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9 !

 6 years later.

It's been 6 years since I reached level 10, and I've got the opportunity to use the VP barrier.

During these 6 years, many things happened.

First, I started the Academy of shinobi. Of course, they did not teach me anything useful, but in order to become a shinobi, I had to graduate from the academy.

I could complain that I have wasted my time going to this "school", but I will not. I have known for a long time that I should be there and that if I go there, it will be a waste of precious time. Therefore, I acted as a true genius of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Itachi. I just threw a shadow clone to the academy while walking off myself, which I learned before I entered the academy, and in the meantime I was hanging out in the dungeons, becoming stronger, and practising different skills.

I achieved, I believe, some good results. But I'll talk about it later.

Also, I made friends with some characters of the canon. Most of them are canonical versions of themselves, but there are exceptions.

I did not become friends with the orange (Naruto), it can destroy the canon, I certainly changed some events, but they did not affect, let's say the appearance and purpose of the Akatsuki. So, the Akatsuki will start hunting for the tailed ones.

Or let's say my actions should not have any influence on the invasion of the Sound and the Sand in Konoha. Well, something like that

No, in the long term my intervention is huge, even if I did nothing. For example, the fact that Naruto and Hinata will not be together, which means that the "hopes of the future generation" will not appear either. But for the next 10-15 years, this will not affect much, of course, if I do not continue to change the canon.

Although, to be honest, I do not care about the canon, It'll change anyway, I just do not want to be friends with the team number 7. With none of them.

I became friends with Ino, Shino, Kiba and Hinata. Yes, you understood correctly, I could still make friends with Hinata, and even more.

It all started with the way she approached me. We did not even enter the academy at that time.


- Hi. - timidly, and anxiously she told me.

I saw, how she had stood for a long time not too far from me, while not daring to approach, but still, she overcame it. It seems that communication with Eina slightly affected her character. Is it good or bad? Well, on one hand, I'm happy for her, she becomes more confident, and this will help her in the future. But on the other hand, her shyness was also a very nice feature. Although, she is still very nice, so, it is good that she has more confidence.

- "Hi, Hinata-hime, we have not seen each other for a long time." - I smiled in an ordinary way.

-"Well ... this ... I wanted to ask you to forgive me! Although you helped me, you were beaten because of me, I'm really, really, really sorry. - she said in one breath. Damn, I just cannot help finding her cute and let it not be the liking that is described in novels and songs. Damn, If Nagato does the same to her as in the canon, I'll put him onto a shawarma!

Now, let's talk about love. I do not know what love is. And it's not even that I did not fall in love, (although this is also), but that I do not know how to be emotionally attached to someone. I just can't be like, you don't care about a person and bam, this person is dear to you. I usually get along with the person gradually, and depending on the actions on both sides I judge whether we are friends or just acquaintances.

Even with my family, I do not rather have love, but some other feeling. No, I will definitively tear apart anyone for the sake of my family, and for it I myself will die in such agony that not many will agree to go through. I just have a massive number of different feelings for them. Gratitude for everything they did, affection, the desire to be with them, the passion for their recognition, the desire to repay them for their kindness, and many other feelings, and almost all of them can probably rival the love that everyone talks about. But as such, there is no love.

Or maybe it is it, what people call "love", and if so, then love is not a separate feeling, but a combination of various positive emotions?

(and yes, people, tell me what is love, love between a man and a woman, the love of parents and family in general? All these thoughts about love, are what my definition of love is. Just wondering what others think about this feeling - author)

And so, with Hinata too, albeit not so much. I want to protect her, I want her to be near me, etc.

-Why do you apologise, Hinata-hime, I hope you do not mind that I'm talking with you? - And seeing that she shook her head, I continued .- So, why are you apologising? It is not your fault. You tried to intercede for me, but he did not listen to you.

- "But I could not order him to leave you alone."- She whispered softly. It seems she is not pleased with herself. - "I had to stop him, but I did not have the resolve.

- "Do not say stupid things Hinata-hime, you're a girl, how could you point out to an adult, to an angry man." Do you have any idea how difficult it is? Of course, you imagine, because you tried to order him. Also, you're very nice with that character of yours. You're the only person, not from my family, whom I really like!

- "Do you like me?" - She asked, greatly embarrassed. And in the canon because of such words, she would have lost consciousness.

- Of course. I told you about my eyes? - "After mentioning my eyes, she was a bit sad." So. What you heard about them in our last meeting are their downsides. But they gave me much more pluses than minuses. Do you want to hear about these pluses?

"Pros?" She asked, not understanding how from the loss of my eyes, let alone the Byakugan, there could be pluses. she nodded her head and said. "Yes, I want to know."

"Even if we do not take into account the increased amount of chakras and the improvement of sensory abilities, I have received three of the most priceless gifts.

First, I realized who would be on my side, despite the fact that I became disabled. These include: my family and my uncle's family.

Second, I learned not to look at the appearance of a person, I realized that a person may be different, but this will not change what is inside him.

Third, I began to see the essence of people. I learned to understand, just hearing a person's voice, is he good or bad. Just feeling his touch or look, I know what to expect from this person.

That's what I got from losing my eyes, and believe me, it was worth it. After all, thanks to this, I can say with certainty that right now I have a really beautiful girl in front of me. I myself had seen it with my soul, and I many times had heard, that the girl has just an angelic voice, a modest character, and a kind heart.

I certainly understand that in front of me the girl is 6 years old, but I do not feel like a lolicon. For three reasons. First, outwardly, I'm her age. Second, what I am felling is not some pervert feelings, but pure liking of her character. Third, to the girl that will be with you (and I'll destroy the whole world, but make her mine, because of the fines of the Quest), it is necessary to get close from childhood, and given the first two points, it does not look disgusting or wrong, in my opinion.

And my behaviour, I just wanted to behave this way, so to speak, not only with pity, but with compliments to win her heart.

After that, we talked for a couple of hours and she persuaded her mother to give her permission to be friends with me.

End of flashback.