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8 !

 The next morning, waking up I did all the important things, and began to choose a class.

There were a lot of classes, there were also traditional tanks; damager; heal; archer; magician, and hybrids of these classes: a magician archer who strengthens his weapon with magic; tank-damager - with lesser defence, but with greater damage; and many more.

In fact, there were many classes with the same names, but with different skills. (you could check it by simply looking at the short description.)

I stopped my choice on two classes.

Archer - universal class, long-range and melee. The main weapon of Archer is the bow, but also in close combat, he is not weak. Usually in melee use swords or "knives". Also, he likes to act out of hiding and does not get caught when he kills.

Assassin is a killer who always lurks in the shadows. Usually hiding in the shadows and killing his victim quietly. But he also masterfully mastered the art of throwing cold weapons. Usually, for long-range combat, he uses kunai and shuriken, for melee he uses a blade.

I was leaning towards the Assassin, since I prefer to play from the invisible, someone might find it cowardly, but it's not. After all, other classes have their advantages, especially since I did it for the sake of entertainment, and not because I'm afraid of direct confrontation.

But after reading the basic information and what each class gives, and also their subclasses, I realized that I would choose Archer.

Subclasses for the Assassin:

Poisoner - they coat their weapons with various poisons, and the main damage is done through the poison. Usually, they have a small stock of poisons.

When choosing a subclass of "poisoner", you get the "poisoning" skill.

Killer - creep towards their goal, becoming invisible, and inflict a single blow.

When selecting a subclass of "killer", you gain the "invisibility" skill.

These were two, in my opinion, the best subclass for the Assassin. Of course, it's great, but I do not want to mess with poisons.

But what I was offered with Archer class, I took with gratitude.

Hunter - hunters, must be able to shoot arrows at distant targets, but also be able to fight off a wolf if he runs towards you.

When choosing a subclass of "hunter", the rate of pumping up skills "shooting" and "mastery of cold weapon" is increased by 2 times.

Robber - robbers, should be able to kill enemies, but it is equally important to be able to hide, waiting for their prey.

When you select a subclass of "robber", you gain the skill "inconspicuous".

Right. Some cool skills I am getting here if I choose these subclasses. And inconspicuous, if you pump it up to level 100, it will be better than invisibility. It's good that it can be turned off.

Well, the class was chosen, now it's time to assess the VP barrier.

-System, open the VP barrier.

What barrier do you want to open?

- What types of barriers are there?

At this stage of developing the barrier skill, you can enter the following types of dungeons.

- Normal - an empty barrier inside which you can spend time. (the rate of time flow can be adjusted, the maximum ratio is 10: 1).

- Comfort is a barrier that will take you to another world, inside this barrier the player can change everything at will, except for a few exceptions. This space is to where your harem comes after you leave the world. (the speed of time can be adjusted, the maximum ratio is 1000: 1, or 1: 1000).

- Test - a barrier inside which there are different types of monsters to choose from. The landscape depends on the place where you used the "VP Barrier" skill.

Available types of monsters:

- Zombies;

- Skeletons;

- Goblins;

- Empty.

(the speed of the flow of time can be adjusted, the maximum coefficient at this skill level is 1: 1)

The level of monsters is adjusted, depending on your level.

- Okay, now I'm going to the zombies, they are the least agile ones. System, open the barrier with zombies.

And then a barrier opens, and I enter it.

- I'm all in for experiments! Finally, I will have the opportunity to have some fun. And maybe there will be a worthy opponent!

When I entered the barrier, the first thing I saw was Konoha. Although, as expected, it was not an ordinary Konoha, but as if there was a zombie apocalypse. A zombie wandered along the street. There was night in the barrier, there was a pale moon in the sky.

Having run to the first corpse, I immediately took asauchi, or rather already zanpakto, from the inventory (I bought the asauchi for 20 MCPs).

Now, about my zanpakto, you need more details, these are three swords of Japanese manufacture. (Zoro approves): katana, wakizashi and tanto.

All of them have the same appearance, of course, except for length.

(I'm too lazy to describe them, so here's a picture for you - author's note.).

Tanto and wakizashi are attached to my sides, and the katana is fixed behind my back.

I took short swords from my scabbard, for the katana was too long, and ran to the first dead man I saw.

Hmm, probably looks funny, a six-year-old boy, with two short swords, one of which is suitable for his hight as a blade, and the second as a sword. Runs to the undead. And thus, drags behind himself a katana which size is bigger than the boy himself

And I can not put it into inventory, my zanpakto is perceived as a single whole, and I can only put it into inventory in its entirety.

Picking up both swords more comfortably, I jumped, and with the first blow, I stabbed the tanto with my right hand into the opponent's head, and almost at the same time, cut off the head with wakizashi's in my left hand, at least I thought so. Until I realised that the head was not in a hurry to fall, and the dead man as if nothing had happened, tried to bite me.

Thank God, I managed to evade, the devil knows what will happen if a ghoul bites me? Maybe I'll turn into the same one. Although this is unlikely, still ...

At first I did not understand, how so? Even HP did not decrease, as it was 800, and it remains. I attacked again, and the result was zero.

I ran from him with all my might, and finding a safe place, began to wonder why I can not damage this undead?

And I noticed a flashing "Messages" sign, which I turned off before I entered the dungeon, since, by chance opening the log in the middle of a fight, it could be a deadly mistake.

So, there was written the following.

You attacked the target without a soul, your weapon only deals damage to the souls. You can not inflict damage on this enemy with this weapon. Please change weapons

The next window read the same.

Well, since I can not do damage to undead using zanpakto, I'll have to take adamantite knives (both knives, and much more, I got for a successful first transmigration).

Taking both knives from the inventory. And having found the undead, as well as the last time I jumped, and this time I drove both blades into its head.

This time, it died immediately.

And so I was decreasing the population of this ... race? or will it be more correctly called a genocide? Anyway, I did for about an hour, without any problems (for this hour I got three levels! Fucking Shirou, why did he not make dungeons accessible from the very beginning ?!). Until I saw the undead, different from the rest, he wore Chuunin's uniform!

Activating the "eyes of the player" (I instead of "recognition" will have "player's eyes" -comment of the author). I saw above it an inscription - "Zombie Chuunin - level 16.

I killed the Genins, of course, but for me there is not much difference between ordinary undead and genins. They were too slow, I did not kill Genins with one blow, but they did not live more than 10 seconds.

I did not immediately attack him, even if the undead become weaker after turning into undead, but still, I should not lose vigilance.

At first, I hid on the roof of one of the buildings, then I began to follow it, and when I had the opportunity, I jumped to it, trying to strike the tanto into the head.

It dodged! I roll over to lose the inertia from the fall, turn around after the roll, and I do not find it in the last place it was! He is ten meters away from me and folds stamps! Like this? Why can the undead use the chakra? I dodge a rather impressive fireball, and with all the speed I can gather I run up to him. Having reached it, with the first blow I cut off his foot, so that it would no longer disappear from the field of my vision. No, of course, I could include byakugan, but why should I do this? That's it, there is no need.

After I cut off his leg, I felt that if I did not jump off now, it would hurt me, and it happened.

As soon as I jumped off, I noticed how a ground clod fell to the place where I was. By turning on byakugan to see what the heck is going on, I almost started to swear. I was surrounded by about 15 undead with Chuunin waistcoats!

The first thing I ran to the wounded one, he can interfere with me, and he is the easiest to kill.

I was as careful as possible, watching all the others, but quickly, ran to the wounded undead. Strangely enough, they did not start attacking me, but as if offering to kill their "companion", they walked slowly towards me.

I started to suspect something, but did not pay attention to it, because now the situation is really bad, and keeping the mind cold is difficult, even with the "mind of the player."

I ran up to it, without any special resistance, thrust a knife into its head. But to me flew different techniques from 4 Chuunin. And the remaining 14 began to approach me quickly.

I do not remember how to use kayten, but I think if you release the chakra simultaneously from all the points in the body , and at the same time spin with a great speed, you should have kayten.

Well, what can I say?! Just that it did not work, AT ALL! I just bluntly lost half the HP! I would lose more if the chakra did not protect me, and I did not dodge two attacks.

- Well, everything is bad, you got me. Do not want in good a way? let's do it in a bad.

- "Room" - when already about 6 ghouls fall under this field, I run to the undead, and already striking, I change places with the one who runs behind it. It did not immediately understand what had happened, and I hit him in the head without any obstacles.

I realized long ago that if you hit their bodies, they lose HP. But if you immediately destroy the brain, they die.

Running to the second, with which I replaced myself. I replaced it with an undead which was furthest away from me, and it did not expect me to attack.

The second one is ready.

Already running up to the third, I see as one of the dead, folds seals, and a stone block flies towards me. There is no originality in this undead. (or the author)

I replace myself with the one to which I was running and the block falls onto it, it does not die, and I had to finish it off.

I turn off "Room" and run to those who use the techniques. I turn it on and switch position to the front of one of the undead, thrust knives into its head.

Of course, you might think that the rest just stand, while I'm killing. But this is not so, I simply know by Byakugan who I should attack, and who can fight back and who can stop me.

In short, byakugan and spatial technics are simply too crazy! (although "Room" is not a spatial technique, but still).

So I finished off the rest.

The victory over these corpses, gave me 2 levels, increased my skill space by 1 level, and gave the skill "byakugan - 1 lv" - to be honest, I did not know that there is such a skill, but it's cool, especially it is cool because of what it gives me when the skill is pumped up to 100 lv.

Byakugan - these are the eyes that give their possessor great opportunities. And you, have these eyes.

After reaching 100 lv for the skill, you will get the chance of eye evolution.

(note of the author - it will not be a Tenseigan, but something like a M Sh.)

Another couple of hours later, I have added another 3 levels, and I have already 16 lv. (Did I already say, what kind of Mo******r is Shirou ?!)

I also met a couple of more times the Chuunin group, I overcame them using the same tactic. And I even met, one tokubetsu jonin, but I did not approach him.

In general, I came out of the barrier.

Going home, I met Eina.

- Hello, beauty, where are you going? I asked in my usual manner.

- Hi. Yes, I'm going to train. You also would not mind training.

- Why should I train? - I asked. I do not need this anymore, and I will only train in the barriers. And though, why not? Ah, exactly, she should not find out that we have different systems. Why not? Because ... why should I answer myself? Does my schizophrenia progress so quickly? Never mind.

- Because, ten years from now, we will have to fight with a deity,"- she said in all seriousness.

On this statement, I could not help laughing, and the smile crawled on my lips.

- What's so funny? Do you think you can deal with it?

- I think, yes. But I'm not laughing because of this, I'm laughing because of your naivety. Do you really think that a woman who could not even defeat two people is a deity?

- Is it not so? We were clearly told in the anime that she was a Goddess.

- No, you can ask the Spiel, Who is God.

- I certainly know that Spiel is a God of a different level, but that does not mean that she is not a Goddess.

- Spiel is God? Do not you dare to say it in his presence. He will not just be furious with you.

- "Is he not the God of the Games?" -She asked me, misunderstanding.

-Good Eina, I will enlighten you in the realities of this world.

First and foremost, there are many sane creatures, there are so many, that on the "Earth", on the planet where we have grown, albeit, from all different realities, there is no such number consisting of just the "nines" for their approximate calculation. And among all these creatures, of course there are strong and weak.

Anyone who has reached at least 40 stages, what a stage I will soon explain, knows that: there are 10 stages, and each stage consists of 10 steps. To make things easier, it's normally said 100 steps at once.

So, ordinary people and their like, are at the 1 st level and the consequences of a full-scale clash between the two representatives of the 1 st stage, this is a maximum of a couple of destroyed chairs and tables, and then, if they use these objects to strike the enemy.

In the second stage, there are weak magicians, with the clash of the magicians, 2 steps of maximum is the destruction of the house.

On the 10th step, a skirmish is already the destruction of the mainland. At 20 - the destruction of the solar system. At 40 - destruction from a dozen galaxies.

On 60-th step destruction in a battle between opponents of this level, just one death. They have already mastered their strength enough not to waste it on extraneous destruction, but to direct all destructive force to one point, but in potential, if they do not hold it back, they can destroy their reality.

Thank God, the battle between all those above the 15th step is held in special barriers, and they are activated as soon as they begin to fight, and these barriers cannot be avoided even by those who are on 100 steps.

These barriers are different, sometimes you do not even know that you are inside the barrier, or rather not so, you almost never know whether you are inside the barrier or not.

Do you know who the TOAA is?

- No.

"Do you know what Marvel is?"

- Yes.

- So, the TOAA is the one who created the multiverse Marvel - (I'm not exactly sure, but I found it on the Internet, if it is not, then write about it, and I will correct it, - author's comment) - and the strongest creature there. He is on the 100th step, like the Spiel.

There are no more steps, and to be on a completely different level than those who are on the 100th step is impossible, you can be stronger than all of the creatures on 100th step at once, but you will not exceed the limit of stages.

But there are those who are already born almost invincible, who since birth has power, above the 100 step - these are primary elements and angels. Of course, they have their own classification of strength, but it is unknown to me. Nobody, in the first 100 steps, will ever be able to harm them. They are an indicator of the power of God, they dare not disobey God, which is why they can not be defeated by anyone other than their own kind.

And He is the One who is the All-Powerful, the One whom it is impossible to add to any framework. If there were another hundred billion after these 100 steps, he would not have got into that framework anyway.

And anyone who achieves or is born with a strength of 40 step or more, is given knowledge of the alignment of forces in this world, this knowledge simply comes into their heads.

- How do you know? Why are you so sure that 100 step cannot be surpassed? "She asked me, more likely simply wondering than not believing.

- There were those who were on the 100th step and doubted, and they paid for it, and there were more than half of all the creatures that reached 100 steps. The Spiel can confirm, ask it when it's possible, and Spiel told me it. - it's true, Spiel told me about it.

- So dear Eina, this Kaguya is not so strong. More than that, I should not fight with her, I must fall in love with her. I said with a slight smile.

- What? Do you want to fall in love with Kaguya? But what about ... Hinata? Do not you like her? - she wanted to say not Hinata, or it seemed to me? Probably it seemed.

- Of course, I like her, but I want a harem. - and seeing her angry look, I continued. - do not worry, I will show them all, and your friend, in particular, enough care and love. I will learn the shadow clones, improve them, and in general, I will do my best that they all are happy with me.

"It's clear," she said, with a thoughtful face, and it seems to me or she smiles a little.

"Okay, I'll see you," I said, and quickly ran home. Hmm, a good day today, and Leveled up, and checked abilities. The day was a success.

If I stayed there, I would be able to hear Eina's quiet voice.

- So I still have a chance to be with him?