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7 !

 POV Spiel.

Hmm, here I look at this scene, and I think- "Maybe it was not necessary to give Shiro access to my entire system?"

Although, for this, I was able to create a conventional server with him and become an administrator there, even if I can give this system to only one person, but the potential of this system is much higher than that of the usual one.

How long has it been since I agreed with Shirou about this? With this passage of time, the devil himself will break his leg, trying to understand how much the time has passed. In one world, not an hour has passed, and in another, it has been more than a century.

In any case, this is not important. Let him play with the life of his "second half." Even if he uses all players from the regular system, I do not mind, because he does not have access to that player, as I don't have to his as well.

Nevertheless, he surprised me then.


-Hi, it's me Shirou (who else), you suggested that we create a joint system earlier? So, if you give me access to the systems of all other gamers, as well as plus everything that you offered me before, I do not mind. how is it?

- "You know, do not you ask for too much?" what I suggested to you last time was more than most mortals can ask for, and this is all but the "Creator" himself.

-No, from the creation of this server, you will get much more than I can even get from you, even if you give me everything you can. So you do not have to make it seem as if I am taking advantage of you here.

-Okay, but answer me some questions. Why do you need all of this? Why are you doing this for Kuro? After all, you completely forget about yourself, and everything you do is for him. Why do not you try to get out of it, and live your own life?

-I answer: my attitude to Kuro is the same as that of the one who said - "What you want to protect, and what I want to protect myself, are different things!", To whom these words were addressed.

(Author: who understood the reference, put the plus signs in the comments, - in any case DO NOT SAY where these words come from!)

-Okay. I still do not understand what motives you have. Anyway. I agree.

"Of course you agree, where you'll go. In short, you agree, and it's ok, it's time for me to go, I must play some tricks on Kuro.

End Flashback.

We created a system to which you can connect one person from an admin. I have no power over his player, he can not influence mine.

That's how we made a deal with him. And I should prepare the one I can add to this server as a rival for his player.

Well, I can not treat them like one person, although Shirou asks me about it. For me, Shiro is a very powerful being, and Kuro is a man who saved my life.

Hmm, if not for Kuro, as he now calls himself ... I'm even afraid to imagine what would happen to me. Although no, I would just pay for my arrogance. Like the rest 8619 creatures that were with me on that fateful day, and the strength of each one of these was capable of erasing hundreds of galaxies, with a simple wave of the hand. Was it necessary to try to challenge the "God", the "creator of all things," simply because you became the highest level of power around? After that event, I dare not to be called the "God" of the Games. We did not even manage to defeat the only angel sent to show us our place, he killed all the creatures that gathered there, except me. And even that happened because I did not allow that guy to be killed that day, when he was in the role of one of the victims, to open the gate to heaven. Yeah, how, they'll open the gate. No, the gate certainly did open, but it was opened not by our actions, but by the other side.

"You do not seek to kill for no reason, although there is a lot of arrogance in your heart, but if you get better, then I will let you live". - This is what the angel told me, the same one that was sent to show us our place. And of course, I agreed.

But okay, let's not talk about sad things. It is better to think about the good.

My strongest player, of course, is developing now, it's good that he will have a worthy opponent, I will be having fun with him! Especially now, when Shiro gave Kuro his sister! He will just try his best to fill the muzzle with this Kuro, (for he does not know about Shiro).

Which in turn will make me stronger!

We ought to let him know that, "he has captured his little sister, and she has fallen in love with him, with the help of the system. He is a madman who is also stronger than him, and potentially has the strength equal to my maximum."

Moreover, all this is true. He has schizophrenia, that means he is crazy. His potential is equal to the maximum to which I can get only in the future, and that is not a fact. Shirou part of him, so he used the system to fall in love with the sister.

And the fact that Kuro does not know that she is in love with him, and some other details, like: that their potentials are equal, the period of the beginning of their game is the same, they both received 350 MCP, and in general that they have the same system, and much more, I'll just "forget" to mention.

It will be fun!

End POV.

POV Kuro.

-WHAT?! - that's what I heard, a couple of seconds after completing the quest.

I wonder if she'll run in here for the showdown? Knowing her character, I can assume that it is a yes.

Well, as I guessed, I can already hear the trampling of her feet.

- What does it mean?! - Ahhh, Do you really need to shout? Although who knows, maybe she takes off the stress in such a way?

- "Please be quiet, if my parents hear, I'll have to explain to them how I offended you." And my father will start saying that he did not raise a son who can offend such a beautiful girl.- I said in my usual manner. I call everyone beautiful, justifying it by the fact that I do not see their faces, but that's why I can understand how beautiful they are in my soul. Usually, this compliment works even better than just admiring the exterior beauty.

"But ..." she somehow lost her enthusiasm, and even fainted a little, probably her anger reached a new height. Well, should she be so embarrassed?

"Let's talk in a safer place." - I said and grabbing her hand, went into the garden. Yes, the Hyuga has its own large garden.

On the way, she did not resist, I thought she would be more violent, but no, she was kind of even quiet.

Passing into the centre of the garden, I noticed that this place is lovely. A vast garden of red and white roses, various kinds of carnations, dahlias, and several other types of flowers unknown to me. In the centre of the garden was a huge heart of roses, and around, in an extraordinary and beautiful way grew lisianthus, as if waves were diverging from this heart. It looked particularly beautiful and harmonious with the big trees that grew throughout the garden.

(Google to help in the search for these colors - author's comment.)

A very romantic place, it will be necessary later, when I already establish relations with Hinata, I'll bring her here.

Why are these women looking at us like that? Although, I would also think that we are the next to be couple, who are now just friends, but in the future they will be together. Especially considering that we were very close a few months ago. A wedding with a cousin/cousin is quite typical for Hyuga's. Many people do this, from childhood they make friends with each other, and then they get married.

"Kuro, why are they looking at us like that?" - she asked in a worried voice, and with a mixture of something else, only I do not know what it is, when we were already in the center of the garden, right before the heart.

"They just think we're a couple, it's funny, isn't it?" I asked. Stop, why did she turn so red? Is it just an idea of ​this, makes her so angry. Hmm, it seems it will be very difficult to make her fall in love with me.

- Never mind. So you are the "second player"?

- Yes

- Clear.

And there was silence, which lasted for several minutes.

Hmm, it seems she also does not know how to communicate with the opposite sex. Okay, if we keep silent, it will last a long time.

- Okay, come on, one question, one answer, then change. Answer honestly, if you do not want to answer, just say: I do not want to answer. But do not lie. Agreed?

- "Well, it's better than standing here and being silent."

- Okay, you're first. - I said to her

- "How long have you been in this world?"

- " Since the birth of this body. But I took this body only in the day when I lost sight. Now It is my turn, what do you want to achieve in this world? What are your goals?

- These are two questions! Although okay, since they are similar, we will count it as one. And at the expense of the goal, I do not have it, I just live ....

........ .....

So we talked for 4 hours.

Of course, all this time we did not stand near this heart. We sat on a bench that was nearby.

During this time, I learned about her some things: She was sick, she laid all her life on a bed. Almost never saw anyone except her family, the closest family to her was a brother, he never turned away from her, always was near with her, but when she was 17, and her brother 21, there was earthquake, a strong earthquake. In Japan, this is not uncommon. Her brother did not want to leave her in the house, so he did not run out with the rest of the family to the street, but rushed to pull his sister (for which I personally respect, not everyone would have dared). But they did not have time, and the ceiling fell directly on them.

When they woke up, a young guy of 27 years old stood before them. He had green eyes, gray and long hair and green clothes (Spiel seemed to listen to me, I advised him this style, at our last meeting), he told them that he will give them a system, but in the first world, they will be separated.

I also learned that her system is different from mine (she herself has given me a hint, so she does not know that our systems are not the same).

She too found out about me, my name, the fact that I have not yet died in my world, but merely moved over here, and that I'm not blind, that I got the system for half a year before hitting.

Also, she is not hysterical when it comes to serving me for 10 worlds. She just said that the one to blame is someone called "Shirou", after these words I got busted. But when she asked if I know who Shirou was, I decided not to spoil our relationship, and besides, Shirou's existence in general, and his connection with me is a secret. So I answered - "How should I know? I, too, for the first time, and spent less time here, and if I take into account the time that I did not control this body, then a little more than you!" - "But it's not a lie, is it?"

True, I was a little alarmed by her questions like: Why did I save Hinata? Do I like her? And all that sort of thing. Is she from these, and she likes Hinata?

In short, so my acquaintance with her went in this way.

The present.

I went home. I need to get stronger, because in half a year I'll go to the academy. I still have to bend my entire clan as a whole, and Neiji in particular.

And I wonder why Eina does not study at the academy? I'll ask for sure.


Meanwhile, a girl forgotten by everyone, who was annoyed by the fact, and went to look for them, had already stopped listening to them while sitting on a tree and went home as well.