.

Naruto also disappears. Since he could not know when exactly Hinata would be offended, and that this was his best chance, and so he put on the scarf. Although it is possible that he just received the assignment with the exact date.

In the proof of this theory, one plus, and two minuses. Plus - it's that he was not in the place where I left him. Minuses - he did not see who knocked him out; I did it as a professional.

So, we will keep him in mind, but we will not focus on him.

So there are two options:

Someone from the acquaintances of the three idiots, which would be sad for me.

Or someone from the acquaintances of Hinata (the guard would not have started to talk about his "negligence", and even more so that their Hime was saved by an outcast), to whom she would have had time to tell it in an hour.

All the boys drop out. The Hime of the clan is not allowed, even at such a young age to communicate with boys, except maybe for Neiji. But this is definitely not him. I saw how he hates the Main Branch. So he would not unnecessary even get close to Hinata.

Mother of Hinata? I doubt that the system would make the difference at our age so huge, I can understand up to five years, but no more. And besides, I saw her. She can not be a spy.

-AAAAA Fuck it! Too tired of this kind of thinking, anyway, what is to come will come.

I am already at my house

Entering the house, I greeted my parents and cousins. They answered my greeting.

When I went into my room, my cousins ​​followed me. Interestingly, what do they want from me?

"Listen Kuro, Hinata told us here that you saved her, is that true?" - Asked me the youngest with great interest, she is Eina, and the elder cousin is Veyla. And at the same time, the older one looks at me as well.

Now that's interesting. So Hinata really told her friends?


-Great! You're so cool! - Eina admired. And Veyla nodded to her thoughts.

- And who else was with you? Who else knows I saved her? - I asked to make sure of something.

"There was no one else there, only the two of us and Hinata," Eina answered with great enthusiasm. And Veyla nodded, signifying her consent.

And I was confirmed in my opinion.

One of these two fellows is a transmigrator. And the second knows it.

And that's because she said they were both there.

As far as I know, Hinata is friendly only with Eina. And understanding the nature of Hinata, I can be sure, she would not talk about so intimate and personal with the one who is not, his closest person. In this world, there are only two such people: Hanabi and Eina.

Hanabi is absent now, she and her mother left the village for some meeting.

So, as soon as we divide, they can immediately point to me. That will be bad for me. Well, let's play our part.

- It's good. I was really scared. - I said it with a light sigh.

- Why is this? - This is Veyla. Decided to no longer remain silent?

- "Is it not obvious?" It will bring me a lot of problems, I am already bullied by many, but here is another reason to cling to me. If I knew that girl, this is Hinata Hyuga. I would not help her. Well, not exactly right, I could not pass by when someone is bullying a girl, I would have helped her, but so that she did not understand what happened.

- What? So you did not know? - you are too talkative today, why is it?

-Of course, I did not know, maybe you forgot, but I cannot see, how could I know that she is from our clan? Especially the Hime.

- Okay, we have to go. We just wanted to ask you about this. Till later. - Said the youngest.

-see you.

As soon as they were gone, I immediately started questioning the system. Trying to find out all that I might need.

- System, why I received a message that I was the main suspect as a transmigrator. And anyway, give me more information.

You have one choice option. If your answer is not correct, then you automatically fail the quest.

If your suspect is really the second "player", then you will be warned that 15 minutes after the formation of your suspicions, he will find out about it.

Clearly, that's why my quest is still not failed. She is afraid of making a mistake. And I came here to see my opinion.

That's... just which one of them? The fact remains that in their appearance there is a second, and possibly a third bottom to this.

It may turn out that Eina is a player, and she asked her sister to play the role. She was very suspicious. It is also possible that she is not particularly clever.

It may be that Veyla is the second player, and she behaved especially suspiciously so that I would be inclined to the first option.

- Oh, it's so difficult. - quietly, almost in a whisper, I said. -"Okay, let's hope that an intelligent person would prefer to stay in the shadows."- After all, before our meeting with Hinata, I could not find out to whom she had told everything. And the second player could just follow me, and make sure of his conclusions.

- "System, accept my answer." its Eina.

Are you sure of your answer?

Even if I say no now, still after 15 minutes, if it's her, of course, she will know that I am the second.

- Yes.

Congratulations! You completed the quest - Rival!

You have received 200 MCP.

Passive skill «intuition - 1 lv» is received (in emergency situations you can sharpen your intuition several times).

Due to the failure of the quest "rival" from the second player, he is obliged to serve you for the next ten lives.


Quest "rival" is updated! (the quest can continue to be updated).

A task:

Purpose: Make the second owner of the "gamer" system fall in love with you.

At the end of the quest "rival", you had to acquire a rival or an enemy for all your lives.

But you are too proud to compete, let alone quarrel with girls. You can not ignore it either. So there is only one choice left.

The quest is considered completed when she says "I love you". (you cannot get her to say it).


100 MCP

You will receive a faithful wife and companion, who will be with you in all the worlds.

Depending on the circumstances.

Penalty for failure / refuse:

In every world, you will start alone.

Depending on the circumstances.

I think, not bad. Its the first serious quest in this world. I still reserve MCP. I need to train the abilities that I already have.


POV Hyuuga Eina.

It's been three years since I was in this world.

Who would have thought? I, Yuki Tetsumi, a girl who was bedridden all her life because of illness, was sent to another world, along with my brother, after the ceiling fell on us during the earthquake, I was 17 then.

And we were given a "gamer" system. Yes, I know what a "gamer" is, at one time I was very fond of all sorts of fanfics, manga, anime, etc. Although, as I understand, my brother was given another version of this system.

What did Spiel say? - Something like "I have a very interesting creation, created in a pair with Shirou, (and who is this Shirou?). Although I can add only one person to this server. But I think you will come up to become a worthy opponent of his player. If, of course, Shirou does not violate the rules, " - he told my brother. "And you girl, will get the usual version" - and then he turned to me.

(The Spiel is the God of the Games, in the customary sense of this title, it's just after some events that I will describe a little later, he does not dare to call himself "God" - the Author's Note).

After these words, we were sent to different worlds. I do not know where my brother got. But I was sent to the world of Naruto.

I was told that I chose the clan, I first wanted to select the Uchiha clan, but then I remembered what will happen to them.

It's unlikely that I would have been strong enough by the time we were to be killed. And even if I become, and I can protect the clan, we will still have problems with Danzo. So I chose Hyugas.

For two and a half years I lived without much strain.

Once I slipped before my sister - Veyla, and I had to tell her everything. I told her everything I know about this world, and about the canon.

And so, six months ago, I saw the following message.

Quest received: Rival.

Purpose: Find the second person in this world that has a "system".

Terms of fulfilment: When you are sure that you have found the second "player", call the system window and write down its name. You have only one attempt. In case of an incorrect answer, the mission is considered failed.

After you start suspecting someone, you have 15 minutes to write down his name, if you do not, but be right in your suspicions, he will find out about your suspicions.


10000 XP

All your specifications will increase by 50%.

Within a year, the speed of your levelling will be increased by 25%.

Penalty for failure:

You will be for the next ten worlds a maid of the second player.

If the second player is a man, you will fall in love with him.

If the second player is a woman, you will fall in love with her.

Penalty for refuse: Refusal is not possible.

(ATTENTION! - This quest is not issued by the system: for issuing this quest responsible an unknown, called - Shirou!)

- What the hell?! How is it issued not by the System ?! And what, so it is possible or what? Although, it seems Spiel mentioned it. Who the hell are you, and why did you give me such a stupid quest! From which I also can not refuse! Damn Shirou!

And generally speaking. Why the "rival"? How does this relate to the competition? Although I admit that it really looks like a competition - then I did not yet know that I was not the "rival".

Okay, you can not help by whining, then we'll figure it out, maybe he's not from Konoha at all, or just was born, so while we postpone this question.

And now, six months later, I hear Hiashi scolding Hinata's guard for negligence in performance.

I immediately ran to my close friend for details. And how surprised I was when I found out that the guy who saved her was not Naruto, and even more surprised when I heard the name of "saviour" - Kuro Hyuuga.

Kuro is my cousin who is one year younger than me. At one time he was replacing me, my brother from the first world, and therefore, I was apprehensive about him. But then I somehow reconciled that in this life my brother and I will not see each other, and our relations with Kuro became cooler.

Could he have been the second? It is difficult to answer this question. He seems to be blind, with a very developed sensorics. Or is he pretending to be blind, but in fact driving the whole clan around their noses? If he is second, then this may well be. But it may also be that he just passed by, and Naruto did not appear in the park that day or did not have time.

If Kuro saw how someone hurt the girl, I do not doubt that he would rush to help her. So you can not be sure. But even so, he is still the main suspect.

Attention! - If within 15 minutes you do not enter the name, and the suspect is the second player, then he learns about the suspicion from his opponent.

"Excellent"! Simply "excellent." We are shinobi, what the hell do not they let us deal with it among ourselves? Why should this stupid system notify him?

Eh, okay, you can not help by whining.

I need to meet with him and ask him. Maybe this will give me additional answers?

It's too unreasonable to go to him alone. I need to take Veyla with me.

Explaining to her that the second player I have told her about, maybe is Kuro, we decided that she would behave suspiciously, since he, if it is he, would most likely guess that this is one of us. She will behave a little suspiciously, not overplaying, but so that he would notice, and I will behave as usual.

After discussing our plan, we came to his house. Unfortunately, he was not at home.

When we already wanted to say goodbye to my uncle and his wife, Kuro returned home.

After greeting his parents, he went to his room, we went for him.

"Listen Kuro, Hinata told us here that you saved her, is that true?"

I left my room in doubt. "Damn, I'm even more confused, so is he or not ?!" I need to discuss this with Veela. Precisely, she always gives smart advice.

We had no time to leave the house, as I saw the message.

You failed the quest - "rival".

You become a servant of the Kuro player for the next ten lives.

Your attitude to the player Kuro, raised to - "love."

- WHAT?!

POV end.