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Author: The Courtesan“s Smile

Lastchapter: Chapter 992: The End

Updated: 2018-10-13 16:20

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Chapter 1: Three Years after the Divorce
Chapter 2: Old and Ugly Now
Chapter 3: Im Finally Going to Marry Xi Mubai
Chapter 4: A Motherless Child
Chapter 5: Shes Here to Make a Police Report!
Chapter 6: Her Life is no longer in Fates Hands
Chapter 7: My Memory has Returned
Chapter 8: A Return to Form
Chapter 9: The Rejected Alimony
Chapter 10: A Respectful Knock on the Door
Chapter 11: Cheque for One Hundred Million
Chapter 12: He Didnt Want to Owe her Anything
Chapter 13: An Extraordinary Sister
Chapter 14: Who are you and What Have you Done to my Sister?
Chapter 15: Burning Desire
Chapter 16: No Question that She Cant Solve
Chapter 17: It was… Xi Mubai
Chapter 18: More Formidable than He Thought
Chapter 19: We Cant Live Here Anymore
Chapter 20: Not an Easy One to Cross
Chapter 21: Where to Find 300000 RMB?
Chapter 22: A Truly Fruitful Night
Chapter 23: A Black Horse
Chapter 24: Daddy is Very Happy Today
Chapter 25: To Visit Xia Xinghe
Chapter 26: A Heartfelt Disdain
Chapter 27: A Charity
Chapter 28: The Giant Change in Xia Xinghe
Chapter 29: Now Were Even
Chapter 30: Dont Deserve to be Xi Lins Mother
Chapter 31: The Man that She Did Not Want
Chapter 32: Left Her Behind
Chapter 33: Looking Down on Xia Xinghe
Chapter 34: Hacked into her Computer
Chapter 35: End of Hospital Arc - Sis, Youre Quite Scary Yourself
Chapter 36: A House That She Set Her Sights on
Chapter 37: Back to Collect What you Owe me
Chapter 38: Throw This Old Hag Out
Chapter 39: Here is your Proof
Chapter 40: The Name is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 41: You Have Too Many Sins
Chapter 42: End of Xia Mansion Arc - Out She Went
Chapter 43: Xi Mubai Was There
Chapter 44: He Still Cares About You
Chapter 45: About our Son
Chapter 46: Moving In?
Chapter 47: Have to Start Working on Herself
Chapter 48: The Xi Empires IP Address
Chapter 49: Scouted by Xi Mubai
Chapter 50: Xia Zhi was Targeted
Chapter 51: Biggest Mistake of Your Life!
Chapter 52: Not Qualified to Even Hold Your Shoes
Chapter 53: Youre Paying for This
Chapter 54: Mysterious Virus
Chapter 55: Revenge, Coming Soon
Chapter 56: No One but Me
Chapter 57: She had the Qualification to be Arrogant
Chapter 58: Listen Up World, Xia Xinghe is Back!
Chapter 59: End of Virus Arc - Already Invited Xia Xinghe
Chapter 60: Xi Lins Birthday Party
Chapter 61: A Pit of Vipers
Chapter 62: Xia Xinghe, You Have to Come
Chapter 63: Xi Lins Disappearance
Chapter 64: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Chapter 65: His mother… Xia Xinghe
Chapter 66: Breathtaking
Chapter 67: A Family of Three
Chapter 68: The Real Lady of the House
Chapter 69: Chu Tianxin, Who?
Chapter 70: The Only Man in My Eyes
Chapter 71: Lin Lins Vote of Confidence
Chapter 72: Ill Show Her!
Chapter 73: Xia Xinghe is a Murderer!
Chapter 74: Ruin Xia Xinghe with One Move
Chapter 75: The Video Wont Lie
Chapter 76: How Will She Prove Her Innocence?
Chapter 77: Xi Mubai is Helping Xia Xinghe
Chapter 78: That Was How She Fell!
Chapter 79: She isnt Pregnant
Chapter 80: Acting
Chapter 81: Beautiful Beyond Compare (End of Birthday Party Arc)
Chapter 82: A Brief Window of Peace
Chapter 83: The Real Creator
Chapter 84: The Crazy Woman
Chapter 85: An Angel
Chapter 86: I Need You to Help Me Kill Someone
Chapter 87: A Giant Decision
Chapter 88: Advantages (End of the Real Creator Arc)
Chapter 89: Not Beat, but Demolish!
Chapter 90: The Line Between Confidence and Overconfidence
Chapter 91: Beyond Human
Chapter 92: Hello, Readers
Chapter 93: Charging You for Libel
Chapter 94: Separated
Chapter 95: Fallen into Chui Mings Hands
Chapter 96: Yes, Im Begging You!
Chapter 97: On Your Knees
Chapter 98: Get Xia Xinghe Out of There
Chapter 99: We Meet Again
Chapter 100: Kneel? Never!
Chapter 101: A Person of Importance
Chapter 102: Freedom
Chapter 103: Ill Show You Cocky!
Chapter 104: X PC Manager
Chapter 105: ET
Chapter 106: Hes Better Than My Sister?
Chapter 107: Sudden Appearance
Chapter 108: Emotions
Chapter 109: An Official War with Chui Corps
Chapter 110: She is 001!
Chapter 111: Fallen Into His Sight
Chapter 112: Impossible!
Chapter 113: The Most Beautiful Thing in the World
Chapter 114: A Disgusting, Meaningless Trick
Chapter 115: You Lost!
Chapter 116: You Are Not My Equal
Chapter 117: Who Dares to Disrupt the Peace?
Chapter 118: First Place Is X PC Manager
Chapter 119: Ruin Chui Corps with a Bet!
Chapter 120: You Have to Go Alone
Chapter 121: Xi Mubais Ex-Wife
Chapter 122: Get to Know Her Again
Chapter 123: The Brain Circuit of a Genius
Chapter 124: Deal with Chui Ming for Her (End of Hacker Competition arc)
Chapter 125: All Thanks to You!
Chapter 126: Were all Toast
Chapter 127: Kill Xia Xinghe Tonight
Chapter 128: Planning a Murder
Chapter 129: Genius Xia, Please Speak English
Chapter 130: Nightfall
Chapter 131: You are the One Who Hit Me
Chapter 132: Fallen into Xia Xinghes Hands
Chapter 133: His Daughter Is...
Chapter 134: Time to Take Care of the Mother and Daughter
Chapter 135: Catfight
Chapter 136: He Has Sold You Out
Chapter 137: Its Over!
Chapter 138: The Devil
Chapter 139: A Piece of Advice
Chapter 140: Money Transfer
Chapter 141: Old Scores
Chapter 142: The Power of Hatred
Chapter 143: Selfless Xi Mubai
Chapter 144: Just Next Door
Chapter 145: Desire to Protect
Chapter 146: You Are the Mother of Our Son
Chapter 147: Value Her
Chapter 148: The Truth
Chapter 149: Crazy (End of Fall of the Trio Arc)
Chapter 150: Lin Lins Death!
Chapter 151: Reincarnation?
Chapter 152: I Want My Sons Custody
Chapter 153: Because You Didnt Love Me
Chapter 154: The Loss and Gain
Chapter 155: Closer to My Son
Chapter 156: Xia Xinghe Is Coming Over Tomorrow
Chapter 157: Unflattering Comparison
Chapter 158: Want to See Her Grandson? Impossible!
Chapter 159: Grand Expose
Chapter 160: Toss Her Out
Chapter 161: Breeding Machine for Your Xi Family
Chapter 162: What Did They Do to You?
Chapter 163: Having Fun Behind My Back
Chapter 164: Fair Speech
Chapter 165: I Didnt Betray You!
Chapter 166: On the Chopping Block
Chapter 167: Get Out of My Way
Chapter 168: Dumped!
Chapter 169: The Lady in the Painting
Chapter 170: Regarding Our Engagement
Chapter 171: Youre Doing This Because of Her?
Chapter 172: She Was My Wife
Chapter 173: Care About Her
Chapter 174: Uneven Contract
Chapter 175: Apology Not Accepted
Chapter 176: Fondness Towards Her (End of the Engagement Arc)
Chapter 177: She Didnt Care About Him
Chapter 178: To The Old Family Mansion
Chapter 179: Were Here to See Lin Lin
Chapter 180: Cant Go Through Him
Chapter 181: Marry Me
Chapter 182: Have Her Detained
Chapter 183: A Hail Mary
Chapter 184: Sorry for Being Late
Chapter 185: Only You
Chapter 186: A Few More Words
Chapter 187: Caress Her Head
Chapter 188: An Early Surprise (End of Patriarch Arc)
Chapter 189: Simple and Direct
Chapter 190: Stolen Information
Chapter 191: Your Name Has Been Removed
Chapter 192: Im the Boss Here
Chapter 193: Trouble Brewing
Chapter 194: Challenge Accepted!
Chapter 195: Me or Her
Chapter 196: Not So Simple
Chapter 197: The Rigorous Competition
Chapter 198: A Lesson in Humility
Chapter 199: All At Once
Chapter 200: An Ugly Death!
Chapter 201: This Is My Answer
Chapter 202: Xinghe Must Be Cheating
Chapter 203: A Shameless Woman
Chapter 204: I Surrender
Chapter 205: Get Out, The Three of You! (End of Lab Arc)
Chapter 206: First Day of Work
Chapter 207: This Is For You
Chapter 208: Are You Guys Getting Back Together?
Chapter 209: Didnt She Remarry?
Chapter 210: Project Galaxy
Chapter 211: Kindred Spirit
Chapter 212: A Summons from Old Madam Xi
Chapter 213: Outshone Her
Chapter 214: Unflattering Personality
Chapter 215: Ruobing Has Finished the Design
Chapter 216: A Meaningful Smile
Chapter 217: Dont Hit My Face!
Chapter 218: Someone Like Us
Chapter 219: Im Outside Your House
Chapter 220: No Contact
Chapter 221: Not At All Interested in Him
Chapter 222: I Just Want to Hug You
Chapter 223: Given to Xia Xinghe
Chapter 224: Stop Targeting Her!
Chapter 225: I Will Kill You
Chapter 226: The Chilling Smirk
Chapter 227: Success Within Reach
Chapter 228: You Are a Lowlife, a Thieving Lowlife
Chapter 229: Leader Yun, We Did it
Chapter 230: Success Is Hers
Chapter 231: Yun Ruobings Vanity
Chapter 232: The Enhancement Is Complete!
Chapter 233: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Here
Chapter 234: She Stole my Design!
Chapter 235: My Capability Is the Best Proof
Chapter 236: The Original Design
Chapter 237: Use Ruobings Product
Chapter 238: Fate on the Line
Chapter 239: Your Plan? What Plan?
Chapter 240: A Scream
Chapter 241: Explosion!
Chapter 242: Burning Shame
Chapter 243: A Will That Would Not Bend
Chapter 244: He Loves Her!
Chapter 245: No Longer a Xi
Chapter 246: Death Incoming
Chapter 247: No One Will Stand in the Way of Your Marriage
Chapter 248: Leaving This Place (End of the Artificial Limb Arc)
Chapter 249: Hello, Miss Xia
Chapter 250: Kidnapped
Chapter 251: Two Hungry Wolfhounds
Chapter 252: Feral
Chapter 253: To Destroy the Whole World
Chapter 254: Today Is Her Last!
Chapter 255: She Must Remove this Threat
Chapter 256: Surprised Im Not Dead?
Chapter 257: The First Present
Chapter 258: Fight Fire with Fire
Chapter 259: Mubai Wanted to Kill Them
Chapter 260: The Second Present
Chapter 261: The Third Present
Chapter 262: The Whole Chu Family
Chapter 263: Hundreds of Humiliating Slaps
Chapter 264: Im Staying
Chapter 265: The Fourth Present
Chapter 266: Losing Consciousness (End of Chu Family Arc)
Chapter 267: Young Mistress, Youre Finally Awake
Chapter 268: A Strangers Face
Chapter 269: She Is Still Alive
Chapter 270: Taken Away by the Xi Family
Chapter 271: Such a Failure in Life!
Chapter 272: Name Your Conditions for a Divorce
Chapter 273: A Conspiracy and a Dream
Chapter 274: Something to Do with Project Galaxy
Chapter 275: Make Xi Mubai Believe She Is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 276: Who Are You?
Chapter 277: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Awake
Chapter 278: Go Make Lunch
Chapter 279: Females Need to Be Gentle
Chapter 280: He Said He Wants to Meet Young Mistress
Chapter 281: Xi Mubai Is Here
Chapter 282: Get In!
Chapter 283: He Believed Her
Chapter 284: I Also Want to See Mommy
Chapter 285: A Party of Three
Chapter 286: You Will Never Become Me
Chapter 287: Steal a Few Days
Chapter 288: Memory Lineage Technology
Chapter 289: Youre Still You, Im Still Me
Chapter 290: Steamrolled By Their IQ
Chapter 291: Last Two Questions For You
Chapter 292: A Black Box
Chapter 293: An Extremely Scary Thought
Chapter 294: One Month Limit
Chapter 295: He Has the Thing as Well
Chapter 296: Assigned Her Ten Bodyguards
Chapter 297: Xi Mubai Values Her So Much
Chapter 298: The Pig Doesnt Deserve to Be Forgiven
Chapter 299: The Ye Family Doesnt Deserve Her
Chapter 300: 2,000,000 For A Divorce
Chapter 301: A Shameless Weasel
Chapter 302: Courting Death!
Chapter 303: Overfed
Chapter 304: Sign Here
Chapter 305: Teasing Her In Front of Him
Chapter 306: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 307: Punishment
Chapter 308: Shameless to the Max
Chapter 309: Simple and Easy
Chapter 310: Finally Agreed to Meet Him
Chapter 311: A Doomsday Prophesy
Chapter 312: Like a Joke
Chapter 313: Shadows in the Dark
Chapter 314: Looming Danger
Chapter 315: Xinghes Memory Is Worth Defending
Chapter 316: Bravery and a Clear Mind
Chapter 317: Stepped On His Tail
Chapter 318: Nightmare
Chapter 319: She Didnt Beg For Mercy!
Chapter 320: Xia Meng, I Will Remember You
Chapter 321: Xinghes Suicide
Chapter 322: Time to Escape
Chapter 323: The Chase
Chapter 324: Finally Found Her
Chapter 325: More Mysterious Than Us Xi
Chapter 326: She Wont be Alive for Long
Chapter 327: I Will Remember You Even After You Die
Chapter 328: Feng Family
Chapter 329: Xi Mubai Became a Slave to His Ex-Wife
Chapter 330: Someone Was Here!
Chapter 331: Xia Xinghe Is Coming Back (End of the Body Swap Arc)
Chapter 332: He Can Be Xinghes Private Nurse
Chapter 333: Well Become History!
Chapter 334: The One and Only Xia Xinghe
Chapter 335: His Boiling Blood
Chapter 336: Hes the Feng Familys Young Master
Chapter 337: Help You with Everything I Have
Chapter 338: Start to Care About Him
Chapter 339: Implicated
Chapter 340: Come After Me? Not So Easy
Chapter 341: Something On His Mind
Chapter 342: Too Surprising
Chapter 343: The Intruders Are Here!
Chapter 344: The Lin from the Capital
Chapter 345: Big Brother Xi
Chapter 346: Pander to Her? Impossible!
Chapter 347: Chase Her Away!
Chapter 348: To Capture Young Master Mubai
Chapter 349: Its Over for the Xi Family
Chapter 350: I Have Something to Say
Chapter 351: Feng Saohuang, I Advise You to Leave
Chapter 352: Open Your Eyes and Watch Closely
Chapter 353: Get Out of our Home!
Chapter 354: Xinghes Contribution
Chapter 355: Conquered the Xi Family
Chapter 356: Home
Chapter 357: Your Mother Was Something Else
Chapter 358: Sudden Visit
Chapter 359: Everything the Xi Family Owns
Chapter 360: Sis, Welcome Home
Chapter 361: Sister-in-Law
Chapter 362: His Alone
Chapter 363: The Boss
Chapter 364: Fetching Xinghe with Lin Lin
Chapter 365: Ignored Him Completely
Chapter 366: You Wouldnt Even Exist Without Me!
Chapter 367: Todays Date
Chapter 368: Lets Accommodate Him
Chapter 369: Finally Doing Something Right (End of the Intermission Arc)
Chapter 370: Sudden Change of the Appointment
Chapter 371: A Challenge
Chapter 372: Grind the Xi Family into the Ground!
Chapter 373: Humiliation and Loss!
Chapter 374: We Are The Best
Chapter 375: Spirit of the Xi Family
Chapter 376: Can You Help Munan?
Chapter 377: A Special Talent
Chapter 378: A Woman?
Chapter 379: Actions Speak Louder than Words
Chapter 380: 10 RMB in Favor of Xinghe
Chapter 381: Too Impressive
Chapter 382: Giving Her So Much Preferential Treatment
Chapter 383: Asking Her Out
Chapter 384: A Woman?
Chapter 385: So Its Her
Chapter 386: Here to Give Orders
Chapter 387: I Will Make Them Submit
Chapter 388: I Will Bear Responsibility
Chapter 389: Trust in Mubai
Chapter 390: But I Dont Like It
Chapter 391: Thats the Truth
Chapter 392: Godlike
Chapter 393: Most Intelligent Woman
Chapter 394: Ive Missed You
Chapter 395: Xinghe Is Too Famous
Chapter 396: Feng Saohuang Is Coming
Chapter 397: Putting On Airs
Chapter 398: Below My Station to Do So
Chapter 399: Watch and Learn
Chapter 400: Magical Hands
Chapter 401: At Least Better than the World’s Third
Chapter 402: Defeat Him, Defeat Him
Chapter 403: Mission Impossible
Chapter 404: Winners Pride
Chapter 405: Made With My Own Two Hands
Chapter 406: Bottom of the Barrel
Chapter 407: The Official Battle
Chapter 408: Losing Situation
Chapter 409: Commanding a Combat Jet
Chapter 410: Started Hacking
Chapter 411: Xinghe Was More Handsome than Them
Chapter 412: Burning Blood, Burning Passion
Chapter 413: Plan Completely Ruined
Chapter 414: Bad Luck, Coming Again
Chapter 415: Found Your Name
Chapter 416: Youre Under Arrest
Chapter 417: Being Good Is also a Sin
Chapter 418: Paying Her Bail
Chapter 419: Paid Bail
Chapter 420: Wait for Big Brother to Come Back (End of Military Arc)
Chapter 421: Sleeping Beside Her
Chapter 422: Dreaming
Chapter 423: Take Me with You
Chapter 424: A Constant Part of Your Future
Chapter 425: Dont Leave My Sight
Chapter 426: Your Contribution Will Be the Biggest
Chapter 427: Will to Survive!
Chapter 428: Take Their Lives
Chapter 429: Loss of Humanity
Chapter 430: Death in Xinghes Hands
Chapter 431: A Bet
Chapter 432: Impressed by Her Resolution
Chapter 433: Leaving with Them
Chapter 434: Ruined Bodies
Chapter 435: Couldnt Sense Mubai
Chapter 436: He Is Our Teacher
Chapter 437: IV Syndicate
Chapter 438: Valiant Women
Chapter 439: General Barron
Chapter 440: Charlies Sister
Chapter 441: Pair of Disgusting Eyes
Chapter 442: Damn Everything, Looking for Change!
Chapter 443: Fulfil Your Dreams
Chapter 444: Exchange One Hundred Million!
Chapter 445: Surprised by her Generosity
Chapter 446: A Family
Chapter 447: Search
Chapter 448: You Guys Go First, I Will Bring up the Rear
Chapter 449: Surround Them
Chapter 450: Stunned
Chapter 451: Im a Poor Shot
Chapter 452: Charlie Is...
Chapter 453: Torture
Chapter 454: Saving Charlie
Chapter 455: Someone Important Is Here
Chapter 456: Somethings Weird
Chapter 457: Covers Blown
Chapter 458: Wheres the Woman
Chapter 459: That Eastern Woman
Chapter 460: Let the People Go Now
Chapter 461: Miss Xia Is Waiting
Chapter 462: Determination to Kill Them
Chapter 463: Finally Found Her
Chapter 464: Die Together!
Chapter 465: We Are Probably Saved
Chapter 466: Such a Large Army
Chapter 467: Focus on Him
Chapter 468: Gift the Woman to You
Chapter 469: Shes My Woman
Chapter 470: Teach Them a Lesson
Chapter 471: Face Stinging a Little
Chapter 472: Wrong Move!
Chapter 473: I Was So Worried
Chapter 474: Demolish this Organization Completely
Chapter 475: A Big Investment
Chapter 476: I Would Die Without You
Chapter 477: No Matter How Long
Chapter 478: Thats His Wife?
Chapter 479: Shameless Woman
Chapter 480: Chooses His Wife
Chapter 481: Found the Bases Coordinates
Chapter 482: Like In Combat
Chapter 483: No Money, No Sex
Chapter 484: Sharing the Same Bed
Chapter 485: Mr. Xi Cheated on Her
Chapter 486: Dating with Marriage in Mind
Chapter 487: Like an Underground Country
Chapter 488: Biggest Bet
Chapter 489: Election
Chapter 490: The Plan Starts
Chapter 491: Such Pain…
Chapter 492: Destroy Everything!
Chapter 493: Edit Your Speech
Chapter 494: Announcing his Surrender
Chapter 495: The Phones Vibration
Chapter 496: The End of their World
Chapter 497: Stunned the Whole World
Chapter 498: Off to Military Court You Go!
Chapter 499: Xinghe, Youre the Most Generous
Chapter 500: Burning for a Long Time
Chapter 501: Beyond Human Limit
Chapter 502: Afraid that Shell Be Stolen
Chapter 503: Do Like Him
Chapter 504: Was Taken Prisoner
Chapter 505: Tell Us Where Xia Xinghe Is
Chapter 506: I Want the Xi Family to Go Extinct
Chapter 507: Lin Family is Not Going to Escape Unscathed
Chapter 508: Assassinate Xi Munan
Chapter 509: The Boss
Chapter 510: Court in the Morning
Chapter 511: Morals and Mores
Chapter 512: The Return!
Chapter 513: She Loves to Be Personally Involved in the Revenge
Chapter 514: The Trial
Chapter 515: Its Xia Xinghe!
Chapter 516: The Culprit Is Feng Saohuang
Chapter 517: Finally, Revenge
Chapter 518: Direct Letter from Country Ys President
Chapter 519: Great Satisfaction
Chapter 520: Narrow-Minded Xi Mubai (End of the Foreign Country Arc)
Chapter 521: Only Daughter-in-Law
Chapter 522: Kindness
Chapter 523: Love to Be Slapped by You
Chapter 524: Feng Saohuang Wants to See Her
Chapter 525: One and the Same
Chapter 526: Avoid the Death Penalty
Chapter 527: Dirt on Lin Yun
Chapter 528: Arrest Her Immediately
Chapter 529: We Have the Evidence
Chapter 530: Fear
Chapter 531: Due Punishment
Chapter 532: Calling His Love
Chapter 533: Xi Mubais Condition
Chapter 534: A Ray of Hope
Chapter 535: Send Him to the Depths of Hell
Chapter 536: Waiting for His Revival
Chapter 537: Search for Xia Meng
Chapter 538: Saving Mubai
Chapter 539: How Can She Fall Before the Enemy Does
Chapter 540: Let Xinghe Handle This
Chapter 541: Choose to Believe me
Chapter 542: Xinghe Is Unreliable
Chapter 543: Three Guys and One Girl Outside the Door
Chapter 544: Pink Diamond
Chapter 545: Mr. Xis Investments Return
Chapter 546: The Beginning of the Revenge
Chapter 547: Protect His Kingdom
Chapter 548: Xi Empire Was Still There
Chapter 549: Still the Best
Chapter 550: Waiting for Bao Hwa
Chapter 551: Shes Betting
Chapter 552: Finally Beat Xi Empire
Chapter 553: Stopping the Competition
Chapter 554: Bao Hwa Is Just the Beginning
Chapter 555: Mommy Also Has to Stay Safe
Chapter 556: A Gift from the Heavens
Chapter 557: Overconfidence
Chapter 558: Jewelry Showcase
Chapter 559: Ou Yang Family
Chapter 560: The Second Hall
Chapter 561: Supposed Peerless Showcase
Chapter 562: A Hole Big Enough to Bury Them
Chapter 563: The Last Arrival
Chapter 564: Face Slapping
Chapter 565: You Want Shock?
Chapter 566: Main Diamond Agent
Chapter 567: Bao Hwa Is Crashing Down!
Chapter 568: Takes No Prisoners
Chapter 569: Successful First Step
Chapter 570: Visit Xi Mubai
Chapter 571: Mechanical Heart
Chapter 572: A Different Frequency
Chapter 573: All Depends on You
Chapter 574: Force Lin Jing Out
Chapter 575: Legendary Xia Xinghe
Chapter 576: Such a Miraculous Item
Chapter 577: Race Against Time
Chapter 578: A Cage to Lock the Heart
Chapter 579: The Sky Was Changing (End of Jewelry Company Arc)
Chapter 580: Im Not From the Xi Family
Chapter 581: Strongest Heart in the World
Chapter 582: Lu Qi Is a Good Doctor
Chapter 583: Invited by the President
Chapter 584: Elder Lin
Chapter 585: Confident in Curing Him
Chapter 586: Perfect Chance
Chapter 587: Ill Marry You
Chapter 588: Moving into the Presidents House
Chapter 589: Im Lin Yun
Chapter 590: A Family of Fools
Chapter 591: So What?
Chapter 592: Mr. Nan Gua
Chapter 593: Rumors
Chapter 594: Madam President Is My Aunt
Chapter 595: Most Powerful Heiress
Chapter 596: She Came for Me First
Chapter 597: No One Can Pull Me Down
Chapter 598: Launch an Attack at Xinghe
Chapter 599: Give Them a Show
Chapter 600: Impossible Design
Chapter 601: Dust!
Chapter 602: The Lin Family Is in Trouble
Chapter 603: Finally Made Their move
Chapter 604: Force the Lin Familys Hand
Chapter 605: Miscalculated
Chapter 606: Fend for Herself (End of the Heart mini arc)
Chapter 607: Hes Coming!
Chapter 608: Looking for Xia Xinghe
Chapter 609: Charging into the Presidents House
Chapter 610: Asura from Hell
Chapter 611: Xi Mubai Is Crazy!
Chapter 612: Tong Family
Chapter 613: Stubborn
Chapter 614: He Will Remember This Slight
Chapter 615: Im Fine…
Chapter 616: Finally Safe
Chapter 617: Shoot Their Own Feet
Chapter 618: Blinding Flashes
Chapter 619: Will Remember It for Now
Chapter 620: Wanton
Chapter 621: Target the Lin family
Chapter 622: Charging Tong Yan
Chapter 623: Elder Xi Is Coming to City A
Chapter 624: Better Force Her to Come Clean
Chapter 625: Go Big or Go Home
Chapter 626: Apologize to Xinghe
Chapter 627: Two Can Play That Game
Chapter 628: Not Easily Fooled
Chapter 629: Xinghe Is So Important
Chapter 630: Unaware of the Situation!
Chapter 631: Used By the Lin family!
Chapter 632: Time to Counter
Chapter 633: Suppressing the Lin Family
Chapter 634: Hard Days Ahead for the Lin Family
Chapter 635: Loss of Control
Chapter 636: Meeting Old Madam Lin
Chapter 637: Stolen at Birth
Chapter 638: Benefits No One
Chapter 639: Thankfully I Surrendered to You
Chapter 640: Finally on the Move
Chapter 641: The Engagement
Chapter 642: Shen Ru
Chapter 643: Lost to his Grandchild
Chapter 644: Rush for Death
Chapter 645: Engagement Party
Chapter 646: Dont Let Go of My Hand
Chapter 647: You Do Know the Truth
Chapter 648: Elder Lins Daughter
Chapter 649: Special Treatment
Chapter 650: Same Birthday
Chapter 651: President… Is Dying
Chapter 652: The Skies Are Changing
Chapter 653: Waited For So Long
Chapter 654: The Lin Family Has to Die Now
Chapter 655: DNA Test
Chapter 656: She Has Seen Through Everything
Chapter 657: Done on Purpose
Chapter 658: None of You Are Escaping!
Chapter 659: Elder Lins Granddaughter
Chapter 660: IV Syndicates Leader
Chapter 661: Revenge was Finally Theirs
Chapter 662: Their Turn
Chapter 663: Still Many Secrets
Chapter 664: Not Elder Shens Daughter
Chapter 665: Need Your Cooperation
Chapter 666: Im Not Normal
Chapter 667: Not That Different
Chapter 668: No Hurry to Get Married
Chapter 669: Ask Him to Marry
Chapter 670: He Lan Family (End of Lin Family Arc)
Chapter 671: News About the Second Daughter
Chapter 672: Problematic Family
Chapter 673: Helpless
Chapter 674: Part of the Shen family
Chapter 675: Replacement
Chapter 676: Her New Journey
Chapter 677: My Name Is Xia Xinghe
Chapter 678: Unique Name
Chapter 679: He Lan Qis Intentions
Chapter 680: Raising Flags
Chapter 681: All the Media
Chapter 682: Accidents
Chapter 683: Lost Patience
Chapter 684: Whipped to a New Height
Chapter 685: I Thought It Was Your Mother
Chapter 686: Orphans
Chapter 687: Not From the Orphanage
Chapter 688: Their Purpose Exposed
Chapter 689: Maybe Shes Your Mother
Chapter 690: 36 Hours
Chapter 691: Blood Relatives
Chapter 692: One and the Same
Chapter 693: The Ugly Side of the He Lan Family
Chapter 694: Childrens Bodies
Chapter 695: Satellite Surveillance
Chapter 696: The Opening
Chapter 697: Chaos in the He Lan Family
Chapter 698: Leaving Country R
Chapter 699: Rush to the Shen Family
Chapter 700: Who Is the Fake?
Chapter 701: Deserving Faceslap
Chapter 702: Softhearted
Chapter 703: Rivalry
Chapter 704: Reacceptance
Chapter 705: I Need Your Cooperation
Chapter 706: Her or Tong Yan
Chapter 707: Tong Yan Was Face Slapped
Chapter 708: Im Creating an Opportunity for Myself
Chapter 709: Fiance
Chapter 710: Five Seconds…
Chapter 711: Gobble Her Up
Chapter 712: I Must Make Use of Her
Chapter 713: Kiss Him Actively
Chapter 714: Hong Men Banquet
Chapter 715: Your Knight
Chapter 716: Meant for Each Other
Chapter 717: Go Thank Your Grandfather
Chapter 718: Pointing at Xia Xinghe
Chapter 719: Their Plan
Chapter 720: Angered Elder Shen
Chapter 721: Given to the Dogs
Chapter 722: Undeserving
Chapter 723: Frame Herself
Chapter 724: Disown Xia Xinghe
Chapter 725: Expose Them
Chapter 726: Shen Familys Bloodline
Chapter 727: No Longer Deserve the Shen Name
Chapter 728: Lose Everything
Chapter 729: Completely Cross Her
Chapter 730: Remember This Threat
Chapter 731: Dont Bully Her
Chapter 732: Model Out Her Looks
Chapter 733: Grim News
Chapter 734: Exposed
Chapter 735: Took the Bait
Chapter 736: Tracking Expert
Chapter 737: Failed from the Beginning
Chapter 738: No Secret
Chapter 739: He Lan Changs Son
Chapter 740: Not His Son
Chapter 741: Dont Leave Me…
Chapter 742: Sending Them Back
Chapter 743: Country Rs President
Chapter 744: His Thoughts
Chapter 745: Active Attack
Chapter 746: Her Biggest Bet
Chapter 747: Chose Honesty
Chapter 748: Suspicious
Chapter 749: A Dog
Chapter 750: Too Late for Regret
Chapter 751: Save the Man
Chapter 752: Revenge
Chapter 753: Eye of the Storm
Chapter 754: Arrest He Lan Qi
Chapter 755: Agree to Cooperate
Chapter 756: The Plan
Chapter 757: Everything Will Be Ending Soon (End of the Country R Arc)
Chapter 758: One Week Period
Chapter 759: Xia Xinghe Came Alone
Chapter 760: My Life
Chapter 761: Take Your Secrets With You to Hell
Chapter 762: I Am Not Him!
Chapter 763: A Dream
Chapter 764: Kill Him and I Will Save you
Chapter 765: Both Go and Die
Chapter 766: He Lan Changs Ending
Chapter 767: Settle Everything
Chapter 768: The Rush
Chapter 769: The Beginning of His Nightmare
Chapter 770: Launch Centre
Chapter 771: Thankful For You
Chapter 772: Take Over the Orphanage
Chapter 773: All the Secrets from the Orphanage
Chapter 774: The Farm
Chapter 775: Such Ruthlessness
Chapter 776: The Last Child
Chapter 777: Necessary Evil
Chapter 778: Absolute Loyalty
Chapter 779: Kill Them
Chapter 780: Dirty My Own Hands
Chapter 781: My Business
Chapter 782: Intelligence Overload
Chapter 783: Contagious Flu
Chapter 784: Bring Manager Huang to Quarantine
Chapter 785: Deal with Certain People
Chapter 786: Close Down the Orphanage
Chapter 787: We Want Your Life
Chapter 788: Revenge
Chapter 789: Deal With You Myself
Chapter 790: Their Hell!
Chapter 791: Fire
Chapter 792: The End of the He Lan family
Chapter 793: The World Is Ending
Chapter 794: Make the World the Enemy
Chapter 795: Self-Destruct System
Chapter 796: Torturous Sixty Seconds
Chapter 797: Spaceship
Chapter 798: United Front
Chapter 799: A Few Rectangular Indentations
Chapter 800: Changes!
Chapter 801: My Name Is He Lan Yuan
Chapter 802: Space Fireworks
Chapter 803: The End of the World
Chapter 804: There Is Still a Chance
Chapter 805: He Lan Familys Genius
Chapter 806: Busy World
Chapter 807: Her Only Conviction
Chapter 808: No Bravery
Chapter 809: Base Up There
Chapter 810: Resolution
Chapter 811: Out of this World
Chapter 812: Special Communication Method
Chapter 813: Simulation Robot
Chapter 814: His Hardship
Chapter 815: Central Defence Point
Chapter 816: Please Evacuate Immediately
Chapter 817: Then I Am Sorry
Chapter 818: They Do Not Trust you
Chapter 819: Add in Country Y and Hwa Xia!
Chapter 820: Just the Two of Us
Chapter 821: Mubai as Her Only Witness
Chapter 822: Cracked
Chapter 823: Historical Moment
Chapter 824: Come At Me
Chapter 825: You Are Xia Xinghe
Chapter 826: Lets Play a Game
Chapter 827: Xia Xinghe Is Going to Die
Chapter 828: The World Wants Them to Die
Chapter 829: Ensure Their Safety
Chapter 830: Only I Can Deal with He Lan Yuan
Chapter 831: Explosive Anger
Chapter 832: Project Galaxy vs Project Galaxy
Chapter 833: She Is Still Alive
Chapter 834: Her Showdown with He Lan Yuan
Chapter 835: Just to Kill You
Chapter 836: Explosion
Chapter 837: Crowd
Chapter 838: Rather Be Single
Chapter 839: Her Mothers Design
Chapter 840: Follow You Everywhere
Chapter 841: He Lan Yuan Has Been Captured
Chapter 842: Only Hope
Chapter 843: Only She Can Go
Chapter 844: Fight for the Last Spot
Chapter 845: Space Adventure (End of the World Crisis Arc)
Chapter 846: Unlikely Happenstance
Chapter 847: Not Even One Alien
Chapter 848: Entering the Base
Chapter 849: The Fake Environment
Chapter 850: A Caged Existence
Chapter 851: To Meet He Lan Yuan
Chapter 852: Ugly Old Man
Chapter 853: Paralysis
Chapter 854: The Sweetest Food Here
Chapter 855: Rubbish!
Chapter 856: We Want to Return to Earth!
Chapter 857: Let Us Return
Chapter 858: Care About Me So Much
Chapter 859: Feed My Addiction
Chapter 860: Activated the Defence System
Chapter 861: Everyone Will Die If I Dont Stay
Chapter 862: Waste Not One Second
Chapter 863: Expanded
Chapter 864: Laughing
Chapter 865: Depart!
Chapter 866: Living Is Your Curse
Chapter 867: Because I Have Ruined You
Chapter 868: Xia Was Daughter
Chapter 869: Youre the One Whos Wrong
Chapter 870: Her Design
Chapter 871: Even Xinghe Could Not Understand Her
Chapter 872: Press that Danger Button
Chapter 873: I Really Didnt...
Chapter 874: It Was Not Hypnosis
Chapter 875: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 876: Love Everything Here
Chapter 877: I Am a Hero
Chapter 878: Their Fill
Chapter 879: Something Big Is Going to Happen
Chapter 880: Cannot Join Us
Chapter 881: Two Square Kilometers
Chapter 882: Wordless and Helpless Sadness
Chapter 883: Because of their Capability
Chapter 884: Give Me a Chance to Console You
Chapter 885: I Was Too Naive
Chapter 886: To Ruin Us
Chapter 887: Her Every Word
Chapter 888: We Are Not Dangerous
Chapter 889: Such Small Hope
Chapter 890: Activated Their Desire
Chapter 891: I Will Save You; I Will Give you Freedom
Chapter 892: We Believe in You!
Chapter 893: Returning to Hwa Xia Tonight
Chapter 894: Then Go Take It Yourself
Chapter 895: You Have No Right
Chapter 896: Play This Game
Chapter 897: Love Her More
Chapter 898: Open an Academy
Chapter 899: Young Miss Is Home!
Chapter 900: They Are Like That
Chapter 901: Meeting the President
Chapter 902: Research on Our Own
Chapter 903: Excited the World of Science
Chapter 904: No Loss, All Gain
Chapter 905: Galaxy Academy
Chapter 906: Trademark
Chapter 907: Academic Olympic
Chapter 908: I Want That Womans Life
Chapter 909: Worried About Her
Chapter 910: A Tragedy
Chapter 911: Contamination…
Chapter 912: Interrogate Xia Xinghe
Chapter 913: No Evidence
Chapter 914: Related to This Virus Outbreak
Chapter 915: Strong Xia Xinghe
Chapter 916: Lets Play
Chapter 917: The Cure
Chapter 918: Collusion
Chapter 919: Xinghe as Ambassador
Chapter 920: Complexities
Chapter 921: Laughing Stock
Chapter 922: Wonderful Answer
Chapter 923: Raise Your Hands
Chapter 924: Won Over the Whole World
Chapter 925: That Drop of Sweat
Chapter 926: Ive Missed You
Chapter 927: Earth Shattering Conspiracy
Chapter 928: Assassinated
Chapter 929: Tong Liangs Father
Chapter 930: Changes
Chapter 931: Secret
Chapter 932: Meeting the Criminal
Chapter 933: Quarrelling
Chapter 934: Confirm Her Suspicion
Chapter 935: The Doctor Was Hypnotized
Chapter 936: Colluding with He Lan Yuan
Chapter 937: Code One
Chapter 938: Secret
Chapter 939: Find Tong Liangs Criminal Evidence
Chapter 940: Earning Some Breathing Space
Chapter 941: Her Straight Forward Way
Chapter 942: Her Name on the Candidate Roster
Chapter 943: My Life
Chapter 944: You Are Hiding Something from Me
Chapter 945: Youre My Trump Card
Chapter 946: Go for Broke
Chapter 947: Tong Liangs Little Scheme
Chapter 948: Her Personal Charm
Chapter 949: More Stable Than She Is
Chapter 950: She Was a Traitor!
Chapter 951: Elected
Chapter 952: Top of the World
Chapter 953: You Want Me to Respect You?
Chapter 954: Exposed
Chapter 955: Traitor Traitor
Chapter 956: Impressed by Mubais Farsightedness
Chapter 957: Fall of the Tong family
Chapter 958: A Contract
Chapter 959: Assaulted by the Whole World
Chapter 960: Counter
Chapter 961: Fight to the Death with Them
Chapter 962: No Benefits for Anyone
Chapter 963: The Biggest Joke in the World
Chapter 964: Devils Contract
Chapter 965: Last Meeting
Chapter 966: Xia Wa
Chapter 967: Dont Need Reason to Betray You
Chapter 968: Fifth Dimension
Chapter 969: Better Die
Chapter 970: Wanted Person
Chapter 971: Your Heart Is Sin
Chapter 972: Ritual Sacrifice
Chapter 973: The Reunion
Chapter 974: Gods Arrangement
Chapter 975: She Is Not Our Child
Chapter 976: Change Your Life
Chapter 977: When Youre Fifteen
Chapter 978: Entering the Fifth Dimension
Chapter 979: Leaves of a Chinese Parasol
Chapter 980: Country W, Darlin Town!
Chapter 981: Arriving at Darlin Town
Chapter 982: Lylian
Chapter 983: An Affair
Chapter 984: Historical Meeting
Chapter 985: A Persons Name
Chapter 986: Looking for Lylian
Chapter 987: Smell of Blood
Chapter 988: Its Him!
Chapter 989: Twisted Space
Chapter 990: Is It Over?
Chapter 991: Did Not Change the Past
Chapter 992: The End